The Real World Season 16 (Austin): Where Are They Now?

MTV’s ‘The Real World’ is a groundbreaking reality TV show that brings strangers together in a house, capturing their unscripted lives. One of the standout installments was season 16, which premiered in 2005. Created by Jonathan Murray and Mary-Ellis Bunim, ‘The Real World’ became a cultural phenomenon known for its drama, real-life conflicts, and candid portrayals of young adults navigating their early twenties. Set in Austin, Texas, season 16 had a lasting impact on the audience, earning high ratings and being voted “Favorite Season” at MTV’s Real World Awards Bash.

The show’s premise of “what happens when people stop acting polite and start getting real” indeed came to life during this unforgettable season. As a result, it wasn’t devoid of heavy drama and interpersonal conflicts. After their time in the spotlight, the contestants continued their journeys, some within the world of reality TV and others pursuing entirely different paths. Let’s see what these paths have been.

Where is Danny Jamieson Now?

Danny Jamieson, a 21-year-old from Billerica, Massachusetts, was introduced as a humble, sensitive, attractive, and assertive young man. Before joining season 16 of the show, he aspired to become a lawyer but decided to assist his family with their business first. During his time on ‘The Real World: Austin,’ Danny Jamieson found love with fellow castmate Melinda Stolp, and their relationship continued after filming. They married in 2008, but unfortunately, the marriage did not last, and they divorced two years later.

Danny made appearances on several seasons of ‘The Challenge,’ where he occasionally clashed with Austin castmate Wes Bergmann. His last appearance on the aforementioned show was on ‘Battle of the Seasons,’ where he was eliminated alongside his ex-wife. Danny has maintained a low profile in recent years, with no public social media presence. He married Danielle McPhail Jamieson in 2015, and the couple resides in Boston. Danny also owns a construction company, focusing on his career and personal life.

Where is Johanna Botta Now?

Johanna Botta, a 21-year-old originally from Riverside, California, brought her Peruvian roots and aspirations to become a clinical therapist specializing in marriage and family counseling to ‘The Real World: Austin.’ She was described as highly opinionated and argumentative by After the Austin season wrapped, Johanna began dating co-star Wes Bergmann, although their relationship had its complications and eventually ended. Johanna later married Willem Marx and relocated to London, where the couple welcomed their son in January 2016.

Johanna remained involved in the media world, hosting and interviewing on shows and segments for VH1, Fuse, and NBC. She also ventured into acting, appearing in ‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent’ and the British drama series ‘McMafia.’ As of January 2022, she became the presenter for the show titled ‘The Download’ on ReachTV, further solidifying her career in the entertainment industry.

Where is Lacey Buehler Now?

Originally from Tallahassee, Florida, then-23-year-old Lacey Buehler brought a unique background to ‘The Real World: Austin.’ Raised in a strict environment by ex-hippie-turned-devoutly religious parents, she faced challenges in socializing at school but developed a distinctive style as a result. After her time on the season, Lacey focused on her career aspirations. She opened a salon in 2007, with some of her cast members attending the grand opening.

Lacey briefly returned to reality TV on ‘The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons’ in 2012 but was the first to be eliminated alongside co-star Wes Bergmann. She married Cameron Hanmer in 2016 and announced the birth of her daughter in November 2018. Since 2021, Lacey Hanmer has been operating her salon, Tryst Salon, in Tallahassee. She joined the creative team at Living Proof, through which she travels across the nation, teaching hairstyling and cutting techniques. In May 2023, she welcomed another daughter named Fiona.

Where is Melinda Stolp Now?

Melinda Stolp, now Melinda Collins, a 21-year-old aspiring dentist from Germantown, Wisconsin, worked as a waitress before joining ‘The Real World: Austin.’ Described as “sexy, creative, and quick-witted,” Melinda fell in love with her castmate Danny Jamieson. After season 16 of the show, Melinda moved to Boston to be with Danny, and the couple married in 2008 at Castle Hill outside Boston. She worked as a dental hygienist and participated in several seasons of ‘The Challenge’ from 2006 to 2012. Unfortunately, her marriage to Danny ended in divorce.

In 2016, Melinda remarried Matt Collins and welcomed their first child, Camden, in 2019. Tragically, in 2021, she suffered a miscarriage but later gave birth to their second child, Hayden Thomas, in 2022. Melinda hosted the Blond Moments Podcast and returned to ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ season 2, showcasing her resilience and determination. She also partners with Give Kids the World Charity, which provides week-long vacations at not cast to critically ill children and their families.

