The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2: What Happened to Walter Kim? Is He Dead?

Netflix’s ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ is a crime drama series that follows Mickey Haller, a defense attorney who is very good at his job. He often represents people charged with murder, and he believes that the best way to get them free of the accusations is to find the actual culprit. If not that, he points the finger in some other direction to another suspect that the cops overlooked during the investigation. He takes the same approach in the case of Lisa Trammell.

Lisa is arrested for the murder of a man named Mitchell Bondurant. Lisa’s hatred for Bondurant was well known. Apparently, things escalated to the point that Bondurant had to get a restraining order against her. Considering this, when he is murdered, the cops are naturally drawn to Lisa. She, however, claims that she had nothing to do with the murder. She claims innocence till the end, and eventually, it turns out that the real murderer is Walter Kim. How was he involved in the murder, and what happens to him at the end of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Season 2? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

What Happened to Walter Kim?

Walter Kim was an inspection officer who had worked with Mitchell Bondurant several times. He took Lisa’s picture where she was seen assaulting Bondurant, who later used the image to get the restraining order. Kim later appears during the trial to testify and is noticed by Rene, one of the employees at Elysian. The night before Haller’s closing statement, Rene comes to his office to deliver food and sees Kim’s picture. He wonders what Kim, who is from the Health Department, had to do with all this. This catches Haller’s attention because Kim is in construction, not the Health Department.

Rene reveals that the day before Lisa got arrested, Kim had come to the restaurant for a surprise inspection. He had also been in the garage where Lisa kept her tool kit, where the bloodied gloves were found. A quick look reveals Kim’s signature on the papers regarding Alex Grant’s building projects. This confirms Kim’s link with the case. Because Kim was the inspection officer, Grant bribed him to get his work done. This means that if Grant’s corrupt practices came to light, Kim would be implicated too.

It is unclear whether Kim killed Bondurant out of his own volition or whether Grant put him up to this, but all evidence points towards the fact that Kim killed Bondurant and framed Lisa. This is excellent news for Lisa’s defense, and Haller gets Cisco on the task of finding Kim. However, it turns out that he has been missing since he testified in court. Cisco’s investigation reveals that Kim ran away, but his car was found abandoned by the docks. This is a clear indicator that Kim didn’t actually run away but was disposed of.

Alex Grant was under investigation by the FBI and didn’t want anyone or anything to prove his crimes. He knew that Kim was one of the people who could point the finger at him. Grant bribed Kim and possibly set him on the task of killing Bondurant. Both these things made Kim a liability that Grant couldn’t afford to have. So, he got rid of Kim, which would have been relatively easy for him, considering that he belonged to the Armenian crime family who were in the business of making people disappear.

Haller had hoped to bring in Kim for questioning. Proving that he was the murderer would be a surefire way to prove Lisa’s innocence, but Grant beat him to it. Haller has no option but to rely on the case he has already built in Lisa’s defense and hope that the jury finds her not guilty. Luckily, his hard work pays off, and Lisa gets her freedom back. The cops also discover that Kim was the real murderer when more evidence is unearthed in support of this claim.

Kim’s car has a broken inspection mirror, whose missing piece was the one found at the crime scene. The cops also find his shoes stained with Bondurant’s blood. The only thing that remains is Kim’s confession, which they’ll never get because he has disappeared off the face of the Earth, and if Cisco’s suspicions are correct, Kim will never be seen again. He is dead, and his body has been disposed of by Alex Grant.

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