The Out-Laws: How Did Owen Get Back in the Vault?

Netflix’s ‘The Out-Laws‘ is an action comedy film that follows the story of Owen. His life changes after he discovers that his future in-laws are bank robbers and he is one of their victims. The story takes many twists and turns as Owen’s efforts to prove his in-laws’ crimes lead him to commit his own crimes. When his fiancée, Parker, is kidnapped by a criminal, Owen joins hands with her parents, Billy and Lilly, to get the ransom of five million dollars. Ultimately, Owen succeeds in getting the money out of the most secure bank vault in town. However, once the dust settles and Parker is saved, we find Owen back in the bank’s vault. How did he get there, and why? Let’s find out.

Owen’s Insider Knowledge Enables Vault Re-entry

As a bank manager, Owen’s job was to keep the bank’s vault safe. For this, he installed the best vault with separate layers of safety to keep it from getting robbed. Because the vault was so difficult to open, it would be terrible if someone got locked inside it by mistake. However, Owen, and most other employees, knew that every vault comes with a safety latch that opens from the inside in case you are trapped.

This information, added to his experience with vaults and the procedures banks follow to stay safe, makes Owen the best person to plan a heist. At first, he comes up with an option that is the safest and would get them the most amount of money without doing a lot of work. However, things go terribly wrong in that heist. He, Billy, and Lilly end up losing all of the money. With the deadline to get the ransom to ensure Parker’s safe return nearing, they have no option but to target Atlas Reserve.

Owen knows that Atlas Reserve is under the care of Phoebe King, who is known to have installed a state-of-the-art vault in her bank. Being in the same line of work, they’d met each other before, and Phoebe had made fun of Owen’s vault. He knows that no one can open the vault but Phoebe, so he lets her do all the work. He appears at her office, pleading to show him the vault so he can learn something about keeping his bank safe.

Image Credit: Scott Yamano/Netflix

Phoebe has no reason to suspect Owen, and she pities him for being robbed, so she agrees to take him through the whole thing. She shows him exactly how to open the vault, and as soon it’s opened, Billy and Lilly barge into the vault. Owen acts like he is scared and quickly goes inside the vault and locks it. Later, when the cops are after Billy and Lilly, Owen opens the vault from the inside, using the safety latch, and takes the money to free Parker.

In the end, when Parker is saved, and Rehan and her goos are dead, Owen is seen fleeing the site with the bags of money as the cops arrive to arrest Billy and Lilly. Later, when Phoebe King opens the vault, she finds Owen still inside it, as if he never got out of there and the bank was never robbed. As to how Owen got there, he is the only one besides Phoebe who knows how to. She took him through it step by step. Even though she tried to keep the password a secret, he got a peek at it.

The only reason Owen wanted the money was to save his fiancée. When he is sure there is no danger to her anymore, he knows there is no point in keeping the money and having the cops chase him down. He needs to clear his name because once the cops start looking into the robbery, they’ll know Owen was in on it. It would land him in prison for the rest of his life or force him to be on the run.

Instead of making an enemy out of the law, Owen puts the money back into the vault. He opens it just as Phoebe had shown him. Or, in a simpler plan, he left the vault door open when he left. On returning, he opens it and sits inside and waits for her to open the door again, proving that he never got out of the vault and had nothing to do with the robbery. Technically, because no money is missing from the vault, the robbery never really happened.

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