The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

Prime Video’s romance drama ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ follows the complicated love life of the Conklins and the Fishers. While the first season lays the groundwork for their relationships and repressed feelings, the second season dives headfirst into all the drama, which thickens with every episode, leading the characters down a path full of uncertainties. The main focus of this season is the beach house which Susannah’s half-sister, Jules, is adamant to get rid of.

Despite their efforts to convince her otherwise, Conrad and Jeremiah must accept that the house will soon be gone, and they will have to live with the fact that they might never return to it again. The events of the sixth episode lead them towards that certainty. Here’s what it means for them and Belly. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

As soon as Jules found out she had the house, she wanted to get rid of it. She said it was for financial reasons, but Skye confronts her about her true feelings regarding the place. Jules reveals that she has already finalized a deal and will go to Boston to sign the house to its new owners. She is relieved that the deed will finally be done, but her daughter is not so happy about it. Being with their cousins and new friends in Cousins made Skye see the place and the house in a new light. They wish their mother would give it more time and not sell the house immediately.

Skye believes that their mother is trying to get rid of it, not to get closure or money but to confirm to herself that the house never meant anything good for them. They want Jules to reconsider her point of view, but their mother leaves for Boston, not caring what anyone has to say about it. Conrad and the others think about leaving the place as it’s not theirs anymore, but Belly thinks they should give it a grand goodbye. They decide to throw a retro-themed party. It is supposed to be a night of fun, laughter, and good memories, but everyone has something bubbling inside their hearts, and it all comes out by the night’s end.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 6 Ending

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After spending some time with Cam, Skye realizes they like him and is ready to experience their first kiss at the party. Talking about the kiss brings back old feelings for Belly, but she decides to stow it away, not think about it, and focus on the party. Later, Skye asks Cam if they can kiss him, and even though they expect him to refuse, he agrees. They kiss, but this doesn’t mean they will get to spend a romantic summer together because, encouraged by Skye, Cam decides to go on the boat, which is due to leave next week.

Steven and Taylor’s feelings also surface, especially as he becomes more and more confident about his feelings for Taylor. They have fun together and dance at the party, at the end of which Steven confesses his feelings for Taylor and his desire to be with her. At the same time, Milo shows up and is angry at Steven for trying to steal his girlfriend. They indulge in a fight, which is broken up before it gets dirty.

When Milo asks Taylor to come with him, she asks if he knows her middle name. Milo doesn’t know, confirming Taylor’s belief that they are incompatible and shouldn’t be together. On the other hand, Steven knows her middle name and convinces Taylor that his feelings for her are real and that he wants to be with her. Despite her reservations about it (as discussed by her and Belly in the last episode), she decides to be with Steven and see where the relationship goes.

While Skye and Taylor’s love lives take a turn for the better, things seem to go only downhill for Belly. After flirting with each other the whole day, she and Jeremiah almost kiss but are distracted by the fight between Steven and Milo. Later, Skye reveals that Jules has added a new condition for the house sale. It will only be sold to the buyer ready to let the Fishers rent it for one week every summer. While Jeremiah is thrilled by the idea of being able to return to the house, Conrad believes otherwise.

Conrad thinks the house is gone, and they shouldn’t cling to it now. This angers Jeremiah, and all the rage he’d been bottling up comes to the surface. He chides Conrad for being a coward who quickly gives up whenever things get tough. They have the chance to keep their bond with the house alive, but Conrad is giving up and doesn’t even want to try anymore. Jeremiah takes it further and mentions how Conrad did the same with Belly. He left Belly instead of putting in the work to fix whatever was going wrong in their relationship.

Lola Tung (Belly), Christopher Briney (Conrad)

Jeremiah mentions how Conrad came to him about Belly and wanting to be with her. This is a revelation to Belly, making her sadder about what happened with her and Conrad. She gets drunk and asks him why he gave up on them so easily if he really loved her. They argue about how the other felt in their relationship. Belly wishes she knew Conrad went to Jeremiah about her because then she would have fought harder for their relationship rather than end things.

Frustrated with Conrad, Belly returns to the house and sees everything in chaos. Someone has broken the window; others are puking all over the place. Nothing is as Belly wanted it to be. She sees Jeremiah across the room, and while going toward him, she turns back to see Conrad on the other end. She feels torn between the two and helpless about losing the house. In the end, she calls Laurel and tells her everything about where she is, what’s happening with the house, and how the Fisher brothers might have permanently damaged their bond because of her.

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