The Man Who Fell to Earth Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ closes season 1 with a convoluted finale titled ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ (episode 10). The prospect of sharing Earth with another planet’s population looms large amongst those who know of Newton’s plot. However, further details in the season finale reveal just how sinister (and uncannily human) the alien’s designs are.

Some major story arcs are concluded, while many more remain intriguing and open. Some major shifts in power also make the season’s final episode quite intriguing. Fittingly, the episode closes on a tantalizing note, with the entwined fates of Earth and Antheon in focus. If you were left with some questions, we’re here to help clear things up! Let’s take a closer look at the ending of ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ episode 10. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Man Who Fell to Earth Episode 10 Recap

Episode 10, the season finale, opens with a flashback where we see Newton and Faraday in their alien forms back on Antheon. Their planet is dying due to its atmosphere collapsing, and Newton heads to Earth, claiming to return with help. Back in the present, Justin and Faraday confront Newton about his plan to bring the alien population of Antheon to Earth. They are stunned with anger when he further reveals that he only plans to bring the Adepts to Earth, leaving all the supposedly intellectually inferior Drones behind to perish. It is also strongly hinted that Newton plans to subjugate the human race and make them the replacement Drones for the Adepts arriving from Antheon.

Justin refuses to help Newton activate the new fusion generator she’s constructed with Faraday. However, the latter finally convinces her by promising to always protect her family. Realizing he has to find a way to stop Newton, Faraday stays back with him in Cambodia while Justin goes back to her family. Meanwhile, in the CIA headquarters, Drew Finch berates Agent Lisa Dominguez for killing Spencer Clay and blackmails the young agent into finding Faraday and his energy generator.

Faraday attempts to convince Newton to change tactics, but the latter remains adamant about leaving the Drones behind on Antheon, saying that if he brought them along, Earth would perish. Finally, however, Faraday is able to make Newton see his errors and pass over control of his spaceship and the fusion generator to Faraday. Since Newton, under the alias of Thorne, also took control of Origen, Faraday now finds himself in possession of the company responsible for building the fusion generator.

The Man Who Fell to Earth Episode 10 Ending: Where is Faraday Going? Is the Alien Population of Antheon Coming to Earth?

In the final moments of season 1, we are taken three months on to the high-profile talk Faraday is seen giving to an enraptured audience in episode 1. However, this time around, we know that the alien from Antheon now controls a device (the fusion generator) that could save the Earth in the near future. Alerted by his talk, the CIA and MI5 surround the venue and take Faraday into custody.

While being interrogated by Drew Finch, Faraday counters her threats by calmly passing control of Origen to Hatch and Justin. He also threatens to release the designs of the fusion engine on the internet, which would put details of a weapons-grade energy source in the hands of anyone who is online. Defeated, Drew is forced to step back and season 1 closes with Faraday using Newton’s spaceship to go back to Antheon with the hopes of bringing the dying planet’s entire population back to Earth.

Thus season 1 ends with the titular “Man” who fell to the Earth now leaving the planet to go back to his home world. Faraday is last seen aboard a strange spaceship that emerges from the jungles of Cambodia, where it has been secretly built by Newton with the help of a group of silent monks. Despite the vessel’s limited capacity, Faraday somehow plans to bring the entire population of Antheon back to Earth on it. Newton earlier only planned to bring back a few hundred of his species to Earth, leaving the rest to perish on the dying planet.

It remains unknown how Faraday plans to bring back the entire population, and, at the end of season 1, he sets off on a seemingly impossible mission. He and Justin also discuss the possibility of him dying in the endeavor and never making it back to Earth. However, Faraday also has in his possession the groundbreaking fusion generator (of Newton’s design), which provides virtually limitless energy. Therefore, all hope is not lost, and Faraday might find some way yet to help his fellow aliens.

What Happens to Newton in the End?

Newton paints an enigmatic image for most of season 1 and is the mysterious being pulling the puppet strings from the background. His dastardly plan is to bring Adepts like him, mentally superior beings, back to Earth and essentially subjugate the human race. Newton’s motives are mainly driven by his jaded worldview and bitterness against humans for mercilessly torturing him when he first arrived on Earth.

Newton tries to initially get Faraday to buy into his philosophy and support the plan of only bringing the Adepts to Earth. This is signified by how Newton, a raging alcoholic, tries to get Faraday to begin drinking as well. The alcohol symbolizes the toxic ideas that the older alien is trying to pass on to his younger, idealistic underling. However, Faraday, having experienced Earth for himself and understanding its complexities, realizes that Newton’s plan isn’t justified.

Ultimately, Faraday is able to convince Newton that the latter is letting most of Antheon’s population die due to his cynicism. Even though Newton vehemently predicts his plan will fail, Faraday remains adamant about trying to save everyone on their home planet. In the end, Newton gives Faraday control of Origen and the spaceship and is escorted away by security forces (likely MI5 because Faraday would not want to hand Newton over to the CIA, who were responsible for torturing him).

Newton’s fate remains unknown but since the authorities are intimidated by Faraday and Justin, knowing that Earth’s future is in their hands, it is unlikely they will harm the elderly alien. Newton will probably be kept under heavy guard and observation for the rest of his days unless, of course, he decides to hatch another dastardly plot.

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