Where Was Coffee & Kareem Shot?

Pretty much like many romantic relationships that we see on screen, even the macho buddy cop genre depicts very similar character chemistry. What starts off as a forced alliance between two mismatched cops soon turns into bromance brimming with mutual respect and love. And that’s part of the reason why we love such movies. Apart from all the comedy and action that they offer, we can’t help but appreciate the emotional trajectory that these characters go through. ‘Coffee & Kareem’ is another buddy cop movie that comes with a little twist.

It revolves around a 12-year-old boy named Kareem Manning who hires a criminal to get rid of his mother’s new boyfriend—a cop named James Coffee. But things don’t really work out the way he had initially planned and soon, the boy and the cop are forced to join forces against Detroit’s deadly drug kingpin.

In case you wondering where the filming of ‘Coffee & Kareem’ took place, read on further to know all about it.

Where Was Coffee & Kareem Filmed?

The principal photography of ‘Coffee & Kareem’ began on April 22, 2019, and ended on June 4, 2019. The film is directed by Canadian filmmaker Michael Dowse, who is mostly known for his work in the sports drama ‘Goon’. Ed Helms from ‘The Office‘ and Taraji P. Henson from ‘Empire‘ are the two leading stars of the film. Apart from that, the cast of the film also includes Andrew Bachelor, who is better known for making Youtube videos under the name “KingBach.”

‘Coffee and Kareem’ was predominantly filmed in Vancouver, Cannada. This was also mentioned on a brief blog post on Inside Vancouver when the film’s shooting was initiated. Check it out below:

Filming in Vancouver: Charmed, Taraji P. Henson, Camilla Mendes, and more

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Scores of big-budget films have had their sets in British Columbia’s picturesque destinations. And out of all the locations in the Canadian province, Vancouver, in particular, has been a very common filming location for many films like ‘If I Stay‘, ‘This Means War’, ‘Apollo 18’ and many others. The cast and crew of ‘Coffee & Kareem’ were spotted in the “Hollywood North” in April 2020. Around the same time, Safe Roads, a highway products company, announced on its official twitter account that it has teamed up with Netflix for filming overnight shoots of ‘Coffee and Kareem.” Check out the tweet below:

Before the filming of the movie was initiated, in March 2019, USA casting news posted a casting call announcement on its official twitter account, stating that the film’s shooting will begin in Vancouver in April 2019. Check it out below:

King Bach, who is one of the leading stars of the film, also posted a picture from the sets of the film on his official Instagram account:

Several fans of the Youtuber also spotted him in Vancouver and posted pictures with him on social media. Check out the tweet below:

In an interview, Taraji P Henson described her role in the film by saying that she comes off a “mama lion” in the film who initially tries to balance her relationship with the cop and her son. But later, when she finds them in trouble, she does whatever she can to protect them. Adding to this, she said that although her character has more of a secondary role in the film, it has been wonderfully incorporated in its storyline.  “It’s fun to shake it up a bit like you’re a hero. When I have two left feet and feel a bit awkward, they make you look good,” she said.

Here’s another picture posted by Taraji P Henson on her official Instagram account:

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