The Power Season 1 Episode 4 Recap: The Girls Harness Their Newfound Power

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Prime Video’s ‘The Power’ takes place in a world where women have discovered a great power within themselves. Teenage girls can create electricity and awaken the same ability in older women, making them dominant over men. In the first three episodes, the show gives us an introduction to the power, following the lives of five women from different age groups and backgrounds. By the end of the third episode, the Power had started to spread, and in the fourth episode, we discover what women charged with such incredible power can do. It is electrifying and scary. This episode highlights the repercussions of using one’s power. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Power “The Day of the Girls” Recap

With the discovery of the Skein, it becomes clear that every woman has the potential to harness the Power. The teenagers pass it on to older women, and the face of the world starts to change, a grueling picture of which is presented in Riyadh. Tunde goes there to document the change, hoping to find something good enough to give to CNN. What he lands on is the biggest story of all time.

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In Riyadh, the government has banned women from using their power. A young girl explores her newfound power and is caught by a boy who brutally beats her. Knowing that she will be punished by the government, the women come out to support her. They storm the streets, and soon, the protest turns into an overtaking of the city.

At the convent, Allie’s actions worry Sister Veronica, and she decides to let her go once the storm is over. She worries that Eve will be a bad influence on other girls. Worried that she will be ousted from the place where she finally feels like she belongs, Allie comes up with a plan to turn the tide in her favor. She harnesses her powers to do things that the other girls can’t elevate her status as she prepares to take over the convent.

In London, Roxy grieves her mother and doesn’t understand why her father is not being more proactive about finding her killer. Her brothers take her out to a club to cheer her up, but when one of them lets slip the name and location of the murderer, Roxy takes things into her own hands and uses her power to avenge her mother.

The Power Episode 4 Ending: How Does Terry Die?

While the first three episodes of ‘The Power’ focus on the thrill of discovering the existence of something so potent inside them, this episode takes a darker turn, acting as a warning sign for the things to come. Every action has a reaction, explored through a small act like Roxy’s and in the perspective of a bigger picture through the events in Riyadh.

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Roxy is Bernie Monke’s daughter, but she never felt like a part of the family because she was not his legitimate child. While her father took care of her and her mother, Roxy was never involved in the business or anything else that would directly present her in relation to her father in public. She feels her father is not as serious about catching her mother’s killers. He explains that things are not that simple in this case, but she refuses to listen.

Instead of letting Bernie handle the situation, Roxy charges into a dangerous situation, completely unprepared. After drinking heavily at the pub, she is given some cocaine by her half-brother, Terry. He thought it would calm her down and take her mind off of her mother. However, Roxy takes too much and ends up getting too charged up. She tricks Terry into telling him the name and address of the second man who broke into her house and killed her mother. Her father had already killed the other one.

Realizing that Bernie knew about the murderer all along and did nothing convinces Roxy that she will have to deal with the situation herself. She drives to the man’s house with her brothers in tow. At first, the man teases Roxy, believing she is too weak to stand against him. But when she uses her power, she denies ever being in her house. When she says she saw him because she was there, he confesses that she wasn’t supposed to be at the house, according to their informer.

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Roxy electrocutes the man in a full display of her powers. Meanwhile, two other men show up at the scene, and things get more dangerous. Her brothers try to get her in the car and leave, but the other men come out with guns. As Roxy and her brothers drive away, the men shoot at them. Terry shoots back, hoping to get one of them. Instead, a bullet hits him. Darren calls Bernie in a panic, and by the time they reach home, they discover that Terry is dead.

This is a wake-up call for Roxy, who was too blinded by grief and revenge, too caught up in the idea of her power to stop and think about the consequences of her actions. There was a reason Bernie was taking his time to act against the second killer. Instead of trusting him, Roxy made a hasty decision, and Terry had to pay the price with his life. However, the incident has also made Roxy more confident in her powers. Now, she knows how deadly she can be by herself.

Instead of learning a lesson about thinking before acting, she might make bolder decisions without thinking about the consequences of her actions. Her obsession with joining her father’s business and possibly taking over it will get stronger now, especially after the events happening all around the world. The day of the girls has arrived, and with every woman tapping into her power, things will get shakier for men and their patriarchal world. What happened in Riyadh will not be an isolated incident, and the next episode will focus on that.

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