The Lazarus Project: All Shooting Locations Explored

Image Credit: Simon Ridgway/Sky UK Limited

‘The Lazarus Project’ stars Paapa Essiedu as George, a young man who wakes up one day and discovers that he has gone six months back in time, something which his girlfriend Sarah or anyone else doesn’t seem to notice. Now, he is stuck reliving the same day repeatedly until finally, he is approached by a secret organization called the Lazarus Project. Possessing the power to turn back time, the organization uses it to prevent mass extinction events to save humanity.

After becoming the Lazarus Project’s new agent, George now lives in a world that is under apocalyptic threat all the time and undergoes a life-altering experience. Besides Essiedu, the British science fiction drama series created by Joe Barton features stellar onscreen performances from Charly Clive, Anjli Mohindra, Rudi Dharmalingam, and Caroline Quentin. Given the setting of London and other European locations, the pacy storytelling is matched by the constantly changing backdrops as George travels through time and space. So, if you are interested in knowing where ‘The Lazarus Project’ is filmed, allow us to fill you in on all the details!

The Lazarus Project Filming Locations

‘The Lazarus Project’ is filmed in England, Wales, the Czech Republic, and Spain, particularly in Bristol, London, Cardiff, Prague, Postoloprty, and Barcelona. As per reports, the shooting for the debut season commenced in January 2021 and occurred through the spring of 2021. The principal photography for the sophomore round seemingly began in late September 2022 and wrapped up in February 2023. So, without much ado, let’s traverse you through all the specific locations that appear in the British series!

Bristol, England

A significant portion of ‘The Lazarus Project’ is lensed in and around Bristol, with several locales doubling for London, Paris, and Romania. For instance, the production team redecorated Bedminster’s East Street as a 1990s street with exteriors of several shops dressed as bookies and electronic stores from the 90s. In early October 2022, the cast and crew members were spotted taping some key scenes for season 2 in and around Greenbank Pub at 57 Belle Vue Road in the Greenbank district.

Besides, the interior scenes are reportedly shot using some actual residential properties or other establishments in Berkeley Square in the Clifton area of Bristol, Brighton Street, Argyle Road in St. Paul’s, Barton Green in Barton Hill, and Maywood Crescent in Fishponds, The Engineers House on The Promenade in Clifton Down, and Unite Students – Brunel House on St. George’s Road. Other Bristol locations that feature in the sci-fi series are Brandon Hill, Christmas Steps, King Street, Ashton Avenue Bridge, and Unity Street.

The line producer Darren Green elaborated on their decision to base most of the shooting in Bristol. He explained, “Bristol center and surrounding areas work well for doubling up as London streets and bars and clubs. Some larger buildings throughout the city center replicate the look of London buildings and streets.”

Other Locations in the UK

The filming unit of ‘The Lazarus Project’ also travels to other locations across the United Kingdom. The iconic Piccadilly Circus in London can be spotted in a few scenes of the science fiction show. Apart from that, the capital of Wales, Cardiff, also hosts the production of the Paapa Essiedu starrer.

Czech Republic

Several key sequences for ‘The Lazarus Project’ are taped on location in the Czech Republic. The production team utilizes some locales of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, to shoot a few pivotal sequences for the British series. Furthermore, the town of Postoloprty in the country’s Louny District stands in for a Romani village.

Barcelona, Spain

For shooting purposes, the filming unit even travels to the city of Barcelona, the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia. There are several famous landmarks and monuments that you might spot in the backdrop of some scenes, such as Sagrada Família church, Casa Milà, Hospital de Sant Pau, Palau de la Música Catalana, The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and St. Eulalia, and the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art.

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