The Parisian Agency: Where Are The Cast Members Now?

Image Credit: Sam Pinto/TMC

Real estate-based reality productions have been all the rage in recent years since they truly underscore the ways of the ultra-wealthy. The prime example of this is Netflix’s ‘The Parisian Agency Exclusive Properties,’ especially as it features homes that are often either bought or rented by billionaire entrepreneurs and professional entertainers. However, if we’re being honest, what intrigues us the most about this particular original is the fact that the brokerage at its front and center is family-owned, meaning the Kretzs alone run the show.

Olivier and Sandrine Kretz Split Their Time Between Two Countries

It was back in 2007 when career realtor Olivier plus former teacher Sandrine established the Kretz Family Real Estate as a completely independent agency specializing in the uber-luxurious market. The truth is their goal was for this organization not just to represent their personalities of being beautiful yet agile but also to share innate emotions, life projects, as well as the whole art of living. That’s why they’d always planned to leave it behind for their four sons, only to actually go through with it around late 2022/early 2023 after they’d all gradually ultimately joined the business.

However, despite Olivier and Sandrine’s plans to settle in Brazil indefinitely, they soon returned upon realizing their third-born had relocated to Spain for good so as to expand while there were also tensions amongst others. They, hence, grew worried the brokerage was suffering and quickly came back to resume their original respective full-time positions as CEO and Associate Director, only to promptly realize they were wrong. Despite their independent ambitions, differences, plus familial lives, their sons had taken the agency to new heights, enabling the couple to decide it’d be best for them to now split their time between Brazil and France to get the best of both worlds.

Martin Kretz is a Blissfully Married Father of Two

Since Martin is not only Olivier and Sandrine’s first-born but also a true French native with a business degree plus two years of international work experience before he even stepped foot in the real estate industry, it’s evident one of his strongest points is management. He’s also a leader in every sense of the term — despite having a tendency to sometimes lose composure in stressful situations — which is why he has been able to hold onto the roles of co-founder as well as Associate Director at Kretz Family Real Estate since 2010. Though it appears as if this Boulogne resident’s favorite title at the moment is that of a proud husband to architect Eve and a father to Rosa and Marius, resulting in him doing his best to maintain a work-life balance.

Valentin Kretz is Based in Paris But is Also Focusing on New York

While it’s true that second-born son Valentin has a much more American mindset and is also determined to leave a mark in NYC, considering he began his professional career there with an internship at the age of 23, he has yet to take a leap of faith. He did seriously consider it seemingly all throughout 2023, as evidenced in season 4 via his confessionals plus conversations with friends, family, as well as fashion designer wife Charina, but ultimately wondered if it’d be a massive mistake. After all, the couple knew life in Paris, their only son Noah was happy with cousins around, and they were stable — so although they haven’t relocated to New York, they do still seem to be contemplating the same, with this Associate Director also continuing to globally travel in the hopes of further expanding the family business.

Louis Kretz is Happily Based in Barcelona, Spain

With third-born Louis’ strengths being his listening skills, observation powers, and sense of humor, he has honestly managed to do wonders in the industry, not just in Paris but also in Barcelona. He’d actually decided to move here for good upon realizing he and his French-Spanish life partner, Adriana Pinos, would easily be able to settle down here owing to the extremely lucrative market, their combined sense of adventure, their shared love for the area, plus an added sense of independence. We specifically mention the latter because today, the couple serves as Co-Managing Directors at Kretz Spain, with him being at the forefront as an agent while she manages everything administrative behind the scenes.

Raphaël Kretz Continues to Thrive as a Realtor

Although the youngest of the Kretz siblings and currently only holding the position of a Work-Study Sales Coordinator at the family-run organization, the truth is Raphaël is quickly rising up the ladder. He did initially plan to pursue a degree plus a career in law, but upon realizing even his calling was in real estate, he embraced it with open arms before evolving into arguably one of the most confident agents. The fact he has an eye for the unique things in life, is a great researcher, and has excellent client communication skills actually backs his confidence while also being a massive plus, enabling him to go as far as to make solo deals despite being just 20 years old. Unfortunately, not much is known regarding this Boulogne Billancourt resident’s personal life since he prefers to keep it well away from the limelight these days.

Majo Kretz is Still Enjoying Every Moment of Life

Last but definitely not least, we have Majo, the Kretz family’s one-of-a-kind grandmother, who serves as not only their glue but also their stress relief by keeping them on their toes with her incredible life stories. The fact she is always eager to make more memories with them by her side despite her age — she may be nearing her 90s but claims to be in her 30s by heart — also makes her rather incredible.

Plus, her non-interfering yet kind character also shines through in the fact all four of her grandsons, their respective life partners, as well as their children, actually do love spending quality time with her. We should also mention that if you want a sort of unabridged access to Majo and her stories, along with those of other family members, you can actually go ahead and read their memoir ‘Bienvenue à L’Agence’ (‘Welcome to the Agency’), which was published in March 2024.

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