The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 2 Ending, Explained

The ‘Star Wars‘ franchise’s biggest TV show, with a production value that’s off the charts, ‘The Mandalorian‘ tells the story of a formerly lone bounty hunter who is now on a mission to deliver Baby Yoda (officially called The Child) to his own species (which is incredibly rare) or the next best thing, that is the Jedi. In order to locate the Jedi or The Child’s unknown species, Din Djarin (or Mando, as most characters in the show call him) is on a quest to find more of his own kind and enlist other Mandalorians’ help in his mission. Here is a short recap of the second episode of Season 2, titled “Chapter 10: The Passenger”, followed by our thoughts on the ending.

The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

After killing a Krayt Dragon on Tattooine, Mando is heading back to Mos Eisley with The Child and a pretty sweet score of Boba Fett’s armor and some yummy dragon meat when he is ambushed by three low-life scavengers. While Mando fights off two of the criminals, the third one gets a hold of The Child and puts a knife to its throat. Mando tells him that if he even so much as scratches the baby, there is nowhere in the galaxy that he could escape Mando’s wrath. He also tells the guy to take whatever he wants in exchange for the baby.

The criminal points to Mando’s jet backpack, and Mando hands it to him. But as soon as The Child is safely back in his arms, Mando uses his remote controls to send the criminal flying high before dropping him and taking back the jet backpack. Once he reaches Mos Eisley (on foot), Mando heads to the Cantina and finds Peli Motto gambling with an insectoid who says that he might have a lead to other Mandalorians.

The lead is from a Frog Lady (that’s what we’re officially calling her since she is unnamed in the show) who will share the information with Mando in exchange for transportation on his ship, the Razor Crest. There is one catch, though. If Mando agrees to take Frog Lady on as a passenger, then he cannot jump to hyperdrive and will have to travel at a sub-light speed. This is because the Frog Lady is carrying precious cargo – her last batch of unfertilized eggs that will not survive hyperdrive speed.

The Frog Lady has to get to the nearby system where her husband awaits on the moon of the planet Trask. She needs to reach her husband before the next equinox so that he may fertilize the eggs, and their line may not die out. Mando agrees to take her, even though it’s risky to travel at sub-light speed because he is desperate for information on other Mandalorians.

Baby Yoda is strangely fascinated with the Frog Lady’s eggs and wants to eat them all for snacks even though Mando tells him no multiple times. As they make their way through space, two X-wings belonging to the New Republic flank the Razor Crest and ask Mando to provide his documentation. Mando makes a run for it, displaying some spectacular flying before crashing the Razor Crest on an icy planet, where danger of a more terrifying kind awaits.

The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 2 Ending, Explained

As Mando works on the ship’s repairs, he notices that the Frog Lady has disappeared. Mando and The Child follow her tracks to inside a cave where she is taking a dip in the hot springs with her eggs. After telling her that he cannot protect her if she strays away from the ship, Mando proceeds to collect the eggs out of the pool of water. Left unsupervised at this time, Baby Yoda snacks on a spider-like creature that he fishes out of one of the numerous rock-shaped eggs growing in the cave. This awakens countless space spiders of increasingly terrifying sizes until the giant Momma Spider shows up.

Mando, The Child, and the Frog Lady make a run for it, but the spider-like alien monsters give them a tough chase. Mando tries his best to flay them, but the creatures are too much in number. The group is finally cornered inside Razor Crest’s cockpit, and it seems like they are about to get overrun by giant spiders when blaster fire from an unseen source takes all the spider-monsters out. Mando steps out to see that it’s the two X-wing pilots who saved their lives.

The two New Republic officers tell Mando that they ran the Razor Crest’s tabs, and there is an arrest warrant out for Mando for his involvement in breaking out a high-security prisoner (remember the prison break episode from Season 1?). But they also acknowledge Mando’s hand in delivering three of the most wanted criminals to the New Republic prison ship and for saving the life of one of their comrades. For this, the two X-wingers let him go, giving him a one-time “get-out-of-getting-arrested” pass.

After they leave, Mando fixes up the ship’s cockpit enough so that they can fly a bumpy ride to Trask, even with a severely damaged hull. The episode ends with Baby Yoda slyly eating one more frog egg that he had stowed away, as the Razor Crest limps its way across the galaxy. The ending of this episode honestly left us a little high and dry, with absolutely zero plot advancement and no character development to speak of. Yes, it is a fun episode overall, and the monster chase is truly thrilling, and the action is totally up to the high standards that fans of the show have come to expect.

But there isn’t much in terms of the story that happens in the episode. In a nutshell, Mando and The Child take a creepy detour while transporting a Momma Frog and her cargo of eggs. While the entire episode’s narrative is a little weird, the ending really took it to another level, with the attack of the strange arachnoid creatures that are reminiscent of ‘Jurassic Park.’ The ending pushed this episode into borderline horror territory, somewhere ‘Star Wars’ has not strayed before.

There is a single recurring theme in the episode, though, which is quite pronounced from the beginning to the end, and that is the theme of parenthood. Like how Mando will do anything to keep The Child safe, similarly, the Frog Lady’s only motivation is her babies’ chance at life. And even the villain of this episode only attacks the group in retaliation after Baby Yoda eats one of her/his babies. All parents are clearly either protecting their kids or avenging them in this episode. However, the ending does not make it clear whether Mando and company will even reach Trask or if the Razor Crest will give away midway.

And while we enjoyed the episode for its refreshingly semi-horror feel, frustration at the lack of plot advancement still hits. There is zero indication of whether Mando is any closer to finding other Mandalorians or if he is just being duped by the Frog Lady, who may be a woman desperate enough to say anything to get the passage she seeks. We’re flying blind here. Hopefully, the next episode will give us a better idea of where the season is headed, story-wise.

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