The Power Season 1 Finale Recap: Will Margot Lose the Election?

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Prime Video’s ‘The Power’ wraps its first season with an electrifying episode and paves the way for a new world ruled by women. Based on the book of the same name by Naomi Alderman, the show stays connected to the roots of its source material. Still, it diverges from it significantly in some aspects, which further elevates the story. Instead of covering the entire book in one season, ‘The Power’ lays the foundation, slowly building tension for several main characters, the consequences of which will be explored over the following seasons. Here’s what the ending bodes for all of them. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Power Episode 9 Recap

Having killed her husband, Tatiana Moskalev becomes the President of Carpathia and makes a radical decision that will change the face of her country. Margot Cleary-Lopez prepares for the elections while dealing with the doomed fate of her marriage. Rob stands by her during the campaign but has clarified that he will file for divorce once the elections are over. The revelation of Ryan’s EOD causes problems for his family and Margot’s campaign, and the team finds a way to get rid of him.

In Carpathia, Tunde Ojo is freed by Tatiana and told the leave the country. He stays when he senses that something big is about to go down. In London, Roxy confronts her mother’s boyfriend, who turns out to be a cop. He confirms that Bernie had Christina killed because he wanted to send a message to the police officers investigating him. Meanwhile, Allie takes over the persona of Eve and prepares to build an army of her own.

The Power Finale Ending: Why Did Tatiana Betray Her Army?

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Tatiana Moskalev grew up poor and powerless. Her parents saw her as a cash cow and never treated her and sold her to marry a much older politician, who held archaic views about the position of women in society. She did whatever it took to survive, even suffering abuse. However, when she got EOD, she found a way to escape this situation. She could finally have the upper hand. She could take real power for herself, but she needed allies. She needed someone she could trust blindly.

Tatiana loved her sister, Zoia, more than anyone and had been looking for her for a while. And then, one day, a journalist tells her that the women who have stirred a rebellion in the North are being led by General Zoia, who recently gave birth to a daughter. Now, Tatiana has the opportunity to get her family back, which includes a niece. With Zoia, she has an army at her disposal. All she needs to do is get rid of Viktor’s army, which is made up of men. Even though the women have EOD, the men have guns and other weapons, and this needs to be taken away if Tatiana is to take control of the country.

Zoia gives a phone number to Tunde to pass on to Tatiana, and finally, after all these years, the sisters are reunited. They formulate a plan wherein Tatiana will send the Carpathian army to hunt down Zoia’s army, but they will walk into an ambush. She also sends the General, who could exercise his power, to take over the reins from Tatiana and has him killed by the rebels. Zoia’s army sets the trap, and before they know it, all the men are killed, and the North falls to the rebels. No one knows Tatiana had a hand in it, so they still trust her to keep her as the President. However, this makes it clear that Tatiana means to get rid of all those who can rise against him and then rule over Carpathia with her sister by her side.

Will Tunde Die?

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Tunde Ojo’s journey in ‘The Power’ started as a novice journalist who found fame by breaking stories about the rise of women with EOD. He has a knack for landing in the right place at the right time, which brings him a lot of fame, but also makes him careless. Tunde believes that the power imbalance that had been in men’s favor for all this time will be rectified with EOD. He believes women are kind and loving and would never resort to violence unless it’s to save themselves. When he covered the revolution in Riyadh, he saw it as a sign of progress, a huge step taken by oppressed women for their liberation.

The same thing happens in Carpathia. Women had been sold into sexual slavery, and no one did anything about it until EOD came along. With the Power in their hands, these women rose against their oppressors and found a place for themselves where they could be safe. Tunde thought they were just protecting themselves, and if left alone, they would continue to live in peace. When he discovers the army is being sent after them, he rushes to the North to warn Zoia. However, what he witnesses completely changes his view of the situation.

This is the first time that Tunde realizes he might be stuck in a place where it’s not just unsafe but deadly for him to be. The river of dead soldiers tells him that war has come to Carpathia, and the women are in no mood to lose or surrender. There will be a bloodbath, and this is not where a man like him should be anymore. He should have left the country when he had the chance. Now, he might be stuck in Carpathia’s most dangerous region, and who knows what will happen if he is caught.

He receives a video call from Ndudi, who tells him to come back home, but Tunde has no idea if he can ever go back home now. Does this mean he will die? If the show sticks to the books, the Tunde has a long way to go and won’t die so soon. He is in Carpathia during a massive regime shift, which allows him to report on the new country under the rule of women. What will it look like, and what will Carpathia’s new President mean for the rest of the world? There’s still a lot left to unpack, and Tunde Ojo will play an important role in bringing that story to the rest of the world.

Will Margot Lose the Election? Will She Go to Prison?

