The Out-Laws Ending, Explained: Do Owen and Parker Get Married?

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Netflix’s ‘The Out-Laws’ stars Adam DeVine as a bank manager who discovers a shocking secret about his future in-laws. It turns out that they are nothing like what her fiancée told him. They have dark secrets, which start to come out one by one. Owen falls victim to one of their crimes. The story takes many twists and turns as Owen tries to get to the bottom of the truth while also trying to expose his in-laws. It turns out that the story is much more complicated than he’d imagined, and things are never as black and white as they seem. Here’s what happens at the end of the film.

The Out-Laws Plot Synopsis

Image Credit: Scott Yamano/Netflix

Owen and Parker are about to get married, but he has never met her parents, Billy and Lilly. They were not supposed to come to the wedding but changed their mind at the last moment. Parker is slightly concerned about this because she hasn’t seen her parents for a long time. However, Owen is excited to finally meet them. He makes all sorts of plans to get them to like him, but it turns out they are nothing like he expected.

During a night out with them, Owen gets drunk and tells them exactly how to break into the vault of his bank. The next day, two robbers show up and rob the bank. It doesn’t take much for Owen to realize that the robbers are none other than his in-laws. However, he doesn’t have any concrete proof against them, and pointing the finger at them would have him implicated too. However, things get serious when Rehan, an old enemy of Billy and Lilly, kidnaps Parker.

The Out-Laws Ending: Does Owen Save Parker? Do They Get Married?

Image Credits: Scott Yamano/Netflix

In his investigation, Owen discovers that Billy and Lilly used to work with a woman named Rehan. One day, however, they decided to ditch her. They ran away with the money they’d robbed from the bank. Because they knew Rehan would come after them, they decided to stay away from Parker so that their enemy wouldn’t find out about their daughter. However, Rehan proved to be more resourceful, and she asked for five million dollars on top of the one million they owed her.

Owen is against bank robberies, but when it comes to saving his fiancée, he decides to assist his in-laws. After a botched attempt at what should have been the easiest robbery, they decide to rob Atlas Reserve. Owen knows that Atlas’ security is designed to be unbreachable. However, his connection with its manager, Phoebe King, comes in handy, and he gets the money to save Parker while Billy and Lilly distract the cops.

Owen shows up with the money, expecting to get Parker back. However, Rehan reveals that she is going to kill both of them. Despite all the odds stacked against him, things work out in Owen’s favor, and he runs away with Parker. In the end, they get married. While there are some things, like people getting allergies to using nickel-plated spoons, the event is an overall success, and Owen and Parker are ready to spend the rest of their lives together.

How Does Rehan Die?

In the beginning, Owen thinks that his in-laws are the villains of the story. However, it turns out that they are only robbing banks to pay back Rehan, with whom they share a lot of history. The three of them used to work together. After some time, Billy and Lilly got fed up with robbing banks and wanted to live a quieter life. They needed to cut off ties with Rehan but knew she wouldn’t let them go easily.

When they ran away with her share of the money, they thought they could escape her. But Rehan finds them and their daughter and doesn’t seem interested in letting anyone go at all. When she kidnaps Parker, everyone thinks she’ll let her go once the money is paid. However, Rehan is too cunning for that and decides to kill Parker and Owen once the five million are in front of her.

Luckily for Owen, his in-laws entrusted him with a gun before embarking on the heist. In a previous heist, they’d given him a water gun. When Owen sees water on this gun, he thinks they gave him a water gun again. He shoots it and discovers that the gun is real. The first shot kills one of Rehan’s two bodyguards. When the second bodyguard tries to shoot Owen, the seemingly harmless bank manager shoots him. The bodyguard collapses, and during this, the bullet from his gun hits Rehan, and she dies on the spot.

How Did Owen Get Back in the Vault?

With five million in front of her, the enemies dead, and his fiancée in front of him, Owen had every reason to run away with the money and never look back. However, as a bank manager, he knows how damaging it could be to Phoebe King. Moreover, Owen knows he is not built for a life on the run. So, he decides to do the right thing. He returns the money to Atlas Reserve before it can be found missing. However, there are a lot of hurdles he needs to clear.

The cops know that the bank has been robbed and are after the robbers. Billy and Lilly distract them for long enough to allow Owen to get the money to Rehan. The dust has settled by the time his in-laws arrive on the scene. They let Owen run with the money while the cops catch up with them. While the cops handle the Ghost Bandits and the shootout between Owen and Rehan, Owen sneaks back into Atlas Reserve.

The main part of robbing Atlas Reserve was to get Phoebe King to open the vault. Once that’s done, Owen knows how to open the vault again. This could be how he got inside the vault. Another possibility is that when Owen escaped the vault, using the inner latch, he kept the door of the vault open. By now, the cops were already after Billy and Lilly, and believing that the vault was robbed, everyone was focused on getting the robbers and didn’t pay attention to the vault.

This allowed Owen to get back into the vault, put the whole money back, and sit and wait for someone to open it again. As expected, Phoebe King and the cops come back to find out how much money was stolen, and they find Owen there. He acts like he had been inside the vault this entire time and no money was stolen. With this, Owen gets himself in the clear and is not arrested.

What Happens to Parker’s Parents? Do Billy and Lilly Go to Prison?

Billy and Lilly were known as the Ghost Bandits, the infamous bank robbers who eluded the law for a very long time. They wanted to leave that life behind but were pushed back into it by Rehan. In the end, with the truth out about their reality, they decide to surrender. They are arrested and sent to prison. However, they get to attend their daughter’s wedding. They are brought there by Detective Roger Oldham. However, they are in handcuffs.

After enjoying a dance with their daughter, Billy, and Lilly get a piece of cake from Owen. He tells them that he has hidden a paperclip inside it. They can use the paperclip to break out of the cuffs and run away. Due to their past crimes, there is no way the law will let them go. However, by now, Owen knows they are not bad people. They are a part of his family now, especially after he robbed two banks with them. The paperclip means they can get back their freedom, even if it means they might have to go on the run. In any case, they will be free.

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