The Millionaire Matchmaker Season 4: Where is the Cast Now?

‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’ is a series that showcases just how complicated the business of matchmaking can be. Starring Patti Stanger as the matchmaker, the series has featured several intriguing clients, including the one we got to see in season 4 (which premiered in 2010). The variety of stories and complications seen through these cast members naturally made the world very curious about the lives of those who wanted to avail of Stanger’s services.

Derek Prefers a Priavte Life and Bryce is a Proud Mother of Five

Let’s start with Derek Tobacco, the man who was seen in the very first episode of season 4. Based in Staten Island, New York, he was the Vice President of tZERO Group until November 2019. Preferring to lead a private life, the Blockchain Consultant has since not shared any update regarding his positions of responsibilities, but his expertise in his chosen field, combined with his business acumen, leaves us positive that he is doing well in life.

As for Bryce Gruber, the heiress seems to have carved her own path in life. As of writing, she is not only the Commerce Content Director for SJC but is also the Executive Editor of Today’s Parent. Based in Woodstock, New York, she is an expert in the matter of digital growth and has written two books. On a more personal note, she is happily married to her husband, Yossef, and has five beautiful children: Benny, Rivkah, Avi, David, and Milli.

Albie Got Married and Chris is an Author

Brothers Albie and Chirs Manzo are actually the sons of ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star Caroline Manzo. Let’s first talk about Albie, who is the Co-Founder of Bloom and Birch. Additionally, he is the Founder of IV Strategic and continues to utilize his business skills to further himself. He also has a podcast called ‘Dear Albie.’ As for his romantic life, the reality TV star got married to Chelsea DeMonaco on October 25, 2023, in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their loved ones.

Chris Manzo is the younger brother who works alongside Albie on BLK beverages as well as Little Town New Jersey Restaurant. Additionally, Chris has written many children’s books and has a podcast of his own called ‘Christory With Chris Manzo,’ which explores historical events in the contemporary context. He also enjoys partaking in delicious food and can almost always be seen enjoying the company of his friends and family.

David Has a Podcast and Jason is in the Education Industry

Having achieved much success in the world of business, David Yontef has seemingly taken a step back to focus completely on his work as an entertainer. The New York native now has a podcast called ‘Behind The Velvet Rope,’ which is focused on various Bravo programs, particularly the ‘Real Housewives’ franchise. With thousands of followers on various platforms, David releases new episodes every day and likes to remain on top of every possible news. As for Jason Teich, he is based in Brooklyn, New York, and continues to serve as the President of Allen School and International Training Careers.

Beth Shak is a Businesswoman and Sean Hull is a Consulting Expert

Renowned poker player Beth Shak, AKA Beth Silverberg, prefers to lead a private life. The star did get married once more on June 9, 2016, to Rick Leventhal, but that marriage ended the very next year. Using her poker and organizational skills, Beth likes to further various non-profit causes. The Founder and Head of the Deal Me In For Jed Poker Event is also the mind behind Exceptional Finds in Bryn Mawr, which focuses on luxury and vintage items.

Sean Hull was not a fan-favorite because of his misogynist ideas that he did not care to hide and his rudeness towards Patty. He is the founder of Heavyweight Internet Group and has worked independently in technical consulting for more than twenty years. Having worked at some reputable firms such as The Hollywood Reporter and NBC/iVillage over the course of this time, he has excelled professionally. He has kept a low profile otherwise and is not very publicly visible presently.

DJ Sky and Stacy are Progressing as Artists

Based in Los Angeles, DJ Sky High Baby continues to dominate the world with her exceptional music. The artist’s recent project, “PostMan,” has been praised by many, especially those who have supported her throughout the years. When not working hard to dazzle her listeners, the artist can be found enjoying the company of her loved ones.

We also have Stacy Kessler, who seems to have fully embraced her creative side. The reality TV star is an Art Advisor who has also been a part of various television projects. The visual arts expert is also a renowned host and is quite proud of her sustainable handbag collections. Stacy can also be seen enjoying the company of her friends, especially when traveling across the world.

PJ and Cindy are Now Producers

Thriving in the world of business, PJ Marks lives in Long Branch, New Jersey. The Skram Real Estate Investor has also become a Real Estate Investor for Smoke and Mirror Productions. He has also invested in the “cannabis industry” and has also served as an Executive Producer for ‘Movie Money Confidential.’ In fact, the reality TV star has actually been affiliated with the world of entertainment in various capacities over the years.

