Where is The Flash Filmed? Is Central City a Real Filming Location?

One thing that DC’s television shows set in the “Arrowverse” have done successfully is worldbuilding. ‘The Flash,’ ‘Arrow’ and ‘Supergirl’ all take place in fictional places, which form a part of the same fictional universe. ‘The Flash,’ for instance is set in the fictional, Central City.

Having kicked off in 2014, ‘The Flash’ follows Dr. Barry Allen after he gains the ability of superhuman speed due to a dark matter explosion. The same explosion leads to the creation of approximately 2600 meta-humans who act according to their own will. After Allen gains superhuman ability, he becomes the titular superhero and assumes the role of Central City’s protector by hunting all other meta-humans.

The show has been praised for its pacing and light, genre-suitable atmosphere apart from its special effects. The fact that it is a television show and not a movie allows ‘The Flash’ to gradually develop its plot and the fictional universe, especially Central City.

The Flash Filming Locations

Many of you might be wondering where ‘The Flash’ is filmed. As mentioned earlier, the show takes place in the fictional Central City and explores the city’s various buildings, organisations and history patiently. The city is supposed to be located 600 miles away from Star City and most of the action in ‘The Flash’ takes place here.

However, what is the actual city that is used to film Central City? Where are all the buildings shown to be a part of Central City actually situated? Let’s find out.

Vancouver, British Columbia

If you have read our articles on the filming locations of ‘Supergirl,’Arrow’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ you would know that the “Arrowverse” shows, including The Flash, are mostly filmed entirely in the region of British Columbia in Canada. The city of Vancouver is utilized most frequently.

The main reason for the shows filming in British Columbia is an economic one: the Canadian government provides generous tax credits for major productions filming in the country. This brings down production costs by a huge margin. Moreover, Canada resembles the United States visually and passing off locations in the country as those belonging to the USA is not too challenging at all.

To begin with, Vancouver Film Studios is the location used to film multiple interior scenes of the show. Apart from that, Barry’s childhood home on the show is actually located in Vancouver, British Columbia on 2036 West 13th Avenue. The home has appeared on the show on multiple occasions and is a recurring location.

Apart from that, another recurring location on the show is S.T.A.R. Labs: the research facility where Team Flash is headquartered. The actual place where scenes set in S.T.A.R. Labs are filmed is the CBC Vancouver Broadcast Centre on 700 Hamilton Street. Moreover, some scenes are also filmed at the Vancouver Film Studios and the BC Place Stadium.

Moving on, the Central City Police Station was seen on the show on multiple occasions, most prominently in the second season of ‘The Flash.’ The actual place where scenes set in the Central City Police Station are shot is the Vancouver City Hall.

Moreover, the Boundary Bay Regional Airport stands in for multiple locations on the show including S.T.A.R. Labs Aviation Division and the Ferris Air Testing Facility. Other than that, a particular alley on Granville Street and West Pender Street in Vancouver is also used for filming multiple scenes throughout the show. For instance, it was used to shoot the scene wherein Barry is unable to control his power after exiting the police station in the pilot episode.

Furthermore, Gold City Bank is actually shot at the Permanent building on 330 W Pender Street. The building originally belonged to the BC Permanent & Loan Company but now functions as an events venue.

Some of the other locations where filming was carried out include West Hastings Street, Hornby Plaza, Homer Street, Segal Graduate School of Business, Riverview Hospital, Carrall Street, Expo Boulevard, Holly Lodge, Central City Shopping Centre in Surrey, Pharmaceutical Sciences Building, Natal Street, West Waterfront Road, Guildford Town Centre, Vogue Theatre, The Orpheum, Pacific Central Station, Cleveland Dam and Emery Barnes Park.

Portland, Oregon

Before Portlanders get too excited and plan a location spotting trip around the city, it must be revealed that Portland, Oregon is only used to film a few establishing shots of Central City. For instance, the Willamette River and its many bridges have been used in the show to depict the cityscape of Central City.

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