The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The fifth episode of Hulu’s dystopian series ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ season 5, titled ‘Fairytale,’ follows June Osborne and her partner Lucas “Luke” Bankole’s efforts to learn any information about their daughter Hannah Bankole. They meet Lily of the resistance group, who leads them to someone from Gilead for them to learn about Hannah’s whereabouts. Serena Joy Waterford continues her stay in Mr. Wheeler’s house but her aspirations meet a dead end upon having a conversation with the mysterious lord of the mansion. The enthralling episode ends with alarming developments that can threaten the lives of June and Luke. If you are up for a detailed look at the same, let us be your ally!

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Episode 5 Recap

‘Fairytale’ begins with Serena beginning a new chapter of her life in Mr. Ryan Wheeler’s house. She befriends Mr. Wheeler’s wife Alanis/Gladys Wheeler, who admires Serena immensely. Gladys takes her to a meeting of fellow wives, who also express their admiration towards Serena, who has made several sacrifices for the sake of the foundations of Gilead. June, Luke, and Moira Strand meet Lily, seeking help to know more about Hannah’s current whereabouts. Lily lets them know that Gilead has increased the border patrol, which makes it hard for anyone from her group to continue their dangerous and rebellious actions. Still, Lily directs June and Luke to an unnamed Guardian on their side.

Image Credit: Sophie Giraud/Hulu

June and Luke meet the unnamed Guardian, who takes them to an abandoned bowling alley/bar. He lets them know that Hannah is in a secret school located in an unrevealed location, preparing to become a wife. He also adds that Gilead is accelerating the completion of Hannah’s curriculum so that the commanders of the regime can have young wives as soon as possible. The Guardian reveals that his name is Jayden and the three of them spend their time together playing bowling, drinking beer, and singing.

In Gilead, Commander Warren Putnam criticizes Commander Joseph Lawrence’s plans to go soft on people who harmed Gilead. Lawrence reminds Putnam that they should be more open-minded as men of authority for the sake of Gilead’s existence and survival.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Episode 5 Ending: Are June and Luke Taken to Gilead? Will They Get Killed?

Upon learning about Hannah, June and Luke start their journey back to Toronto but Jayden lets them know that they should wait until nightfall to complete the journey safely. After dusk, Jayden leads the couple to the place where they initially meet but he accidentally steps on a landmine. In no time, the landmine gets exploded, leaving Jayden severely injured. Other Guardians stationed in the region start to arrive at the scene to check in on Jayden, only to see June and Luke trying to escape. The Guardians ultimately manage to capture and separate them.

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The Guardians are expected to take June back to Gilead. After Commander Fred Waterford’s death, the officers must have been briefed about capturing June if a chance arises, and to follow the same, they may take June to the commanders. Since Luke will try his best to rescue June from Gilead if he is freed, the commanders may instruct the officers to bring him to the country as well. However, their separation at the end of the episode indicates that they won’t remain together. Luke may get confined in prison while June may get presented before the commanders.

Although the commanders of Gilead have tried their best to curb June’s influence and authority, they haven’t tried their best to kill her. Killing her at a time Gilead is vulnerable and seeking help from other nations may send the wrong message to the global community, further jeopardizing the regime’s condition. Thus, the commanders may not be in a haste to kill June and Luke. In addition, Commander Nick Blaine and Lawrence may step up to help the couple escape from the nation if the council of commanders wants to confine them indefinitely.

Is Serena Under House Arrest?

When Gilead’s information center gets forced to shut down. Serena gets asked to seek shelter in the house of the Wheelers. Serena thinks that the stay at the place will be a temporary affair that will end once the center reopens. However, Ryan Wheeler makes it clear that Serena will be running the center from his house since it is “safe.” Serena’s “security” can be an excuse the commanders of Gilead will use to control her, limit her influence, and minimize the harms she attracts. Serena’s resilience and increasing authority have irritated the commanders of Gilead, who cannot stand a woman achieving any sort of authority or power in society.

Image Credit: Sophie Giraud/Hulu

Thus, the commanders may want Serena behind the screen, without being able to exert any influence directly. They may be also blaming Serena for attracting several headaches, especially with regard to June, that harms the reputation and authority of Gilead. Considering these factors, Serena most likely will be under house arrest with little to no freedom to take any decision of her own. In the upcoming episodes of the fifth season, we may see her trying her best to find a way out of Ryan’s house and control.

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