As for Cindy Guyer, it seems like the gorgeous model has continued to work in the industry both as an actor and a producer. Aptly known as “Miss Romance,” she continues to enjoy her work to the fullest and can often be seen enjoying her time on sets.

Leah is Suing Bravo and Jordan is Happily Married

Leah McSweeney has certainly cemented her place as a reality TV star, given her position as a main cast member in seasons 12 and 13 of ‘The Real Housewives of New York City.’ However, she is presently in the middle of a legal battle against Bravo as she is suing the organization for not letting her grieve her grandmother properly during the production of ‘The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip‘ season 3. The Founder of Married to the Mob and Happy Place has her own video show and is the proud mother of Kier Marie.

Meanwhile, Jordan Osher seems to be doing quite well in life. The former Director Of Strategic Partnerships of Capture Media is known for his leadership skills in the corporate industry. His skills have also made him a good candidate to helm a startup. However, he is most proud of his personal life, having been married to his wife, Sue Osher, since July 2, 2016. Together, they are parents to Cameron and Kaisa Osher.

Doug Kepanis is a Divorce Attorney and David Vroubel is a Trader

Indeed, Doug Kepanis continues to work in the world of law and is the proud owner of The Kepanis Law Firm. The New York-based company specializes in divorce and family-related cases, something that viewers might be aware of given the lawyer’s introduction in the show. Preferring to lead a private life, Doug is certainly well-known for his work and has earned the respect of many for his legal and business skills.

Patti called David a “creep” on the season and he went on to file complaints about her and voice his displeasure with the matchmaker. In 2020, David caught the attention of the headlines again when he was dating a woman named Sarah Diane Schegg and traveled to Indiana with her. He claims that she stole his RV which was worth $47,000 and sued her over it. He continues to live in Manhattan, New York and is working as a trader at Gordon Family Partners LLC.

Judith is a Publisher Today and Andrea Correale is a Celebrity Caterer

Up next, we have Judith Regan, who gained fame following her infamous interview with OJ Simpson that cost the journalist her job with News Corporation, though she ended up winning the legal battle that followed. She is also a writer and is the proud head of Regan Arts. The journalist is now not very active on social media but continues to hold much respect within the news and publishing industry, owing to her past and present work.

Andrea is a leading caterer who operates in the Hamptons, Long Island and Manhattan. Her company, Elegant Affairs, has an avid fan base and she is known for her impeccable work and style. The celebrity caterer shares snippets of her events on social media and is not shy of sharing her recipes too. Andrea has become a reputable brand by herself and her hard work reflects through everything that she does.

Matthew Siegal is a CEO and Elena Alekstrovanya Lives Under the Radar

Matthew is now a business mogul and has ventured into different arenas after serving as the CEO of Dr. Siegal’s Direct Nutrionals, his father’s business. He is the co-founder and a board member of Curbio, a tech venture to help real estate agents and he is also doing philanthropic work as the Chairman of Matthew Siegal Goodworx Foundation. The Maryland resident’s latest endeavor has made him the CEO of Nutraforia, a personal care and wellness company that will be launched in March 2024.

The 31-year-old entrepreneur, Elena, had a lot of hopes from Patti but she was not able to find chemistry with her date, Geronimo. The two of them did not go on any other dates and there have not been many public updates about her since then. She prefers to lead a quiet life and we wish her the best.

Robin is a Happy Parents of Two Girls and John Bongiorno Lives in Connecticut

Robin Kassner appeared in the matchmaking show in order to find her perfect match and impressed many. Based in New York, she is affiliated with Haute PR as the company’s Beauty PR, Fashion, and Luxury Lifestyle Public Relations Director. However, the reality TV star takes the most joy in her role as a mother. Indeed, she is never shy about showcasing her love to her two beautiful daughters, Kinsley and Harper. The former will turn six in January 2024, while the latter will turn four during the same time.

Image Credit: John Bongiorno/Facebook

According to Patti, John Bongiorno had commitment issues but he was able to build a connection with his date, Dana and they became good friends. John has chosen not to share a lot of updates about his life but we know that he is currently living in Connecticut and enjoying his time with his horses and his friends.

Freddie Mitchell is a Content Creator

Previously a part of the Philadelphia Eagles in the National Football League (NFL), Freddie Mitchell’s quest for love saw him seeking the help of Patti Stanger. Nowadays, he is happily promoting his own content brand, which is based on him and his experience as an NFL player. The former athlete is often consulted for his opinions on the latest happenings in the world of football. He is certainly a huge internet sensation, as evident by his Instagram following of well over 223K. Freddie also enjoys traveling, fishing, and spending time with his dog.

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