The Terminal List Prequel Dark Wolf Starts Production in May 2024

The production of Prime Video’s action thriller series ‘Terminal List: Dark Wolf’ is set to begin in May 2024. A prequel to Chris Pratt-starrer ‘The Terminal List,’ the show revolves around Taylor Kitsch’s character from the original series Ben Edwards, chronicling his journey from being a Navy SEAL to becoming a CIA paramilitary operator. The thriller explores the “true darker side of warfare and the human cost that comes with it,” as per the official logline.

The series was created by Jack Carr, who wrote the source novel of the original show, along with its creator David DiGilio. David also serves as the head writer of the thriller.

In addition to Kitsch, Pratt will feature in the series as James Reece, reprising his character from the original show. The thriller is expected to explore Ben and Reece’s friendship while likely tracing the origins of the drug trials used on the latter and his squad. The mystery behind Ben’s involvement in the conspiracy and his betrayal of his friend may be unraveled. Raife Hastings, a significant character in Carr’s novel series, will be an integral part of the series as well. Although Hastings is yet to feature on-screen in ‘The Terminal List,’ his potential appearance in the second season is teased in the first installment’s finale. Jared Shaw’s Ernest “Boozer” Vickers and Mohammed Farooq are the other characters set to feature in the prequel.

Kitsch, who headlines the show’s cast, is currently involved in the filming of Netflix’s Western series ‘American Primeval, mainly written by ‘The Revenant’ fame Mark L. Smith. The actor played Glen Kryger in Netflix’s crime drama ‘Painkiller’ and lent his voice to Darrin “Koz” Kozlowski in Audible’s podcast series ‘Koz.’

Antoine Fuqua, who directed the premiere episode of the main show, will likely helm multiple episodes of the prequel. “If I’m available, I definitely will [direct]. Yeah, I absolutely will. I enjoy ‘The Terminal List,’ I love it. Oh, yeah. I love it, man. That’s what I wanna do is I’ll direct probably one or two that Chris [Pratt] is in, you know because it’s the prequel with Taylor [Kitsch] as well,” the filmmaker told Collider.

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