The Voice’s Toneisha Harris: All You Need to Know

The Voice‘ Season 18 has given us some fantastic performers. The NBC series has witnessed a host of talented singers who’ve amazed us on set and equally blown our minds in the intimate, personal performances they’ve delivered in light of the coronavirus pandemic. One contestant who’s continued to sing spectacularly has been Toneisha Harris. After her commendable audition, she chose to be on Team Blake.

However, even before Season 18 has come to a close, Toneisha snagged offers from two mentors to perform at their concerts. Despite being a part of Team Blake, Kelly could not help but extend an offer to Harris to share the stage with her in Las Vegas. Blake quickly chimed in that if he ever performed live again, he’d be honored to have Toneisha on the stage. Naturally, you might want to know more about her. We have got you covered.

Where is Toneisha Harris From?

Toneisha hails from Roswell, Georgia. She represented Maryland at the Vickie Winans’ Rising Star Competition, where she placed second overall. Check out a picture that Toneisha shared with her son at a burger place in Roswell.

How Old is Toneisha Harris?

Toneisha is currently 44 years old, as of 2020. She started singing at the age of 12 and went on to join a gospel group. However, the singer eventually focused on a career in R&B music and left the gospel group. When Toneisha was 13, she was offered a recording contract but chose to complete her education first, on the insistence of her mother.

She’s lent her vocals to Bruce Parham’s gospel hit, “Call Jesus” in 2007, and was a finalist on BET’s Sunday Best in 2011.

Is Toneisha Harris Married?

Yes, Toneisha is married to Bill Harris. The two have been together for 24 years. Toneisha’s dedicated some of her more moving performances to her husband. You can check out some pictures she’s shared of themselves. They prove how much the couple loves each other.

Who is in Toneisha Harris’ Family?

Toneisha has a son, Trent. When he was 12, he was diagnosed with leukemia. Harris was at the peak of her career and wanted to take it forward. However, her son’s diagnosis ended her dreams for the moment, and she tried to be a good mother to him, caring for him. After he got better, she tried auditioning for ‘The Voice’. As for Trent, he’s made the Dean’s list as of March 25, 2020. Check out a post from the proud mother below.

The family often partakes in fun activities together, like ax throwing. Check out their pictures below.

That said, Toneisha’s foundations of singing were developed by her mom and aunts when she joined their gospel group. Although her mother was strict about Harris singing only gospel music, her father would take her on drives where she could sing R&B songs. Thus, it was after her father’s death that Harris decided to part ways with the group and take up R&B singing. However, Toneisha has immense respect for the impact her mother has had on her singing career. You can check out a heartfelt post she’s made crediting her for who Toneisha is today.

It is evident that Toneisha has had practice professionally from a very young age, and has taken a step back when required. She seems to have her priorities in place and enjoys the support of her family, which might be enough to see her emerging as the next champion.

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