Where was The Main Event Filmed?

Everyone grows up with a dream job, no matter how silly it might sound at the moment. One might not be prepared for it, might not even seem fit for it at the moment, but they still harbor that dream. ‘The Main Event’ follows the story of one such dream. An eleven-year-old boy is fascinated by the world of WWE. He spends his days watching the fantastic battles, and the magnificence of it has caught hold of his imagination. He has decided that once he grows up, he will become one of those fighters.

Life, however, does not present it to be such a feasible choice for him. He is not yet as strong and is often bullied by others. He tries to fight back, but he is too weak to fight them all. All of this changes when he comes across a mask that turns him into a superhero. By this twist of fate, he gets to fulfill his dreams. This means he gets to witness the massive arenas with thousands of spectators witnessing him in action with the heroes that he has admired for so long, but only on television. But that is a very small part of his life.

He also spends a lot of time at his home, which is the place where he experiments with his powers and comes to know more about their nature and how he can use them to his own purpose. An important part of his story also takes place at school, in the corridors of which he is bullied a lot but also finds the courage to tackle his problems head-on. Bringing together all of these aspects of his life required a location that could easily integrate different parts of the kid’s life seamlessly. Here are the filming locations for ‘The Main Event’.

Where Was The Main Event Filmed?

To bring this story to life, Netflix turned towards its one of the most reliable locations- Vancouver. Called the Hollywood of Canada, or Hollywood North, Vancouver is the place where the shooting of a lot of films and TV shows takes place. In fact, a number of Netflix originals, from its hit horror drama ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ to its comedy-drama, ‘Coffee and Kareem’, have been filmed in this city.

In fact, the pattern that many Netflix movies require, especially for teen dramas, is home and school. Most of these films and TV shows are filmed in Vancouver. For example, Netflix’s popular teen rom-com, ‘To All the Boys’ series, also focuses on the home and school life of its characters. This structure is easy to reciprocate in a place that is the hotspot for hundreds of projects in production. For ‘The Main Event’ as well, it seemed to be the most viable option. Hence, Vancouver and its neighboring places served as the primary location for the film.

Vancouver, Canada

One of the reasons that filmmakers tend to favor Vancouver over other locales is because it provides a lot of tax incentives while not compromising with the quality on any front. This proves lucrative for the filmmakers, and hence, it has become a premier destination for movies and TV shows.

The filming of ‘The Main Event’ also required a place that would not only serve the needs of the story but also give a lot of ground to explore all the threads of the plot. Filming for the movie began in June of 2019. Netflix had posted the announcement for the commencement of the shooting and invited real pro wrestlers to become a part of the story. It already had a number of big names in the wrestling industry like Kofi Kingston and The Miz and Seamus.

Apparently WWE is working on a Netflix film titled "WWE The Main Event" from SquaredCircle

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