The Lazarus Project Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

The second episode of TNT’s science-fiction series ‘The Lazarus Project,’ titled ‘Episode 2’ revolves around the aftermath of Sarah’s life-threatening accident. George tries his best to come to terms with the misfortune that befell his beloved, which changes the way he approaches the foundations of the Lazarus Project. Archie recollects a life-altering mission she was part of and how it affected her approach to the multi-national organization. The episode also opens a window into the motives of Dennis Rebrov, who challenges the organization he was once part of by setting out to detonate a nuclear warhead. The engrossing episode ends with a pivotal decision George makes and let us offer our take on the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Lazarus Project Episode 2 Recap

‘Episode 2’ begins with the aftermath of Sarah’s accident, which happens because George’s actions change in the time loop when Archie calls him to inform him that they found a way to capture Rebrov. Sarah gets transported to a hospital and Archie tries to console George. When George thinks about the possibility of restoring time to the last checkpoint, Archie tells him that they cannot do the same unless a catastrophe occurs, threatening the existence of humanity in the world. Shiv takes George to Karl to beat up the latter for causing Sarah’s misfortune. George eventually learns that Shiv took him to his partner’s colleague’s house only to remind him that what’s done cannot be changed.

George met Sarah in the summer of 2018, the same period during which Archie and her lover Ross were trying to prevent the Third World War from happening. An East European politician named General Zeva bombed a fighter aircraft and blamed the attack on the Modeen, only for the same to start a chain of events that culminated with several missile explosions and NATO making its presence known in the region. Archie and Ross tried their best to stop the consequences of the attack but every time they failed and got forced to jump the time backward to save the world. Every time Archie and Ross restored the time to the last checkpoint, George and Sarah’s meeting also changed.

Shiv and George met Rebrov to enquire about the “Big Boy,” the nuclear warhead the international criminal possesses to end the world. In 2018, Archie died during an attempt to prevent the Third World War, only for Ross to jump the time backward. They talked about moving in together upon separating from their respective partners. The couple eventually found out that the way to save the world is by leading the opposition party to a coup without Prime Minister Osiminov’s private security force cracking it down.

The Lazarus Project Episode 2 Ending: Is Sarah Dead? Will George Turn Back Time?

Yes, Sarah is dead. After getting into an accident, Sarah doesn’t live long. George soon gets informed that his partner dies, only for him to stoop to severe distress. As a member of the Lazarus Project, George knows that he can bring his partner back to life again. However, he also by then learns that Sarah’s life is only his concern. His team members have made it clear multiple times that they cannot alter the reality that concerns billions of people for the sake of one, even if the particular person is a member of the organization. As Archie and others even accept death as a possibility, George knows that it is pointless to try to convince his team to restore the time backward to save his partner. His helplessness, however, leads him to Rebrov.

Ever since Sarah’s death, George realizes that he has more in common with Rebrov than with his teammates such as Archie or Shiv. George wants to stand against the principles of the Lazarus Project to bring his partner back to life, the same way Rebrov wants to challenge the aforementioned principles upon finding it hard to accept the priorities set by the organization. Thus, George teams up with Rebrov to turn back time and save Sarah. George even promises the criminal that he will go to any lengths for Sarah to be alive.

If George wants to turn back time, the only way possible is to pave the way for a catastrophe that forces the Lazarus Project to jump time backward to avoid the end of the world. George’s meeting with Rebrov indicates that the former may try to fulfill his wish by joining hands with the ex-member of his organization, possibly to detonate the nuclear warhead. He may do the same by keeping his place in the organization so that he can slow them down.

How Did Archie and Ross Prevent the Third World War?

After finding a way to prevent World War 3, Archie and Ross tried their best to lead the opposition party to a coup. Their efforts didn’t yield any result except for one single time. When Archie died, Prime Minister Osiminov’s security chief also died in an accident, which led the opposition party to overthrow the government. Ross, however, turned back time to save the life of his lover against the rules. The couple then set out to kill the security chief by detonating an explosive. Although the explosion killed their target, the same also took the life of Ross, only for Archie to stoop to distress. She begged Wes, the head of the Lazarus Project, for turning back time so that she can save Ross as she saved her when she died.

Archie and Ross prevented the Third World War with the death of the latter. Since the catastrophe was prevented, the Lazarus Project couldn’t sanction a restoration of time to the last checkpoint. Archie lost Ross but she gained the realization that their individual lives are not of value when the lives of billions are at stake. When Sarah’s life gets threatened, she tries to make George realize the same. However, his feelings for his late partner conquer the rules and principles of his organization, which makes him strike a deal with the devil.

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