The Real World Season 19 (Sydney): Where Are They Now?

‘The Real World: Sydney’ marked the nineteenth season of MTV’s iconic reality TV series, ‘The Real World.’ This groundbreaking show, created by Jonathan Murray and Mary-Ellis Bunim, is renowned for its innovative concept of bringing together a diverse group of strangers to live together in a new city while cameras document their lives and interactions. The show has been a cultural phenomenon since its inception, captivating audiences worldwide with its unique blend of drama, reality, and personal growth.

‘The Real World: Sydney’ premiered on MTV, continuing the series’ legacy of exploring the complexities of human relationships and personal journeys. Let’s delve into the lives and experiences of the memorable cast members from season 19 of the show and discover what they’ve been up to since their time on the season.

Where is Cohutta Lee Grindstaff Now?

Cohutta Lee Grindstaff, hailing from Blue Ridge, Georgia, brought a unique charm to ‘The Real World: Sydney.’ His name, inspired by the Cohutta Mountain Range in Georgia, hinted at his deep connection to the mountains. Cohutta was a self-employed contractor specializing in building log homes, a profession that showcased his love for craftsmanship and nature. Post-season, Cohutta continued to lead an eventful life. He co-owned a concert venue called The Bad Manor in Athens, Georgia, which opened its doors in 2010. Additionally, he established Cohutta Lee Builders, a company specializing in custom homes, renovations, and historical building projects in Montana.

Cohutta’s love for adventure persisted as he participated in several seasons of ‘The Challenge,’ including ‘The Island,’ ‘The Ruins,’ ‘Free Agents,’ ‘Battle of the Bloodlines,’ and ‘All Stars 2.’ In May 2015, he faced legal trouble in downtown Athens after he sought help from a towing company after his vehicle got stuck on a retaining wall. Cohutta admitted to hosting a party at his bar, consuming six or seven beers, and was arrested for DUI. He posted a $2,250 bond and was released from jail.

In November 2022, Cohutta took a significant step in his personal life by getting engaged to Katelyn Corley, a realtor and makeup artist from Paradise Valley, Montana. The couple not only referred to each other as husband and wife but also became landowners in Paradise Valley. The most heartwarming development for Cohutta was the arrival of his first child, daughter Scout James Grindstaff, born on June 10, 2023.

Where is Dunbar Merrill Flinn Now?

Image Credit: Dunbar Merrill/LinkedIn

Dunbar Merrill Flinn’s journey on ‘The Real World: Sydney’ was marked by personal challenges and transformation. Originally from Natchez, Mississippi, Dunbar faced financial turmoil in his family due to a money-laundering scandal. This adversity forced him to take control of his life and financial situation. He enrolled in the military to finance his education at the University of Mississippi and belonged to a fraternity during his college years.

Dunbar’s journey continued beyond ‘The Real World,’ as he participated in several seasons of ‘The Challenge,’ including his championship win in ‘Cutthroat.’ His post-season life led him to become a Surgical Consultant at Southeastern Medical Concepts. In 2012, he even authored a paperback titled “Crazy Sh*t Republicans Say.” Currently, he resides in Atlanta, Georgia, works as a real estate broker, and runs a blog called The Daily Dunbar.

Where is Isaac Stout Now?

Isaac Stout, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, brought an element of unpredictability to ‘The Real World: Sydney’ with his history of juvenile delinquency. He had previously been put on probation for offenses such as robbing houses and causing disturbances with fireworks. His journey on the season revealed his fear of commitment, but he was still able to form a relationship with an Irish woman named Noirin. After the season ended, Isaac and Noirin eventually broke up. In 2010, they both appeared on the tenth series of the British version of ‘Big Brother.’

Isaac’s life took an unexpected turn when he and Cohutta co-owned a concert venue named The Bad Manor in Athens, Georgia. Isaac’s ventures continued as he participated in ‘The Challenge’ in seasons like ‘The Duel II’ and ‘Free Agents.’ He also founded The BucketList Club in January 2010 and had a dog named Xtzel. His current residence is in Cleveland, Ohio, and while he was dating a woman in 2018, not much is known about that relationship.

Where is KellyAnne Judd Now?

KellyAnne Judd, hailing from Georgetown, Texas, was a standout contestant on ‘The Real World: Sydney.’ Known for her fiery spirit and self-assuredness, she stayed clear of most of the drama but didn’t hesitate to fight back if she felt someone was crossing her boundaries. After the season, KellyAnne embarked on a diverse career journey. She worked as an Assistant Buyer in Denver, Colorado, and held the position of Networking Director at The Beverly Hills Center in Beverly Hills, California. She also dedicated a decade of her life to Peoples Pharmacy in Austin, Texas, managing customer relations and sales.

