The Walking Dead Dead City Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The third episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City,’ titled ‘People Are a Resource,’ revolves around the aftermath of Amaia and Tommaso’s offer to help Maggie Greene find and save her son Hershel from the hands of the Croat. Tommaso reveals startling information concerning his connection with the Croatian, who has put traps all over the city for Maggie and her allies to walk into his den. Negan continues to support Maggie emotionally, especially when their new friends are not hopeful about her son’s fate. The engrossing episode ends with astounding developments and here’s our take on the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Walking Dead: Dead City Episode 3 Recap

‘People Are a Resource’ begins with flashback sequences that show how Negan and Ginny got closer. When the latter lost her dinosaur toy, Negan teamed up with her to find the same upon realizing its value. Ginny finds a way to leave Hilltop and sails to Manhattan on her own to find Negan, who has been a paternal figure for her. Negan and Maggie discuss strategies to conquer the Croat with Amaia and Tommaso. The latter two talk about a certain someone who escaped from the clutches of the Croatian. Maggie doesn’t take much time to realize that the person is Tommaso, who decides to help her with his knowledge of the Croat’s kingdom.

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Luther tries to stand against Amaia and Tommaso’s decision to put their lives on the line to help two complete strangers, who are Maggie and Negan. Luther, while dealing with his frustration, shouts that Hershel is dead, which severely affects Maggie. Negan goes to her to console her. He adds that he got separated from Annie and their son after the woman got assaulted by a group of men. Negan made them leave for Missouri under the false promise that he will follow them in the next wagon. However, Negan didn’t reunite with his family, possibly because he is thinking that his presence is causing unbearable misfortunes.

The Croat brings Perlie Armstrong to his “office” to try to know more about him. The Croatian wants to know whether someone has accompanied him during his “trip” to Manhattan. The Croat also reveals to the marshal that he is on the island to produce gas from the dead bodies that were accumulated at the place. When Perlie doesn’t compromise or even talk, the Croat makes him fight inside a “cage” with his handcuffs on, only for the walkers to try to kill him. The Croat also manages to lay his hands on a letter Perlie has been hiding, only for him to read the same out loud as a punishment.

The Walking Dead: Dead City Episode 3 Ending: Will Negan and Ginny Reconnect?

After arriving in Manhattan, Ginny witnesses enormous herds of walkers. While trying to escape from them, she loses her dinosaur doll and helplessly witnesses someone picks up the same from the ground. The person who takes the doll happens to be an ally of Amaia and Tommaso’s group, who hands over the doll to them. Maggie identifies the same as Ginny’s, which makes her anxious. She sets out to burn down the toy so that she could avoid Negan from encountering the doll and Ginny’s arrival at the place. Maggie must have decided to do the same because she doesn’t want to hurt Negan concerning his daughter-figure’s fate.

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Maggie must be fearing that Ginny got attacked by the walkers and possibly killed, which can be why she doesn’t inform Negan about the girl’s doll. Maggie may want Negan’s emotional and physical support to conquer the Croat and save Hershel, which makes her distance Negan from everything that can distract him from his current mission. If Negan doesn’t look for and find Ginny, she may try to do the same. Considering the traps the Croat has placed across the island, the possibility of Ginny falling into one of those traps can’t be ruled out. If that’s the case, Negan and Ginny may only reconnect if the former succeeds in putting an end to the Croat’s viciousness.

From Negan’s revelation about his former connection with the Croat and the Croatian’s conversation with Hershel, it is clear that the scientist’s principal target most likely is Negan. If the Croat encounters Ginny on the island, he may want to hurt her to hurt Negan. To avoid the same, Maggie and others may find a way to kill the Croatian in no time with the help of Tommaso. If that happens, we can expect Negan and Ginny to reconnect.

Is Luther Dead?

Yes, Luther is dead. When Maggie and Negan learn that Tommaso ran away from the custody of the Croat, they press him to help them. Although Tommaso and his community had decided to not wage a war against the Croatian after his escape, he understands the gravity of the situation and promises to help Maggie and Negan. Luther, however, doesn’t accept the same. He believes that his peers are putting their lives on the line for nothing in return since he thinks that Hershel is already dead. Luther doesn’t want his friends to throw away their and their allies’ lives for the sake of two complete strangers.

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Thus, Luther asks Negan to leave his community for the sake of his friends’ lives. Negan, however, isn’t ready to lose hope and accept defeat even before the war officially starts. He makes it clear to Luther that he doesn’t have any indication to back off, which leads to a confrontation between the two of them. After a physical fight, Negan inadvertently pushes Luther, only for the latter to fall down and hit his head on pipes that kill him. Negan may want to keep Luther’s death a secret if he wants to continue expecting Amaia and Tommaso’s assistance to find Hershel.

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