The Light in the Hall Renewed for Season 2

S4C and BBC iPlayer have renewed the Welsh and English-bilingual series ‘The Light in the Hall’ for a second season. The filming of the installment will begin in Wales, the United Kingdom, in the spring of this year. Chris Forster (S4c/BBC’s ‘Hidden’) and Andy Newbery (BBC’s ‘Shetland’), the directors of the first season, are returning to helm the sophomore installment, mainly written by series creator Regina Moriarty and Bethan Jenkins.

In the first season finale of the show, a series of revelations unfolds, unveiling a complex web of secrets. The episode begins with a flashback to a tumultuous event that occurred eighteen years ago, exposing strained relationships and hidden truths. As the present-day narrative restarts, Cat returns to the hideout, only to discover the aftermath of Wyn’s suicide and the escalating tension between Joe, Nina, and Izzy. Meanwhile, Sharon reveals Ela’s diary to Cat, prompting a quest to unravel the mystery surrounding Ela’s disappearance. The revelation of Ela’s last moments leads to shocking confessions and a tense confrontation in the woods. The episode concludes with a cliffhanger, leaving the viewers on the edge of their seats, eager for the next chapter.

With the confirmation of the second installment, the viewers can anticipate a compelling shift in the narrative. The concluding moments of the first season’s finale suggest a departure from the central focus on Sharon and Joe, as their respective journeys seem to have found closure. Instead, the spotlight may now turn towards Cat, whose pivotal role in unraveling the truth and discovering her true calling seemingly lays the foundation for an intriguing new chapter. As the show delves into a fresh storyline, viewers can expect Cat to take center stage, possibly embarking on a new set of investigations involving crimes or missing persons. While the Roberts family’s saga may have reached its resolution, the show promises to maintain its distinctive atmosphere as it is poised to introduce a set of new characters and mysteries.

The core cast of ‘The Light in the Hall’ includes Alexandra Roach as Cat Donato, Iwan Rheon as Joe Pritchard, and Joanna Scanlan as Sharon Roberts. While the trio is more than likely to return, an official announcement regarding the involvement of the other and new cast members is awaited. The picturesque country of Wales, the principal location of the series, previously hosted the shooting of popular Netflix shows like ‘The Crown‘ and ‘Sex Education.’

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