For a while, she also dated fellow ‘The Real World’ star, Wes Bergmann, but the two quit after their appearance in ‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins.’ However, life threw challenges her way as she battled heavy metal poisoning, which left her bedridden for nearly two years. Despite these obstacles, KellyAnne made a triumphant return to reality television on season 1 of ‘The Challenge: All Stars.’ She’s currently working as a Health and Life Mentor in Manhattan Beach, California, embracing a new chapter in her life. KellyAnne has been dating a man; while some believe his name to be Mark Alpert, she hasn’t confirmed the same. She is also an avid dog lover.

Where is Parisa Montazaran Now?

Parisa Montazaran brought a unique perspective to ‘The Real World: Sydney.’ The daughter of Iranian immigrants, Parisa grew up in Commack, New York, and held a degree in International Relations Studies from New York University. After leaving the season, she pursued her passion for music, releasing her debut album, ‘Intelegance,’ in 2008. Parisa has since embraced an entirely different path, focusing on academia.

Parisa received her MA degree in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies from NYU in 2016. She is now a third-year doctoral student in Sociology at the Graduate Center, exploring economic sociology, immigration, religion, culture, and race/ethnicity. Her research centers on the financial inclusion of Muslim Americans. As a wife and mother of three, Parisa Montazaran has achieved a balance between her family life and her academic pursuits, carving a unique path post-Real World.

Where is Shauvon Torres Now?

Shauvon Torres, a 24-year-old journalism major from Sacramento, California, aimed to become a news reporter when she joined ‘The Real World: Sydney.’ Known for her dating and relationships column, ‘Sexcapades,’ Shauvon defied stereotypes. Following her stint on the season, Shauvon’s life took unexpected turns as she reconciled with David and later became a mother to her daughter, Violette. She also competed in a few seasons of ‘The Challenge,’ including ‘The Duel II,’ ‘The Ruins,’ and ‘Cutthroat.’ She shifted gears professionally, graduating from California State University-Sacramento with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Journalism.

Shauvon’s career journey also included managerial roles in the medical aesthetics and plastic surgery fields. From February 2012 to 2014, she served as a Manager at Synergy Advanced Medical Aesthetics in Solana Beach, California. Prior to that, she worked as a Manager/Patient Coordinator at the practice of Dr. Kincaid, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, from September 2011 to January 2013 in La Jolla, California.

Shauvon also gained experience as an Office Manager at the practice of Dr. David, a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, and San Diego Face Medical Spa, where she worked from June 2010 to September 2011 in La Jolla. She transitioned into the real estate industry, becoming a licensed Realtor associated with Bennion Deville Homes.

Where is Trisha Cummings Now?

Trisha Cummings entered ‘The Real World: Sydney’ as part of the “hot preppy girl” clique. Raised as a devout Christian, she wore a promise ring as a symbol of her commitment to remain a virgin until marriage. However, her season was marked by conflicts with housemates, particularly Parisa. After her departure from the season for shoving Parisa during an argument, Trisha pursued a career in the entertainment industry.

Trisha appeared in projects like ‘Welcome to My World’ and ‘Love Cures Cancer: Take a Chance on Love.’ Additionally, Trisha was romantically linked to notable figures like Seth MacFarlane and Steven R. McQueen. She continues to reside in Los Angeles, where she has carved a path in the entertainment world.

Where is Ashli Robson Now?

Ashli Robson joined the season as a replacement for Shauvon Torres. Then-19-year-old, the Huntington Beach, California native was “ready to mingle” back then. During her time on the season, Ashli found herself attracted to Dunbar, despite his existing relationship. Post-season, Ashli’s life took a different turn. In 2014, she graduated from California State University-Dominguez Hills with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication. Ashli began their career journey as an intern at Omelet in Greater Los Angeles from January to May 2014. Ashli later worked as a Sales Representative (Lead Server) at Rock’N Fish in Manhattan Beach, California, from 2011 to 2015.

Following that, Ashli took on a Sales and Marketing Representative role at Creation Model & Talent Management in Greater Los Angeles and worked there until August 2015. Ashli continued to develop their career by becoming a Sales Representative II at ExamOne, a Quest Diagnostics Company, in Greater Los Angeles from 2015 to 2017. After that, she worked as a Clinical Specialist at Cooper Surgical Inc. in Greater Los Angeles from July 2017 to August 2019. She married actor and singer Riley Smith, and the couple welcomed their daughter, Shiloh, in 2019.

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