Lifetime’s The Man in the Guesthouse: Filming Locations and Cast Details

‘The Man in the Guesthouse’ by John Murlowski is a Lifetime thriller movie that narrates a nightmare scenario for any homeowner leasing a part of their property. Ashley and Brandon Burke have recently refurbished their garage, converting it into an amicable living space for a future lodger. They are pleasantly surprised when a tenant briskly appears, willing to occupy it. Glad to have an additional source of income, Ashley and Brandon extend a warm welcome to their renter, Dan Hansen. However, as time progresses, the couple begins to notice peculiar behaviors and unsettling occurrences that cast doubt on the true nature of their tenant.

As tensions escalate and suspicions mount, the couple finds themselves embroiled in a web of deceit and danger, with their once peaceful abode transformed into a battleground of secrets and betrayal. They soon come to realize that their lodger may not be the dream tenant they had envisioned and that sometimes, the greatest threats lie closest to home. ‘Man in the Guest House’ is a gripping tale of suspense and deception that chills us with its unsettling events taking place beneath the surface of suburban tranquility. Given the jarring contrast between the film’s picturesque setting and terrifying occurrences, some may be inclined to investigate the real-world filming sites used in its production.

Where Was The Man in the Guesthouse Filmed?

‘The Man in the Guesthouse’ was largely filmed in Santa Clarita, with cameras rolling in Los Angeles as well. Principal photography began on May 18, 2023, and was wrapped up in a few weeks by June 3, 2023. Sharing a gist of her time in front of the camera, actress Kristen Alderson, who depicts Ashley, wrote on social media, “Such an incredible experience! KUDOS to all of the Lifetime actors, these movies are no joke to make! Especially thrillers! Lots of heavy breathing and crying. Loved it all so much.” Allow us to show you the exact filming sites of ‘The Man in the Guesthouse.’

Santa Clarita, California

With its proximity to Los Angeles and its captivating blend of suburban charm and rugged wilderness, the city of Santa Clarita became the primary filming destination for ‘The Man in the Guesthouse.’ The main setting of Ashley and Brandon’s house seen in the film is actually the Newhall Cottage, which is a filming property located in the Newhall area, southern Santa Clarita. Sitting on half an acre of land in the Santa Clarita Valley, the Newhall Cottage is surrounded by idyllic greenery. The original structure is from the 1930s and is refurbished to the pristine white wooden abode that we see in the film.

The cottage served as the perfect filming location for ‘The Man in the Guesthouse’ due to its rustically picturesque qualities that seamlessly aligned with the movie’s storyline. The lush gardens, ample open space, and outdoor amenities, such as the fire pit area and garden, created an idyllic yet subtly ominous backdrop for the escalating drama portrayed in the film. The cottage also features in Netflix’s ‘Holiday in The Vineyards.’

Los Angeles, California

While the aforementioned property in Santa Clarita served as the primary filming location for ‘The Man in the Guesthouse,’ certain scenes of the movie were also shot in Los Angeles to capture additional elements of the storyline. Los Angeles, with its diverse range of settings and iconic cityscape, provided the film crew with the opportunity to flesh out their storyline and add depth to the narrative.

The Man in the Guesthouse Cast

The film is led by Kristen Alderson and Ignacyo Matynia as Ashley and Brandon Burke, respectively. This role serves as Kristen’s television movie debut. The Pennsylvania-born actress is most well known for essaying Starr Manning in ‘One Life to Live,’ and has also appeared in the TV series ‘Mélange,’ ‘General Hospital,’ and ‘TMI Hollywood.’ Ignacyo Matynia is a Poland-born and New York-raised actor who first drew the limelight with his performance as Adam in ‘Like Dogs’ and Drew in ‘My Nightmare Landlord.’ He has gone on to appear in productions like ‘Break Every Chain,’ ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,’ ‘A Christmas Vintage,’ and ‘Alliance.’

Starring opposite them is Allen Williamson as the tenant, Dan Hansen. Allen is a seasoned actor who you may have seen in ‘The Rich & the Ruthless’ as Bobby, in ‘Abduction’ as Billy, and in ‘Feast of the Seven Fishes’ as Prentice. He can also be spotted in ‘Legends & Lies,’ ‘Teen Angels Sings,’ and ‘The Serial Killer Seduced Me.’ Also featured in the film are Anne Patterson as Shelley, James Hyde as Clay Morris, and Kevin Czako.

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