The Tourist: Is Nala Stone Men a Real Tourist Spot in Australia?

Starring Jamie Dornan as the eponymous character, Netflix’s ‘The Tourist’ follows the misadventures of a man who has no idea how he ended up in the Australian Outback, what he had been doing there, and why there are people trying to kill him. The show mixes mystery with humor to deliver an entertaining six-episode season to the audience, who are kept on the edge of their seats with the twists and turns that never stop coming. The setting becomes another character in the show, and the location of Nala Stone Men acts as one of the defining points in the protagonist’s story.

Nala Stone Men is a Fictional Location in The Tourist

‘The Tourist’ is an entirely fictional story; most of the locations mentioned in the show are also made up in the service of the plot. Nala Stone Men is one of those locations. It is presented as a tourist in the middle of nowhere, with a Stonehenge-type vibe but with the stones arranged in a way that makes it look like giant people.

Image Credit: Ian Routledge/Two Brothers Pictures

While there are many such real places in Australia, Nala Stone Men was most probably erected by the production team. Filming a show in the desolation of the Australian Outback meant the production team didn’t get everything they wanted. For example, when they went looking for a gas station in the middle of nowhere because that’s what the scene required, they failed as there are no real-life gas stations located so far from civilization. So, the crew created a fake gas station just to serve the story. In the same vein, perhaps, they also came up with the Nala Stone Men.

The filming of the show took place in the Australian Outback, with the Flinders Ranges being one of the prominent locations. Most probably, the crew created the fake tourist spot somewhere in the Flinders Ranges area, given its vast surroundings that perfectly suited what the scenes required. The crew also employed locations in Port Augusta, Adelaide, Quorn, and Peterborough for several scenes, and given that proximity to these towns would have made the task easier for the crew, it is possible that a location near one of these towns but far enough in the desert was used to create the Nala Stone Men location.

Structures similar to the Nala Stone Men have been found across Australia and are connected to the indigenous people, who created these structures for several purposes that range anywhere from their customs to the art of astronomy. The story behind the Stone Men in ‘The Tourist’ is not explained as the show, which focuses more on how the location plays an internal role in helping the Man know more about his past and his actions so he can face the consequences.

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