Where is La Casa de las Flores Filmed?

The House of Flowers‘ is a progressive, Mexican television series that adapts the family dramedy genre to modern sensibilities. Titled ‘La Casa de las Flores’ in Spanish, the show revolves around a wealthy, dysfunctional family in Mexico that owns a prominent florist store and a struggling cabaret. The television series has received critical acclaim and tons of praise for presenting stories about Mexican culture’s internalized homophobia and transphobia.

Where was The House of Flowers Filmed?

As mentioned earlier, ‘The House of Flowers’ is a family dramedy. A revolutionary production that subverts several stereotypes and Mexican television tropes, ‘The House of Flowers’ has been described as a “millennial telenovela.” Being a family dramedy, the action of ‘The House of Flowers’ is frequently set in recurring locations. Hence, it is natural for viewers to wonder where ‘The House of Flowers’ is filmed.


A large chunk of the filming for ‘The House of Flowers’ is carried out in Mexico City in Mexico. A majority of the filming is carried out on the outskirts of the Mexican capital. To be more specific, filming takes place in San Andres Totoltepec, a town in the Tlalpan delegation of Mexico City.

According to local sources, the luxurious mansion seen on the television series is located 40 kilometers away from the center of Mexico City, near the Cumbres del Ajusco National Park. Apart from the mansion, the florist shop is another recurring location on the show. The actual place where scenes set inside the florist shop are filmed is also located in San Andres Totoltepec. Local sources reveal that sets for the mansion and the florist shop are situated in close proximity to each other. These local sources have used Google Earth to determine the location of the set as Rio Secon, San Andrés Totoltepec, 14400 Mexico City.

Furthermore, the scene in which Diego and Julian kiss was filmed at an Innovasport store. The scene was originally supposed to be shot at a Marti store, but the managers of the shop thought that a gay kiss might be bad for their image. Hence, the scene had to filmed elsewhere.

Furthermore, several scenes in the second season had been filmed in the La Condesa neighborhood in Mexico City. To be more specific, filming took place in a 19th-century mansion. Lastly, filming was also carried out on the Texas-Mexico border according to local sources. Here, the funeral special scenes had been filmed.

Madrid, Spain

Apart from Mexico City, filming for ‘The House of Flowers’ was also carried out in Madrid, Spain. This is where several scenes in the second season of the show were filmed. Have a look at the Instagram post, uploaded by director Manolo Caro below. It shows how filming was carried out outside the Callao subway station in Madrid.

Caro had also posted a couple more pictures in Madrid, which indicated that filming was carried outside a bar called Museo Chicote in Gran Via, Madrid.

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