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Margot Cleary-Lopez lived a content life with her family while serving as the Mayor of Seattle. Being a woman and not being particularly popular, she never considered going further in politics, but that was until she became the face of EOD. She became the first politician to come out in its support, while others like Dandon feared what it might mean for the future. As Margot’s popularity grew, Dandon saw her as a threat, and when he crossed the line with EOD testing, she decided to challenge him for his seat in the Senate.

While Margot has the support of women with EOD and the far and few men who didn’t see it as a threat, Dandon has the support of people who subscribe to conspiracy theorists like Urbandox and far-right people who believe that this sudden empowerment of women is not good and that the world would go completely haywire if men didn’t rule it. He pushes his campaign by creating a negative noise around EOD. Meanwhile, Margot keeps a calm and cool head, trying to use facts and figures to support her argument. She knows that one misstep on her part would unravel everything she’d worked for.

Margot tries to remain composed at the debate as well. She is ready for any curveball that Dandon would throw at her and knows exactly how to turn a question aimed to rattle her into a statement in her favor. However, she is not ready when Dandon starts talking about how her team sent Ryan to a summer camp where people are given pills to suppress their EOD. She was kept in the dark about it, so she is shocked and confused and doesn’t know what to say when Dandon keeps attacking her with accusations.

In anger, a charged Margot attacks Dandon, electrocuting him on live television. She loses control for a moment, and it is after she sees a writhing Dandon on the ground that she realizes what just happened. The crowd is equally shocked because no one knew Margot had EOD, and no one knows how hard Dandon was hit. Margot’s entire campaign was based on the fact that EOD was not a tool for violence, but then she used it for exactly that in front of the entire world. Does this mean her political career is over? Will she go to prison?

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If Dandon dies, there is a good chance that Margot will find herself in prison. As previously stated, there are laws about murder, and perpetrating violence against people, be it by EOD or anything else, is still murder. Even if Dandon survives, Margot has put herself in a delicate situation. Those against her can now use the attack to justify their arguments against EOD and Margot. Those in her favor don’t have anything to defend her with her. This means that Margot has effectively killed her own campaign.

Despite the greater probability of Margot losing the election and going to prison, it is a tough task to predict the outcome of an election. You never know what’s going on in the voter’s mind and what might lead them to vote for someone unexpected. What if Margot’s display of power gives a sense of agency to her support? They must have been just as frustrated with Dandon and Urbandox as she was, and seeing him attack in front of the whole world could be a way for them to reflect their anger being taken out on him.

Instead of seeing Margot as someone violent, they could interpret her actions as fearless and be assured she would do whatever it takes to shut down her opponents. This display of power could also instill fear in people, and her opposers might have to accept that men like Dandon don’t have any power anymore. There’s no use in voting for him if he cannot protect himself. He’ll always remain weak despite being in a position of power. No one wants to back a horse that will fall in the longer run. This might turn some of Dandon’s supporters towards Margot, giving her an unexpected victory.

Will Allie and Roxy Join Forces?

When Roxy’s mother died, she didn’t feel as alone because she thought she still had a family. She had three half-brothers; her father still loved and cared about her. She thought she was untouchable now that she had the Power and a stake in her father’s business. However, when she discovers that Bernie had her mother killed, she realizes what a liar her father is. She would have killed him if it had been someone else, but she doesn’t kill her father. Instead, completely disillusioned by him, she runs away from London after robbing his shop.

Roxy meant to go to New York, but then she receives a call from Darren, telling her how furious Bernie is with her for stealing the diamonds. He knows she’ll be going to New York, which means his contacts will be waiting for her, and she might as well be dead as soon as she lands there. Darrell advises her to go anywhere but New York. She needs a safe place, and being with Eve feels safest for a young girl with EOD.

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Allie became a messiah, claiming to be in touch with God and promising to build a new religion where God is a woman and a mother. She looks like a haven to wayward girls who have been thrown out of their homes or run away because they were not safe there. Allie rises above the usual tricks of EOD when she masters mind control. Because no one can see it, they think she’s performing miracles. This gives her the power and authority to turn them into followers who will do anything for her. However, that’s not enough. If she’s to launch a war against pre-established religions and morph into something that serves her purpose, she’ll need a soldier, which is where Roxy comes in.

By far, Roxy is the most powerful woman with EOD. She has so much control over her power that she can fight Allie’s mind control, and she is precisely the kind of person Eve needs by her side. At this point, both Allie and Roxy need each other. They acknowledge each other’s powers. Roxy, particularly, is fascinated by how Allie can control people’s minds without showing even a spark of electricity. Nobody else can do this. Roxy needs someone this powerful and her following to save herself from her father, who will surely not stop looking for her. Considering their power, Eve and Allie make a deadly combo, and what they do next will be worth watching.

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