Where is The Twilight Zone Filmed?

Media franchises often turn out to be older and bigger than one may assume. ‘The Twilight Zone‘ franchise is one such example that several people (especially younger ones) would not know the complete breadth of. It started with a 1959 series by Rod Sterling with the same name. However, there have been multiple offshoots of the franchise after that and as many as three revivals. While the first revival series was aired in the ’80s and the second one in 2002, the latest reboot started airing in 2019.

The 2019 reboot is developed by Jordan Peele, Marco Ramirez, and Simon Kinberg. Peele also serves as the narrator. The show is anthological in nature, similar to the original format. The episodes cannot really be grouped under one genre as some of them are science-fiction, while others fantasy. Some are just unexplainably otherworldly. The show aims to hold a mirror to humanity by its depiction of speculative fiction.

Several people have been a part of the show’s cast, mostly limited to a single episode, thanks to the anthological nature of ‘The Twilight Zone.’ For instance, Kumail Nanjiani appears in one of the episodes, while some of the other cast members include David Epstein, Nagin Rezaiean, Kelly Ann Woods, Paulo Maiolo, and Simon Chin among various others.

The Twilight Zone Filming Locations

Since ‘The Twilight Zone’ is anthological in nature, there is no single location that serves as the primary setting of the show. Hence, the series could have really been filmed anywhere. However, for logistical reasons, it is reasonable to assume that the series is shot in a single region. It is natural for viewers to be curious about where the show is filmed.

British Columbia, Canada

Filming for ‘The Twilight Zone’ is entirely carried out in Canada. To be more specific, filming is undertaken in the British Columbia region of the country. It can be presumed that the choice to film in Canada is one borne out of financial reasons. The country offers lucrative tax credits for productions that opt to film there.

To begin with, IMDb has revealed how filming was carried out in Vancouver. However, that is not all. Local sources have pointed out how filming was also carried out in Victoria, British Columbia. More specifically, sources have indicated that filming was undertaken on Government Street between Wharf and Belleville streets. The following tweet reveals how filming took place in front of the Fairmont Empress Hotel:

Furthermore, Ashcroft also served as a filming location. To be more specific, filming was mainly carried out on 4th Street between Railway and Brink.

Have a look at some photos from the show:

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