The Real World Season 18 (Denver): Where Are They Now?

‘The Real World’ has been a staple of reality TV since its inception, captivating audiences with its unique premise of diverse strangers living together for several months in different cities. Season 18, set in Denver, brought a fresh perspective to the show, and its impact on the genre was undeniable. The season premiered in 2006, featuring a diverse group of housemates with unique backgrounds and personalities. As we look back on this memorable season, let’s explore the lives and journeys of its cast members. From their experiences on the season to their current endeavors, here’s where they are now.

Where is Alex Smith Now?

Alex Smith, hailing from Houston, Texas, entered the Denver house at the age of 22. As a Division I swimmer at Arizona State University, he was no stranger to the spotlight. Throughout the season, Alex was caught in a love triangle between his roommates Colie and Jenn, leading to plenty of drama. After his stint on ‘The Real World,’ Alex’s career took an interesting turn.

Alex ventured into acting and became known for his role in the ‘Citizen Dame’ podcast in 2017. He also appeared in ‘The Gauntlet III,’ showcasing his competitive spirit. In his personal life, Alex has found love with Ashley Turcios, and the couple celebrated their 5th anniversary in 2023. He has also shifted his focus to video creation as his profession and has been sober since 2021.

Where is Brooke LaBarbera Now?

Brooke LaBarbera, a 24-year-old from Nashville, Tennessee, brought a unique background to the Denver house. Raised by two clinical psychologists, she was a recent graduate of Belmont University and admitted to being a very sexual person. Her time on the season was marked by an explosive argument with Jenn, where she was called a “wh**e.” In her post-season life, Brooke embarked on a remarkable journey.

She pursued a career in therapy, earning her Master’s in Social Work from NYU. She worked as a Survivor Advocate & Support Volunteer at the Sexual Assault Center in Nashville and held positions at Kindred at Home and Guardian Home Care and Hospice. As of now, Brooke is working as a therapist at Cedar Recovery, showcasing her commitment to making a difference in people’s lives. Currently single, she continues to focus on her career in the field of mental health.

Where is Colie Edison Now?

Colie Edison, a disciplined and principled sorority president from Tulane University, stood out as one of the strongest personalities in the Denver house. She garnered a lot of attention from men and openly stated her prowess in kissing. She was in an open relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Corey. After her time on ‘The Real World,’ Colie’s career took an exciting turn. She got engaged and became the Vice President of Marketing at Bowlmor AMF in New York in 2016. Notably, Colie also made appearances on ‘The Challenge‘ and even featured on ‘Undercover Boss’ on CBS. Additionally, she became a Founding Member at Chief in January 2019 and has continued in this role since.

The Tulane University graduate has also been committed to expanding her expertise in business. Her journey into executive education began in 2010 with the program Taking Marketing Digital at Harvard Business School Executive Education. After this, she completed the Strategic Marketing Management program in 2014 and the Aligning Strategy and Sales program in 2015. She obtained a Business of Entertainment, Media and Sports degree in 2018. Colie’s professional journey saw her transition from roles at Clinique Global Packaging to Bowlero Corporation and later to her current position as Chief Growth Officer at the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). From what we can tell, Colie a proud mother to two kids.

Where is Davis Mallory Now?

Davis Mallory, a 23-year-old from Marietta, Georgia, entered the Denver house as a typical blonde-haired, blue-eyed frat boy. Despite his conservative Christian upbringing in the South, he revealed he was gay, which was a significant turning point in his life. After his time on ‘The Real World,’ Davis participated in three seasons of ‘The Challenge’ and continued to pursue his creative passions. He embarked on a career as a DJ and trained at the Dubspot School of Electronic Music in New York City.

As a DJ, Davis performed at numerous events, including music festivals and awards shows. Davis, sober since 2017, released his debut EP “Loud” that same year. In 2018, he unveiled the music video for his single “Sun & Moon” and composed the touching tribute track “Beautiful Girls” in memory of Diem Brown. As a DJ, DΛVIS has an extensive resume, spinning at various events, including the CMA Festival, the Anheuser-Busch Awards Show in the Bahamas, and the U.S. Air Force Rakkasan Military Formal.

Additionally, Davis explored his talents as a singer-songwriter, with music releases on various record labels. He even paid tribute to his MTV co-star Diem Brown with a song titled “Beautiful Girls (Diem’s Song).” Davis also dropped solo singles, including “Jane Fonda” and “Shirtless,” the latter licensed for a Poolboy Swimwear commercial. His sophomore album ‘Little Victory’ featured rising Nashville pop stars and received remixes from notable DJs like RetroVision and John Dahlback. His career continues to flourish as he tours and promotes his music, showcasing his multi-faceted talent.

Where is Jenn Grijalva Now?

Jenn Grijalva, a 22-year-old from Martinez, California, brought a vibrant and outgoing personality to ‘The Real World: Denver.’ She was known for her popularity in school, her role as an Oakland Raiderette cheerleader, and her reputation as a party animal. However, beneath her extroverted exterior, there was a yearning for emotional attachment stemming from her struggle with vulnerability. After her stint on ‘The Real World,’ Jenn embarked on a career in fitness. She worked as a Fitness Director at the P2P Transformation Center in Pleasanton, California.

Jenn’s journey didn’t end there; she became a prominent face in reality TV by participating in multiple seasons of ‘The Challenge.’ In fact, she became known as the female competitor with the most finals appearances without a win. In 2010, she made an appearance in the TV series ‘Reality Obsessed.’ In her personal life, Jenn got engaged to Derek Diaz in August 2019 and the two have two sons together, Thiago Angelo & Niko Rodrigo. She is also the co-founder and the coach at Maba Lab, a Gym/Physical Fitness Center.


Where is Stephen Nichols Now?

Stephen Nichols, hailing from Sacramento, California, brought a unique perspective to ‘The Real World: Denver.’ At 22 years old, he was deeply religious, a Black conservative Republican, and a student at Howard University. Stephen was known for his outspoken views, particularly his opposition to gay marriage. Following the season, Stephen’s career path took him into the field of communications and diversity engagement. In 2012, he earned an MBA from Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business. He gained valuable experience at Kaiser Permanente and Folsom Cordova Unified School District in the Communications Program and as a Public Information Officer, respectively.

From 2014 to 2017, Stephen served as the Vice President of Diversity Engagement at the National School Public Relations Association. Currently, he holds the position of CEO at Nichols Strategies in Sacramento, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills. While Stephen’s views and conflicts on ‘The Real World’ were memorable, his career has since taken a different direction, focusing on diversity and communications.

Where is Tyrie Ballard Now?

Tyrie Ballard, originally from Omaha, Nebraska, had a challenging upbringing, marked by a strict military father and an association with a gang. He was known for his sharp wit, interest in politics, and big heart. His time on ‘The Real World: Denver’ allowed viewers to see his transformation and growth. Post-season, Tyrie embarked on a diverse career journey. He began in the fitness industry, working as a Membership Specialist at LA Fitness and later serving as a Customer Service Lead at Habitat for Humanity of Omaha. Transitioning to the construction industry, Tyrie worked as an Assistant Carpenter at Provato Construction Group, gaining hands-on experience in home renovations and construction.

His fitness career took off as he worked as a Personal Fitness Trainer at Custom Built Personal Training and later joined UFC GYM as a Coach, specializing in various fitness techniques, including martial arts and boxing. Tyrie’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish ‘Entity SF,’ focusing on entertainment for venues, which he managed for 11 years. Currently, he owns ‘Total Body Ascension’ in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in fitness, martial arts, and boxing, and serves as a certified personal trainer at LuxFitSF.

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