The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live Episode 3 Recap: The Great Escape

The third episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live,’ titled ‘Bye,’ ends with Michonne making a significant decision concerning her and her husband Rick Grimes’ fates. She takes matters into her own hands after Rick makes it clear that he needs to make a sacrifice to safeguard her. Meanwhile, Pearl Thorne becomes an integral part of the Civic Republic Military (CRM), especially after the unexpected death of Lieutenant Colonel Donald Okafor. The promotion leads her to the secrets that have been governing the community. The added responsibilities persuade Thorne to stand against Rick and Michonne, affecting her companionship with her colleague! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live “Bye” Recap

‘Bye’ begins with a glimpse into Rick Grimes’ early days in the Civic Republic. Jadis Stokes/Anne informed him that she took him to the community in return for supplies. Rick expressed his wish to return to his family and friends, only for Jadis to remind him it isn’t an easy feat. Years later, right after the leaders of the Republic accept Michonne as a consignee, Rick goes to Pearl Thorne and asks her to take his wife under her wing without revealing the couple’s relationship. Rick knows that any association between him and Michonne will attract attention, which leads him to seek the help of Thorne.

Jadis, a senior employee of the Republic, asks Rick not to do anything against the interests of the community with Michonne as she knows that she cannot trust the unpredictable duo. Michonne is creating an impression with her skills and resilience. Major General Beale addresses a group of soldiers in the wake of the death of Donald Okafor to honor him. After the function, he meets Thorne and Rick and gifts the latter Yagyῡ Munenori’s book ‘Martial Arts: The Book of Family Traditions.’ Beale then goes for a drive with Thorne alone, who later shows up in Rick’s room to let him know that she got promoted to fill the vacuum left behind by Okafor’s demise.

Rick orchestrates a plan to escape from the Republic. Michonne follows the instructions of her husband, only to come across a canoe for her to disappear from the community without him. Rick needs to be inside the group to ensure that his wife will be safe even after she leaves the region for their loved ones. Michonne, however, decides against disappearing from the place alone as she doesn’t want to abandon her husband no matter what their circumstances are.

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Episode 3 Ending: Will Rick and Michonne Die?

When Michonne realizes that Rick doesn’t have any intention to join her to escape from the Civic Republic and CRM, she stops trying to change his mind. Instead, she takes advantage of an opportunity to free themselves from the soldiers around them. Michonne and Rick go back to the Republic with Thorne after a mission in Cascadia, only for the former to hold her husband and jump from the flying helicopter. Michonne’s message to Shoto, her and Rick’s adoptive daughter Judith, that she doesn’t know whether they will return to her indicates that she jumps from the chopper knowing that it may lead her and her husband to death.

However, there isn’t any possibility of Rick and Michonne dying in the third episode of the six-part series, which primarily revolves around them. The development can be seen as a typical cliffhanger. Still, Michonne’s decision to disappear with Rick from the clutches of the CRM may pave the way for severe consequences. Even though they are expected to safely land somewhere, likely away from the Republic, Thorne and Jadis may have already started a manhunt to find them. After Michonne’s integration into the community, Major General Beale makes a special note of her, which means that Thorne’s efforts to treat her as another consignee haven’t worked.

Michonne and Rick’s escape may lead Beale to suspect Thorne, especially since the former was under the wing of the newly promoted officer from the start to the couple’s disappearance. Jadis may not be able to save herself from the scrutiny of her superior since Michonne’s action exposes a connection between her and Rick to the Republic. Considering that it was Jadis who led Rick to the community, her failure to report Michonne’s relationship with the “Sheriff” may put her in an unfavorable position. To avoid further damage to their lives and careers, Thorne and Jadis may try to hunt down the escaped couple, and this time, they may not hesitate to fire shots at them.

Do Rick and Michonne Break Up?

Right before Michonne jumps from a CRM helicopter with Rick, the latter tells her that whatever they had in the past is over. Rick says the same after asking Michonne to leave the Civic Republic all alone. He tells her that their relationship is “broken,” which isn’t a surprise since the chemistry between them has undergone an evident change during the six years they were separated from each other. Still, it’s too early to say that Rick and Michonne are breaking up in any way. Rick must have used those harsh words to provoke Michonne and make her leave him for her sake.

Rick doesn’t want Michonne to remain in the Republic, putting her life on the line, just for him when she can escape and return to their daughter Judith and other loved ones. He may have understood that the more he expresses love to her, the tougher it will be for her to abandon him. The only way in front of Rick to ensure Michonne’s safety is to make her leave him. Knowing that she will live instead of seeing her getting killed by the Republic must be his priority. He proclaims that what they had is over seemingly believing hurting her is one way he can convince her to leave him.

Michonne, however, knows that Rick cannot cease to love her. She may not want him to immerse himself in pain after she disappears. That’s why she initially stays in the Republic and eventually escapes with him. Regardless of what happens to the couple, Michonne wants them to be together as their love for each other deserves.

What Did Thorne Learn? What is the Echelon Briefing?

The Echelon Briefing is the revelation of secrets that form the foundation of the Civic Republic. It is given to officers who get promoted to higher positions to ensure that the community is being operated and safeguarded as per the same secrets. Even though neither Okafor, Beale, nor Thorne reveal what exactly is shared during the briefing, it is significant enough to change the latter’s mind altogether. Thorne initially joins hands with Okafor to reform the Republic within the community, only for her convictions to alter and align with Beale’s after the briefing.

In the opening scenes of the episode, Jadis mentions a 500-year plan the Republic wants to implement for the next generations to live in a normal world. The briefing can be connected to this master plan. Beale must have introduced the plan and the protocols that need to be implemented for its smooth materializing. Thorne has always displayed a genuine concern for others. If Beale’s briefing is nothing but a crash course on how to lead the world back to normalcy, Thorne may want to be a part of the process for the sake of future generations, which also explains why she suddenly wants to follow her superior’s orders without Rick or Michonne meddling with it.

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