The Misadventures of Hedi and Cokeman Ending, Explained

Netflix’s decision to release more new original content in 2021 has effectively caused a change of focus from quality to quantity. A byproduct of this decision is the French language comedy ‘The Misadventures of Hedi and Cokeman,’ also known as ‘En Passant Pécho: Les Carottes Sont Cuites’ in French. Directed by Julien Hollande and written by Hollande and Nassim Lyes, it stars Hedi Bouchenafa and Nassim Lyes as Hedi and Cokeman respectively. It also features popular French actors Fred Testot and Julie Ferrier.

It tells the story of two amateur drug dealers who are trying to get their business off the ground. However, their crazy antics end up in hilarious consequences. The film depends heavily on the camaraderie between its lead pair, and most of the humor is over the top. If you are wondering how this crazy ride ends, we have all the answers right here! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Misadventures of Hedi and Cokeman Plot Synopsis

Hedi and Cokeman are two dimwitted drug addicts who are trying to get their drug-dealing career going. One day, Hedi is invited to his step-sister Zlatana’s wedding, and it is there that the dysfunctional duo meets Zlatana’s husband and drug baron, Arsene Van Gluten. Zlatana has Arsene wrapped around her finger and asks him to help her brother out by providing him drugs to sell.

Arsene is weary but cannot refuse Zlatana and agrees. After a few failed attempts with the help of Hedi’s lover, Yvonne, they form a network comprising of the artist Alice, the unemployed hobo, Gildas, and two college kids, Gregoire and Augustin, to effectively sell their drugs. They quickly start turning a profit, and all is well until Zlatana decides to dump Arsene. A series of hilarious double crossings ensue, leading Hedi and Cokeman into some serious trouble.

Do Hedi and Cokeman Get Out of Trouble?

After finding out that Zlatana is leaving Arsene, Hedi is worried about losing his supply of drugs. Therefore, he decides to con Arsene into giving him one last large batch of drugs. However, Arsene is already aware of Zlatana’s intentions and is planning on killing the siblings. Towards the end of the film, Hedi is captured during the handover of the drugs and is about to be killed by Arsene. The police arrive at the last minute to apprehend Arsene and his goons, along with Hedi. Cokeman comes to Hedi’s rescue and single-handedly manages to defeat the police and goons. After a little scuffle with Arsene and help from Gildas, who sacrifices himself to save the duo, they manage to escape and reaffirm their importance to each other.

What Happens to the Rest of the Characters?

Zlatana is locked in a room by Arsene before he goes to kill Hedi. However, Zlatana manages to persuade Arsene’s right-hand man, Pong, into setting her free. Pong himself is betraying Arsene and running away with all the cash. It is revealed that Pong is the one who tipped off the police about the handover. Zlatana then drives off with all the cash leaving Pong behind. Arsene is burnt alive along with Gildas in a furnace.

Thinking they are in the clear, Hedi and Cokeman return home. They proceed to collect all their cash stashed in a locker but are held at gunpoint by Yvonne, who reveals she and Alice were in cahoots since the very beginning, playing the long game. The girls tie up Hedi and Cokeman and take all their money, thus having the last laugh in this charade of betrayals.

Does Cokeman Have Superpowers?

Cokeman has a very eccentric personality throughout the film. For most of the film, his antics end up causing trouble in Hedi’s path, and he is one of the main reasons for the misfortunes and misadventures of the duo. However, during the climactic battle with the police and Arsene’s goons, Cokeman displays an incredible amount of strength and fighting ability.

He is not only shown to masterfully defeat trained policemen and professional goons in hand to hand combat, but he also dodges bullets and survives a fatal stabbing. When he is injured during the fight, he blows some cocaine and rejuvenates himself, thus justifying his name. Although he displayed some superhuman skills with his own crazy and hilarious fighting style, it is safe to say that as cool as the name and idea of “Cokeman” sounds, he does not actually possess any superpowers, and the entire sequence is played out for laughs and some thrills, reminiscent of Jackie Chan movies, albeit in an overly sexualized and crass manner.

The Misadventures of Hedi and Cokeman Ending: Where Do Hedi and Cokeman End Up?

The two friends are seen sharing a laugh over their situation, hinting that their next mission will be to escape from prison as police sirens can be heard in the background, and we cut to credits. A mid-credits scene confirms their fate as they both end up in jail. However, they both have drastically different experiences. Hedi faces a hard time while Cokeman has earned a good lifestyle for himself behind bars by snitching on his buddy and providing sexual relief to the guards.

Throughout the film, Hedi is shown to be quite self-absorbed, while Cokeman is more friendly and strikes a rapport with almost anyone he meets. Moreover, Hedi is always pissed at his friend for getting them into trouble and demeans his friend, but Cokeman seems to enjoy these misadventures. Most of the characters in the film are always looking to gain the upper hand and take advantage of the situation even if it requires them to betray others.

Hedi is too much of a fool to see this and ends up causing his own downfall. Although it looks like Cokeman has also betrayed his friend, he is just trying to make the best of the situation, something Hedi is too uptight to do. Despite not being the sharpest tool in the box, Hedi is always trying to act smart. Cokeman, on the other hand, embraces this, and it reflects in his eventual fate. The film doesn’t provide any deeper philosophical message and is mostly a comedic take on the world of drug dealers.

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