The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Episode 4 Recap: La Dame de Fer

The fourth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon,’ titled ‘La Dame de Fer,’ revolves around Daryl Dixon’s efforts to reunite with Isabelle and Laurent after his confrontation with Codron. Madame Genet meets the community of Isabelle’s people and learns about Laurent, the divine boy who is giving “false hope” to the group. She wants and starts searching for him, in addition to searching for Daryl. Quinn gets involved in the predicament by wanting to reunite with his son. The engrossing episode ends with a significant decision Isabelle makes concerning her future. If you are intrigued about the same, let us share our take on it! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Episode 4 Recap

‘La Dame de Fer’ begins with Daryl Dixon dreaming of a herd of walkers passing near Laurent without harming the boy. Upon gaining consciousness, he realizes that he is underwater, surrounded by the undead. He kills several walkers and continues his search for Laurent and Isabelle. Madame Genet asks Isabelle’s people about the American on her soil, only to learn that he came to Paris accompanying the boy who is destined to be humanity’s messiah. Genet confirms the speculations about the existence of such a boy. Codron asks her whether the boy is a threat, only for Genet to nod yes since he gives the people “false hope.”

Daryl encounters the messenger of Isabelle’s group while looking for Laurent. The messenger gets killed by a couple of Genet’s men. Daryl then arrives at Isabelle’s Parisian apartment, where he reunites with her. Isabelle tells him that she doesn’t know where Laurent is. Daryl tells her that he knows and leads her to the Eiffel Tower. Laurent is near the tower with the photograph of his mother, only to encounter a large herd of walkers who surround him. He hides from the walkers and Daryl and Isabelle arrive at the place by then to start killing the undead. Meanwhile, Quinn’s men abduct Laurent for the former.

Daryl manages to take hold of one of Quinn’s men and the American tortures him to find a way to retrieve Laurent from the boy’s father. Madame Genet and Quinn strike a deal to handover Daryl but the latter lies to the former that he doesn’t know where Laurent is. Daryl then uses Quinn’s man to get into the nightclub. Isabelle’s allies attack the place to distract Quinn, only for Daryl to escape from the club with Laurent.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Episode 4 Ending: Why Does Isabelle Stay with Quinn?

After rescuing Laurent from Quinn, Daryl hands the kid over to Isabelle for them to continue their journey with her allies. However, Isabelle lets him know that Madame Genet has closed down the city, which makes it impossible for them to take Laurent to the “nest,” where he should live and be taught to become the messiah of the future. Isabelle then asks Daryl to take him to the nest upon deciding to go back to Quinn. She believes that Quinn is the only influential person in the city of Paris who can do something to breach the walls set up by Genet.

Isabelle and others need Quinn’s help to open those walls to ensure that Laurent will safely reach the nest. She knows Quinn well enough to know that he won’t help them without anything in return and considering the present circumstances, there’s no gift more valuable than Isabelle herself to give to Quinn. Isabelle knows that the nightclub owner is obsessed with her, which gives her a chance to try to use it to her advantage. She returns to Quinn while hoping that she can make him help their cause by providing a safe route for Daryl and Laurent.

Quinn is potent enough to help Isabelle, which is evident in the deal he strikes with Genet. Even though Genet is seemingly used to snatching away whatever she wants, she agrees to strike a deal with Quinn, by giving up a valuable asset, which makes it clear that Quinn is not a nobody. Isabelle is also right about him being obsessed with her, which justifies her dangerous return to his den. Quinn was even ready to sacrifice his own baby in the past to unite with Isabelle for good, specifically in the early days of the zombie apocalypse, which shows how much he has been yearning to be with the latter.

If Isabelle promises to stay with Quinn for good, the latter may consider that offer and decide to help the former’s cause. However, it may only happen if Quinn chooses Isabelle over his own son Laurent. Quinn abducts Laurent to make up for the lost time as a father. If he still wants to reunite with his son, Isabelle’s pleas may not be enough for him to stay away from their cause. Quinn may send his men to capture both Laurent and Daryl. In addition to reuniting with his son, Quinn has an obligation to hand over the American to Genet.

Quinn may know that he is putting his own life on the line if he chooses to not honor the deal he struck with Genet. He may not want to enter the bad book of the potent leader of the hostile community by helping an untrustworthy Isabelle. Even if she promises to be with him, Quinn may know that he cannot trust Isabelle’s words, especially after she abandoned him in the middle of an apocalypse. Therefore, it will not be a surprise if Quinn uses Isabelle to garner the location of Daryl and Laurent to catch them before they end up in the nest or in the hands of Genet’s men.

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