Where Was Lifetime’s The Serial Killer Seduced Me Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

With Dylan Vox at the helm, Lifetime’s ‘The Serial Killer Seduced Me’ is a thriller drama film that follows an aspiring artist named Chloe who makes the mistake of taking credit for a painting of a murdered woman. Now, she must find out the truth of its origin before the killer eyes another victim and commits another crime. Upon some investigation, she discovers a history of murdered models, all of which leads back to the anonymous painter.

Chloe finds out that the unknown painter is a serial killer who holds a grudge against young artists who steal their works of art for their benefit, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Since she has nobody to turn to, Chloe is in a race against the clock as she must avoid getting into the high-stakes art world and get to the bottom of the truth before the killer sets their sight on her next. Originally titled ‘Picture Her Dead,’ the film is shot against several interesting and apt backdrops that complement the overall theme of the narrative. Thus, if you are interested in knowing where ‘The Serial Killer Seduced Me’ was filmed, we have got you covered!

The Serial Killer Seduced Me Filming Locations

‘The Serial Killer Seduced Me’ was filmed in its entirety in California, particularly in Los Angeles County. According to reports, principal photography for the thriller film commenced in January 2023 and wrapped up in a couple of weeks, in early February of the same year. So, let’s not waste any time and dive right into all the specific sites that appear in the Lifetime movie!

Los Angeles County, California

The shooting for all the pivotal sequences of ‘The Serial Killer Seduced Me’ took place across Los Angeles County, which encompasses a wide range of landscapes, including mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, forests, valleys, and a desert. During the production process, the cast and crew members were spotted recording a number of key portions in and around The Clara Los Angeles at 932 Wilson Street in Los Angeles. The 4,300 square foot two-story venue is a historic Art Deco bank that is revived as a daylight photo studio and event space and serves as an ideal space for film and photo shoots, events, and even weddings.

While the City of Angels, the county seat of LA County, served as the primary production location of the Dylan Vox directorial, several other sites in the county were also turned into film sets during the shooting schedule. For instance, it is reported that the filming unit spent some time taping various important sequences in the unincorporated area and census-designated place of Altadena, which lies in the Verdugo Mountains region of the County of Los Angeles. Other than ‘The Serial Killer Seduced Me,’ Los Angeles County has hosted the production of multiple film projects, including ‘Memento,’ ‘Murder by Numbers,’ ‘Apt Pupil,’ ‘Devil in the Flesh,’ ’10 Year Reunion,’ and ‘Sons of Anarchy.’

The Serial Killer Seduced Me Cast

In the Lifetime film, Tess Cline portrays Chloe, an up-and-coming artist. The multi-talented Austin native has been featured in numerous film and TV projects over the course of her acting career, which is why you might find her face familiar and recognizable. For instance, she has played important roles in ‘The Emeryville Experiment,’ ‘A Million Hits,’ ‘Inhumanity,’ ‘Dumpcake Comedy,’ and ‘A Wedding and a Murder.’

On the other hand, Ali Zahiri essays the role of Luke in the crime movie. There are several movies and shows under his credit, some of which are ‘Aliwood,’ ‘Psycho Storm Chaser,’ ‘Conditions of Return,’ ‘Falling for a Killer,’ ‘Kombucha Cure,’ and ‘Pandemic Pillow Talk.’ ‘The Serial Killer Seduced Me’ also features other talented actors who play supporting yet pivotal roles, including Allen Williamson as Chase, Kristi Murdock as Ariande, Luis Fernandez-Gil as Marcel, Sarah Stunt as Samantha, Daniel Olsen as Hawley, K.J. Phelps as Steven, and Kris Ann Russell as Lillian.

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