The Witcher Blood Origin End-Credits Scene, Explained: What Does Avallac’h Want From Ciri?

Netflix’s ‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ is a prequel series that gives us the history of the Continent, prior to the Conjunction of the Spheres which forever changed the world. The four-part series follows the story of the seven who rose against the oppressive elven rule and fought for their freedom. However, their actions unintentionally lead to the very thing that they’d been trying to stop. This kickstarts a series of events that eventually leads us to Ciri’s story in ‘The Witcher’. As if the ending doesn’t give us enough to connect with the original series, the mid-credits scene of ‘Blood Origin’ establishes yet another connection between the two stories. Here’s what it means for ‘The Witcher’ going forward. SPOILERS AHEAD

What Does Avallac’h Want?

Avallac’h is first introduced to the audience as an unassuming young mage who is still in training. He comes into focus when he saves elven Empress Merwyn from being killed. This leads her to make Avallac’h, originally named Crevan Espane aep Caomhan Macha, to be her personal protector. While Avallac’h still has a long way to go, he proves himself to be rather quick at adapting to his new station and learns a lot of things from the Book of Monoliths in a very short time.

Just before the final battle in Xin’trea, Avallac’h is about to reveal what he has found in the book. He barely talks about how the book reveals a way to travel not just through the worlds but also through time. While such information should be enough to get the Empress’s attention, she is distracted by the entry of Fjall on the scene. This leads Avallac’h to be dismissed and he doesn’t appear until much later in the story.

In the mid-credits scene, we find Avallac’h 1200 years in the future. He watches Ciri from afar in a scene that is taken from the first episode of ‘The Witcher’ Season 1. This is when Cintra was still doing well and Ciri was still a naive young princess who dressed as a commoner to get out and play with other kids. Coincidentally, this was also the first time that Geralt saw Ciri, though he didn’t realize who she was. Avallac’h, on the other hand, seems to know exactly who she is and seems pleased by the fact that he has found her.

While it is still a little early to ascertain what exactly Avallac’h wants from Ciri, it can be assumed that he knows about the Elder Blood that flows in her veins and the powers that come with it. Ciri’s powers have made her the most wanted person on the Continent, so it is not a surprise that Avallac’h is interested in her. In the books too, Avallac’h finds Ciri, though the arc the series follows would starkly differ from what originally happens.

In ‘Blood Origin’, Avallac’h comes from the same world as Ciri, albeit in a different timeline. In the books, he comes from a completely different world and wants Ciri to have a child with his emperor so that they can introduce her powers to their bloodline. The show, however, seems to have deviated from it, so it is likely that Avallac’h’s intentions with Ciri are considerably different now.

The mid-credits scene also establishes the fact that this is not the same Avallac’h that we first met. Previously, he had been rather unsure of his powers. When he was hired by Merwyn, he was so scared that he was certain that he would die by the end. Slowly, however, as he figures out more and more things about the monoliths, he gets more confident about his powers. One can assume that figuring out a way to travel through time would add to that confidence. The Avallac’h that we see in the end has learned a lot more things.

The book and traveling through time have taught him more than what the mages at Xin’trea ever could. Somewhere in between this, he found out about Ciri’s powers, which include the ability to travel through worlds. While the book tells Avallac’h how to travel through different worlds, it doesn’t give him that ability. He still needs the monoliths to do that. With the monolith in Xin’trea destroyed, Avallac’h may be looking for something that can help him with that issue. And with Ciri, it seems he has found the solution.

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