The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Cory’s Woes Continue

Apple TV+’s ‘The Morning Show‘ season 3 takes place after the COVID-19 pandemic and follows Cory Ellison as he struggles with financial troubles at the network. In the fourth episode, Cory’s troubles become even more evident during the Upfronts, as the CEO needs to raise funds, especially after a loss-making quarter. How Cory and his team navigate the situation and whether he secures the loans and investments necessary to save the UBA forms the ending of ‘The Morning Show’ season 3, episode 4! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode, titled ‘The Green Light,’ opens with UBA CEO Cory Ellison preparing for the upfronts. He speaks with Stella before going on stage and reminds her that securing the support of advertising executives will be crucial to the company’s fortunes. It is evident that the UBA is in deep financial struggle, and Cory is struggling to keep the lights on after the deal to sell the network collapsed. After his upfront presentation, Cory is chased down by Alex. who wants clarification about the network’s plans for a documentary she is working on.

Cory explains to Alex that he hasn’t decided on the documentary’s future as he is preoccupied with the network’s financial situation. Cory urges Alex to do her part in saving the UBA from a dramatic collapse by playing nice with Paul Marks. Cory reminds Alex that she hurt Marks’s ego by skipping the space launch and believes she could help bring the billionaire back to the negotiation table. Bradly is pleasantly surprised by the public’s positive reaction to her video leaking online. As a result, she calls Laura and invites her to Cory’s party, hoping to catch up.

Mia Jordan helps Christine Hunter with leads about a news report and discusses Cory’s upcoming party to raise funds for saving the UBA. Mia speaks with Bradley and needs her help covering a story in Ukraine. In the process, Mia reveals she is seeing reporter Andre Ford. After hooking up Andre with Bradley’s contact – a freelance photographer who will help Andre cover the bombings in Ukraine, Mia warns Andre to keep his association with the UBA a secret.

Elsewhere, Stella meets the ad executives for lunch, and the latter express their concerns over investing in the UBA. The executives highlight the UBA’s lack of original programming and general brand image. However, Stella reminds them that the UBA hacking benefitted the network as it brought organic viewership to its streaming platform and other outlets. Stella is forced to play a dirty game with the executives after they see through her tricks. However, she strikes a deal worth $200k per prime time slot with the executives.

Bradley reunites with Laura at Cory’s party, but a comment about Cory’s feelings for Bradley disrupts their reunion. Meanwhile, Alex meets Paul Marks and convinces him to spend the day with her. Alex and Paul visit an amusement park in Cony Islands, where Alex learns more about Marls and his business methods. On the other hand, Marks learns about Alex’s passion and desire to see a positive change at the UBA. Elsewhere, Cory tries to secure a loan from a private investor to save the UBA but is surprised to find his former boss, Fred, at the party.

The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 4 Ending: Does Cory Get the Loan?

The episode follows Cory’s quest to raise a substantial investment to pull the UBA out of financial peril. Stella does her part by securing the ad revenue. Cory reassures her she did a good job as the money ensures the UBA won’t have to make mass layoffs. Cory then nearly seals a loan deal, but Fred’s arrival disrupts his plans. Fred reveals that while Sloan is willing to give Cory the loan money he needs, it comes with a catch. Fred explains that Sloan wants him to look over the fiscal decisions at the UBA, meaning Fred would act indirectly as Cory’s boss despite no longer having a position at the UBA. As a result, Cory is left frustrated by the swing in power dynamics.

On the one hand, he desperately needs a loan, but on the other, he cannot work under Fred. Ultimately, Fred’s inclusion in the loan deal is a breaking point as Cory rejects the offer. While Cory reassures Stella that he will find the funds to save the UBA, he has no more cards left to play. However, a sudden helicopter arrival swiftly changes the mood around the party. While Cory initially believes that one of his neighbors is pulling a trick with the helicopter, it turns out that Alex succeeded in convincing Paul Marks to return to the negotiation. Marks was no longer interested in buying the UBA after the company’s scandalous turnouts. However, Marks’ time with Alex seems to have changed his mind. Moreover, Marks’ return could help Cory save the UBA without swallowing his pride.

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