Netflix’s The Tearsmith: Exploring All Filming Locations

Directed by Alessandro Genovesi, ‘The Tearsmith’ is an Italian-language teen romance that introduces us to orphans Nica Dover and Rigel Wilde, who are adopted by the same household. While Nica looks forward to her new life with the family she always wanted, she doesn’t know what to make of her adoptive brother, Rigel. A gifted teen, Rigel plays the piano effortlessly, expressing the darkness he harbors within. The two share a common past of sorrow and hardship in the orphanage, yet they seem to have divergent natures, which creates palpable tension between them. Nica and Rigel have fleeting interactions around the fairytale-like environment of their adoptive parents’ estate, begin attending school, and make new friends.

The spiritual center of the narrative is the story of the Tearsmith, known to all the children of the orphanage. A mystical craftsman, the Tearsmith is said to have created crystal tears that gave rise to all the pain, anxiety, and fears in the hearts of people. Also known as ‘Fabbricante di lacrime,’ the Netflix film is based on Erin Doom’s 2022 bestselling novel of the same name. ‘The Tearsmith’ has an enigmatic and edgy ambiance that is underscored by atmospheric cinematography in evocative settings.

Where Was The Tearsmith Filmed?

‘The Tearsmith’ was shot around Rome, Ravenna, and Pescara, Italy. Principal photography began in February 2023 and was wrapped up in about five months by June 2023. Filming was largely carried out on location across the coastal cities, using various landmarks, natural features, and antiquated buildings as sets.

Rome Metropolitan Area, Italy

Filming for ‘The Tearsmith’ took place in and around the capital city of Rome, using its historical and religious architecture to imbue some of the magnetism felt in the movie’s atmosphere. In particular, the school attended by the characters is the real-life Casa generalizia Fratelli Scuole Cristiane, situated at Via Aurelia, 476. Exterior shots of the religious institution can be seen as Nica climbs the steps to the school and enters its hallway.

The historical surroundings of the Grave orphanage were captured in the Complesso del Buon Pastore. Located at Via di Bravetta, the Good Shepherd Complex (translated) was initially built in 1933 to house the congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd of Augiere. The complex’s central courtyard can be seen when a young Nica walks across its tiles to a waiting group of orphans and a nun.

Additionally, when Nica heads into a pristine white building with her friend Billie, the scene is shot at the Villa York mansion located at Strada Valle di Baccano, 23. Constructed in an elegant English style, the villa is part of a verdant property that generally serves as an event venue. A family-owned business, it boasts lush grounds, manicured gardens, opulent interiors, and a serene atmosphere.

Pescara, Italy

Located in the Abruzzo region of central Italy, Pescara became a filming location for some of the urban landscapes seen in ‘The Tearsmith.’ The city is known for its long stretches of sandy coastline, and for being the birthplace of the famous Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio. When the protagonists are walking along a large metal bridge, the site is actually the Vecchio Ponte Ferroviario In Ferro, ora ciclopedonale in Fiume. An iron bridge that connects Piazza Garibaldi and Via Orazio over the Fiume Pescara River, was closed to the public between April 3 and 5, 2023.

According to reports, the film received the support of the municipal government of Pescara through various means as an endeavor to boost tourism and recognition for the city. Nestled between the Adriatic Sea to its east and the Abruzzo National Park to its west, the city became a fitting filming destination for the production team to access a variety of locales.

Ravenna, Italy

Venturing further north along the coast from Pescara, the film crew set up shop in Ravenna, a provincial capital steeped in history with a wealth of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Alongside its coastal beauty, Ravenna also boasts fertile plains and a lush countryside. The Po Delta Regional Park features scenic waterfronts, biodiversity, and views of a mountainous landscape in the distance.

For filming sequences at the beach, the production team traveled to Lido di Dante on June 16, 2023. Sequences were shot between 7 and 8 pm, with actors Diego Abatantuono, Fabio de Luigi, and Stefano Accorsi present on set. Named after the renowned Italian poet Dante Alighieri, Lido di Dante is known for its pristine sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and tranquil atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for lensing sunset or nighttime beach scenes.

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