Is The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties Scripted or Real?

If you blend the concepts of ‘Selling Sunset‘ and the ‘Million Dollar Listing‘ franchise — but set in France and without any major controversies — you’ll end up with ‘The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties.’ This Netflix original is thus wholesome while still being extravagant, especially as it centers around the Kretz family as they steer and expand their independent luxury real estate agency. So now, with over-the-top aspects that result in it being a binge-worthy production, if you’re curious to know how much of it is authentic (if at all), we’ve got the details for you.

Is The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties Fake or Real?

Since ‘The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties’ has always been billed as a reality series, and there has been nothing to contradict the same, it actually seems to be as natural as it can be. That means none of the cast members recite any pre-written dialogues in front of the cameras, and nor are they ever given a particular structure/situation that they need to follow. In other words, the Kretz family is real, their business is real, their interpersonal as well as romantic associations are real, and hence, so is every moment and emotion that comes across our screens.

The prime examples of this are the fact that Olivier and Sandrine Kretz did leave their professional jobs to establish the brokerage in 2007 to create something that would reflect on their values and personalities. Moreover, their three older sons – Martin, Valentin, and Louis – actually do work with them full-time, and their youngest, Raphael, is still studying, which is part of why he does not. Even their relationships are not fake in any way, shape, or form, which is particularly evidenced in season 2 with the way Valentin and his partner’s troubles in expanding their family is carefully highlighted.

However, considering the extensive resources utilized to develop such high-consumption shows, it’s likely that producers push a few topics of conversations at particular times to tape the cast’s narratives as stirringly as possible. We don’t mean only during their one-on-one interviews, though; we mean during the actual filming process that would allow a specific, dramatic point to be reiterated again and again — just like in post-production editing. Yet, we’ll be honest, the perpetual warmth even amid tensions due to the family dynamic makes it apparent that producer manipulation was minimal here.

In other words, ‘The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties’ is not staged, scripted, or extensively scheduled, making it a bit more enjoyable than any other series in the real estate genre right now. After all, by placing the focus on core values as well as personal and professional aspirations, the entire show is relatable despite the undeniable opulence present at every step of the way.

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