Where is Nehemiah Clark Now?

Nehemiah Clark, a Californian hailing from Rancho Cucamonga, was a standout member of the Austin cast. At the age of 19, his life was already marked by challenges. Born to a mother in rehab, Nehemiah’s story was described as “heartbreaking and hopeful.” After the season ended, he went on to participate in multiple seasons of ‘The Challenge’ from 2006 to 2011, building connections with castmates, including his close friend Wes Bergmann. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Nehemiah and Wes ventured into filmmaking while living together in Kansas City.

In 2021, after a decade-long hiatus from ‘The Challenge,’ Nehemiah made a triumphant return for its ‘All Stars’ spin-off. He also appeared in ‘The Challenge: Untold History,’ a special six-part documentary series released in 2022. His life took another turn when he joined SnapIT Solutions in Kansas City. Initially in a sales role, he moved on to become the company’s brand ambassador, helping people transition to tech careers in the challenging pandemic environment.

Nehemiah also became a versatile musician, blending hip-hop, funk, soul, and jazz. He released his sophomore album, ‘The Shining,’ in 2009 and was recognized as one of South Padre Island’s premier Spring Break DJs. To this day, he continues to pursue his passion and share his music with his fans. His reality TV journey wasn’t without its rough patches. In 2005, he faced legal trouble after being arrested for misdemeanor assault. He also had romantic ties, being in a relationship with Kari Ann Peniche in 2005-2006 and rumored to have a connection with Beth Stolarczyk. In September 2023, he became the Godfather of Lucy Jean, daughter of Wes Bergmann.

Where is Rachel Moyal Now?

Image Credit: Rachel Moyal-Smith/LinkedIn

Rachel Moyal brought a unique background to ‘The Real World: Austin.’ As a former U.S. Army combat nurse and Iraq War veteran, Rachel’s military experience made her resilient, confident, and outspoken. Her decision to join the military to pay for college was a testament to her determination. After the season ended, she participated in a few seasons of ‘The Challenge’ and won ‘The Gauntlet III’ in 2008. She also continued to make her mark in the medical field, leveraging her education.

Rachel pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology from The State University of New York from 2005 to 2008. Her commitment to education didn’t stop there. She earned a Master of Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Albany Medical College from 2010 to 2012. Her academic journey reached its peak when she pursued a Doctorate in Public Health in Health Policy and Leadership from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health from May 2019 to May 2023.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Rachel worked as an Assistant Professor of Health Policy, Public Health at Albany Medical College from 2018 to 2020. Rachel’s dedication to veterans’ causes led her to work part-time as a Presidential Scholar for the stand-to veteran leadership program at the George W. Bush Presidential Center starting in July 2023. Currently, she works as a Senior Clinical Implementation Specialist at Ariadne Labs and lives in Albany, New York.

Where is Wes Bergmann Now?

Wes Bergmann, at 19, was introduced to viewers as an obnoxious, super-competitive jock during his time on ‘The Real World: Austin.’ A junior and frat boy at Arizona State University, Wes was portrayed as the guy you love to hate but also as someone bright and entrepreneurial, eager to graduate and start his own business. Following his stint on the season, he became one of the most well-known contestants on ‘The Challenge,’ participating in an impressive 14 challenges and even winning some or finishing as the runner-up.

In 2018, Wes married Amanda Hornick, his longtime girlfriend, after proposing to her at a Kansas City Royals game two years earlier. The wedding was attended by many of his Austin castmates, highlighting the enduring bonds forged during their time together. Wes’s romantic life also included relationships with other reality TV personalities, including Johanna Botta and KellyAnne Judd, who he appeared with on ‘The Challenge.’ These relationships brought drama and tension to the show.

After participating in multiple seasons of ‘The Challenge,’ Wes took a break to focus on his business ventures. However, he made a triumphant return in 2019, proving that his competitive spirit remained undiminished. Wes’s involvement in the reality TV world continued with appearances in specials such as ‘We <3 Diem’ in 2014 and the six-part documentary series ‘The Challenge: Untold History’ in 2022. In September 2023, he welcomed a daughter named Lucy Jean with Amanda.

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