Is The Palmetto Casino in The Killer Real? Where is it Located?

In Netflix’s thriller filmThe Killer,’ the unnamed killer waits outside the Palmetto Casino while tracking down the Brute, one of the assassins who hurt his girlfriend Magdala in the Dominican Republic. After the Brute leaves the casino, he returns to his home, only for the killer to barge in and kill him. The casino is one of the several noteworthy landmarks in the movie that garners the attention of the viewers. The placement of the establishment in the narrative makes one intrigued about the flashy establishment!

The Palmetto Casino is Fictional

The Palmetto Casino is a fictional establishment that appears in the film. The same could have been set up to establish the narrative’s setting, Florida. Palmetto is a city located in Manatee County, Florida. There isn’t an establishment named The Palmetto Casino in the city and the establishing shot associated with the casino might have been shot in the Dominican Republic. The casino in Ocean Blue and Sand Beach Resort in Playa Bavaro, Dominican Republic, resembles the exterior of the Palmetto Casino.

The scenes that feature the Brute are mainly shot not in the Sunshine State but in New Orleans. The Brute’s house in the thriller is not a real home either. It was built by the production department. “It was originally written that Brute lived on a less-traveled street, where the houses seemed humbler, but when we shot it felt like the kind of place somebody with a lot of hidden money might buy,” production designer Don Brute told Decider.

Brute’s words about the Brute, the assassin, having a lot of money can be connected to his casino visit. The man for hire must be spending the money he received from the assignment at the place without being aware of the killer’s presence. His wait for the Brute outside the casino adds tension to the storyline as well.

Similarly, Baliquinox, the club where the killer’s search for Claybourne leads him, is also a fictional establishment. The scenes that feature the club were shot in Midtown Athletic Club, a health center and gym located in Chicago, Illinois. One of the real landmarks that feature in the movie is The Waterfront, the restaurant where the killer talks to the Expert, the Brute’s partner in crime. The Waterfront is a real fine dining destination but it is not located in New York as the film depicts. The restaurant is a part of Hotel Baker, located in St. Charles, Illinois.

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