The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

After confirming that Alfred killed Reggie, Ptolemy Grey meets him at his apartment in the sixth and final episode of Apple TV+’s drama series ‘The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey.’ Before confronting Alfred, Grey spends his time reminiscing about his life. Robyn legally fights Grey’s niece Niecie to safeguard his money and other assets. Realizing that she should fulfill Coydog’s aspiration, she tries her best to protect Grey’s assets. The final episode ends with several developments and revelations concerning Grey, which motivated us to take a detailed look at the same. On that note, let us share our thoughts after a recap! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Episode 6 Recap

The sixth and final episode of the show, titled ‘Ptolemy,’ begins with Grey dreaming the night his childhood girlfriend Maude got stuck in a burning house. After waking up, he gets ready for the meeting with Alfred. When Shirley Wring asks to meet for lunch, he asks her to postpone it to the next day. He instructs Robyn not to return to the apartment until late evening to keep her away from Alfred. He lies to her that he is entertaining Shirley at the house after lunch. After Robyn’s departure, Grey goes for a short trip to a nearby lake to ponder over his life.

Grey returns to the apartment and asks Hernandez, the car driver, to stay back and horn continuously after a spiky-haired man has entered the building. He turns on a tape recorder to record Alfred’s confession to killing Reggie. Alfred comes to meet Grey and the latter tricks the former to confess to Reggie’s murder after offering the doubloons he possesses. Upon the confession, Alfred reveals that he had to kill Reggie for trying to move to Texas from Atlanta with Nina. Meanwhile, Hernandez horns and an alarmed Alfred try to threaten Grey with a knife. During the fight, Grey takes his gun out and shoots Alfred.

Alfred manages to get out of the apartment building and seeks help from people on the streets. Grey also comes out of the apartment with the gun in hand. The police arrive at the scene and arrest Grey but fail to save Alfred, who dies.

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Finale Ending: Does Grey Lose His Memory Again? Will He Go Home?

Yes, Grey does lose his memory again. When Dr. Rubin proposes a treatment procedure for Grey to regain memory for a short period, he accepts the same even after realizing that it will increase the rate of his memory loss after the specific period. With his regained memory, Grey finds Coydog’s treasure and Reggie’s killer. He also wanted his memory to avenge the death of his great-nephew. However, his memory loss accelerates during his meeting with Alfred but he manages to put an end to the life of Reggie’s murderer.

Grey’s memory loss didn’t happen overnight. While he delivers a eulogy to Reggie at a gathering hosted by Niecie, Grey gets stuck and fails to complete his speech. Dr. Rubin, who attended the gathering, witnesses the sudden change in his patient and warns him about the time left for him before he loses his memory. As the doctor informed him, Grey’s memory loss will accelerate at an alarming rate. Seeing his terrible state, Robyn tells him that she will take him home to care for him with Shirley. Since Grey’s dementia is worsening steadily, taking care of him in his own home is the least she can do.

Even though Grey is in police custody, Robyn, with the help of their lawyer Abromovitz, may try to find a way to transfer him home. Grey’s worsening medical condition may become a pivotal factor if Robyn goes to court. The tape recorder, which recorded Grey’s entire conversation with Alfred, including the latter’s threats, may help her and Abromovitz to prove that Grey killed Alfred in self-defense. If they succeed in establishing the same, Grey will most likely return home.

Who Wins the Contest of Grey’s Will? Robyn or Niecie? What Will Happen to Grey’s Money and the Treasure?

When Grey realizes that his days are numbered, he seeks the assistance of Abromovitz to formulate a will. Upon moving all his assets to a trust, he assigns Robyn as the responsible authority for the same. When Niecie comes to know that her uncle’s assets will be controlled by an outsider, she contests the will with her son Hilly and Nina. Even though Niecie’s lawyer tries his best to break the will based on Grey’s current medical condition, Abromovitz submits a video proof to the judge, in which Grey explains that he authorized Robyn to control his assets while he was mentally capable of making such a decision.

The video proof discards Niecie’s lawyer’s allegation that Robyn took advantage of Grey to gain control of his assets. After watching the video, the judge releases a verdict in favor of Robyn. However, Niecie’s fight is far from over. After the verdict, Niecie encounters Robyn and makes it clear that she will continue her fight to gain the assets of his blood relative after preventing her from laying hands on it. Niecie’s motivation to gain assets of Grey is entirely selfish. Rather than accepting her uncle’s wish and vision, she gets ready to dispute the verdict that favors Robyn.

Robyn, on the other hand, has a vision that aligns with Grey’s aspiration to spend the money and treasure. She wants to take care of Reggie’s children and Hilly using the money rather than allowing Niecie and others to misuse it. Most importantly, Robyn wants Grey’s money to become useful for their Black community, as Coydog wanted. She doesn’t want Coydog’s sacrifice to go in vain and aspires to start a leadership grant for young Black people. Motivated by Grey and Coydog’s ambitions to uplift their community, Robyn also decides to start a foundation to make use of the money.

Niecie’s possible return to the court to dispute the existing verdict may determine the fate of Grey’s assets. If Robyn ends up victorious again, we can expect her to use it for Grey’s family and their community without any misspending. If Niecie manages to win the potential dispute, which is highly unlikely, she and Nina may use it for their personal affairs, discarding Grey’s commitment towards his fellow-Black people.

Did Grey Really Save Maude from the Fire? Did Maude Die in the Fire?

No, Grey didn’t save Maude, his childhood girlfriend, from the fire. In Grey’s dream, he sees the child Grey running into Maude’s burning house and his older self rescuing her from the fire. Grey’s dream, however, is the depiction of what he wanted to happen rather than an actual recollection of the incident. When Maude’s house caught fire, Grey tried his best to run into the burning house and save his girlfriend. But his mother restricted him from risking his own life, forcing him to witness Maude’s death in the fire.

Grey’s mind, due to the guilt of not rescuing Maude, creates dreams that depict him rescuing her as a solace. In the closing scene of the show, the child Grey expresses his sadness regarding Maude’s “departure without a return” to Coydog. Grey’s uncle-figure explains the inevitability of death for him to accept Maude’s unceasing absence. The older Grey’s vulnerable mind creates an alternative past for him to believe rather than accepting Maude’s death even after approximately eighty years.

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