The Last Thing He Told Me Episode 4 Recap: Witness to Your Life

The fourth episode of Apple TV+’s thriller series ‘The Last Thing He Told Me,’ titled ‘Witness to Your Life,’ revolves around the aftermath of Hannah and Bailey’s realization that Owen Michaels had been lying to them. They decide to stay back in Austin, Texas, to unravel the mystery behind their loved one’s real identity. Grady Bradford’s unofficial efforts to track down Hannah come to an end when his superior gets involved in the same. Hannah and Bailey’s efforts start to yield results as they come across an astounding photograph that sheds light on the latter’s parents. If you are intrigued about the photograph, let us share everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Last Thing He Told Me Episode 4 Recap

‘Witness to Your Life’ begins with Hannah and Bailey discussing the lies Owen had told them about his past. Bailey realizes his father must have changed her name and date of birth as well, which leads her to question the fundamentals of her own life. Bailey tells Hannah that she can feel that the truth about her father is hidden in Austin, which makes them decide to stay back in the Texan city to find out more about Owen’s past. Hannah remembers Owen talking about a maths professor named Cookman, his favorite professor at Princeton. Bailey searches for the professor on the internet, only to find out that the mathematician is teaching in Austin rather than at Princeton.

Hannah calls Grady Bradford’s office to talk to him, only for her to learn that he is on vacation. She asks the office worker why a marshal on vacation is showing his official badge around. Bradford’s superior demands an explanation from the officer, only for him to talk to her about “protecting” Bailey. While his superior isn’t keen on getting involved in the case since Owen isn’t in Texas, Bradford makes it clear that they should intervene since they are familiar with the people “they are dealing with” in Owen’s case. Hannah asks Jules to get the duffle bag, filled with the money Owen kept for Bailey, from her home. Jules, however, fails to find it.

Hannah and Bailey meet Cookman and ask him about a former student whose midterm answer paper was framed and displayed by the mathematician to humiliate him. The account about the answer paper strikes Cookman enough to remember the former student but he doesn’t remember the latter’s name. The three of them go through the records of Cookman’s first few classes at the university to find Owen’s real identity with the help of the mathematician’s assistant. They find a list of names of students who attended one of Cookman’s classes, which should include Owen’s real name. Hannah realizes that they may find Owen by cross-checking the names with the photographs in the yearbook of that particular year.

The Last Thing He Told Me Episode 4 Ending: Who is in the Debate Team Photo? Who Are Reyes and Smith?

While Hannah and Bailey look through the yearbook to find Owen’s photograph and the name in which it is published, the woman at the church they visited calls the former. She lets Hannah know that a wedding did happen on one of the days the Texas Longhorns played a scrimmage game the same season she enquired about. The wedding was registered in the names of Reyes and Smith. Bailey goes through the list of names she got from Cookman, only to find a Katherine Smith in the same. Hannah asks her whether the bride was Katherine Smith, only for her to reply that the bride and groom were Andrea Reyes and Charles Smith respectively.

Bailey goes through the yearbook to find Smith, only to come across the debate team’s photograph. Hannah gets astounded upon seeing a face in the photograph and asks Bailey to look at the same. Considering the similarity between the face in the photograph and Bailey, the former most likely belongs to the latter’s mother, who is known to them as Olivia. As per what Owen had told them, he met Olivia during his senior year at Princeton. Since Olivia is a part of the debate team of an institution in Texas, it is clear that Bailey’s parents lived in Austin and never studied at Princeton.

While looking through the class records, Cookman tells Hannah and Bailey that the former student they are investigating didn’t score well in his midterm exams since he was distracted by a girl, which can be Olivia as well. Although neither Charles nor Andrea isn’t in the list provided by Cookman, the former can be the brother of Katherine Smith, who most likely was Owen’s classmate at the university. Owen and Bailey, when the latter was a little girl, must have attended the wedding of the former’s classmate’s brother. Considering that’s most likely the case, Hannah and Bailey may try to track down Charles and Andrea to find out more about Owen.

Hannah and Bailey can be opening a can of worms by trying to meet Charles, Andrea, or even Katherine. A life-threatening incident must have happened for Owen to destroy his real identity and rely on a fake one for his life ahead. While trying to unravel the same, Owen’s threats/enemies may try to hurt his wife and daughter as well. From Bradford’s conversation with his boss, it is evident that there are people who were against Owen and they may use Hannah and Bailey to get back at or find Owen. Since Bradford knows about them being in Austin, he may try his best to protect Hannah and Bailey. Considering that their lives are threatened in Texas, he may have the jurisdiction to safeguard them and find Owen by becoming their ally.

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