The Other Zoey: All Filming Locations of the Romantic Comedy

Image Credit: Kent Smith/Prime

Helmed by Sara Zandieh, ‘The Other Zoey’ is a romantic comedy film that provides a hilarious take on young love. The Brainstorm Media film follows a brilliant college student, Zoey Miller, who has no interest in popular boys and just wants to follow her passions. But when she witnesses the annoying soccer star of their college, Zach, get hit by a car, everything changes. Zach develops amnesia, and mistakes Zoey for his girlfriend, who shares the same name, and chaos follows.

Starring Josephine Langford, Drew Starkey and Archie Renaux, the film conveniently puts Zoey in the middle of a love triangle since she has to pretend to be Zach’s girlfriend to help him recover while secretly developing feelings for his smart cousin Miles, who seems to be more of Zoey’s type. With Zoey going on an adventure to ski with Zach’s family while trying to figure out her life’s mess, the scenic backdrops become equally prominent, making us wonder what are the filming locations.

Where Was The Other Zoey Filmed?

‘The Other Zoey’ was filmed entirely in North Carolina, USA, especially in and near Charlotte. Principal photography for the film started in December 2021 and most likely wrapped up by the end of January 2022. While the announcement for the main cast being a part of the crew was made in December 2021 itself, some details about actors like Mallori Johnson and Maggie Thurmon joining the crew were made later in January 2022. North Carolina is a preferred location for many filmmakers due to its beautiful mountain slopes and other scenic locations, ease of production and the rebates filmmakers get on projects. This is about North Carolina in general, but let’s learn about the specific locations where this film was taped.

Charlotte, North Carolina

A major part of ‘The Other Zoey’ was filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina, specifically at Queens University of Charlotte at 1900 Selwyn Ave, Charlotte. This is the location of Zoey’s college, where all the scenes set on campus take place. A lot of it was filmed in Myers Park on the Queens University campus, where Zoey’s friend Elle is thrilled that she bumped into the popular guy Zach, even if Zoey is not interested at that point. For Queens University, this project helps provide representation to Charlotte and the university in popular culture since it projects the area in a positive light.

Boone, North Carolina

Another significant portion of the film was taped in Boone, North Carolina. This is mostly about the part where Zoey decides to go on a skiing trip with Zach’s family, including Miles, whom she has a crush on. The parts about this ski trip were filmed in Appalachian Ski Mountain at 940 Ski Mountain Rd, Blowing Rock. The ski area there is also referred to as the Blowing Rock Ski Lodge, and the ski mountain can be found in the area between Bowling Rock and Boone. The rest of this adventurous trip has also been shot in nearby spots to capture the scenic beauty of the hilly areas in Watauga County in the western part of North Carolina.

Davidson, North Carolina

The part where Zoey and Zach interact properly for the first time in a bookstore she works at was shot in Davidson, North Carolina. Zach meets Zoey in the bookstore at Main Street Books, which is located at 126 S Main Street, Davidson. After Zach leaves the store, Zoey runs behind him with his card and witnesses his accident, which also happens on the busy Main Street. Apart from being Zoey’s place of work, this location also captures the turning point in her life where Zach mistakes her as his girlfriend after getting hit.