The Wrath of Becky Ending, Explained: What is the Secret of the Key?

Arguably the most disturbing thing about the first Becky (2020) film is not the action, violence, and gore. In the standard of modern Hollywood, those aspects in the movie are pretty ordinary. But it was truly jarring to see Kevin James, a man who has built a career by playing the lovable loser who comes through at the right time, portray a neo-Nazi. Although the directors are different, ‘The Wrath of Becky’ still has an example of brilliant casting, with Seann William Scott playing the leader of a domestic terrorist group. When the refuge that Becky (Lulu Wilson) had found after years of running is taken away, she gleefully embraces the violence brimming within her and goes on a warpath. Here is everything you might want to know about the ending of ‘The Wrath of Becky.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Wrath of Becky Plot Synopsis

Three years have passed since the events of the first film; Becky is 16 now. She has been to three foster homes and didn’t stay long at any of those places. In the prologue of the film, she and Diego are sent to the home of an overly-sweet religious couple. Although Becky initially decides to play along and provide the couple with precisely what they want to hear, she decides to flee when they drift off to sleep. She is sent to two other foster families but doesn’t stay with them either.

Shortly before the film begins, Becky runs into a woman while hitchhiking. This woman turns out to be Elena, who welcomes Becky into her home. At the start of the film, Becky lives with Elena and works at the local diner. Her idyllic life is interrupted following the arrival of the members of the Noble Men in town for a purpose that becomes clear later. Apparently, the group wants to start an insurrection, and they have selected this town as its epicenter. They hate a liberal politician, Senator Hernandez, and her policies more than anything else and have held rallies against her. Believing those to be ineffective, some members have decided on a more violent approach. When Sean rolls into the town with DJ and Anthony, he is under the impression that this will be yet another rally. It isn’t until later that he realizes the truth.

Correctly figuring out the types of people these three are, Becky lets her confrontational part shine through by “dropping” a cup of hot coffee on Anthony’s lap. However, the three men figure out she did what she did intentionally and secretly follows her to Elena’s home. Anthony first attacks Becky, who calls Diego for aid. But before he can get to Becky and Anthony, DJ hits him with a baseball bat. When Elena tries to intervene, Anthony shoots her. An enraged Becky tries to attack one of the men but is knocked out. The following morning, she wakes up to find Elena dead and Diego missing. Doing her best not to panic, Becky buries Elena before setting out for revenge.

Having heard that the men are in town to meet someone named Darryl, Becky decides it’s a good place to start. There are two Darryls in the town. The first is an elderly woman who smokes like a chimney while walking around with an oxygen cylinder. With one Darrel apparently out of consideration, Becky focuses on the other one.

At the home of the second Darryl, Anthony threatens his friends with dire consequences if they tell anyone what happened the night before. But their behavior soon draws the interest of Darryl, who gets the truth out of the three younger men. Unbeknownst to any of them, Becky is right outside, watching them and preparing to attack.

The Wrath of Becky Ending: Does Becky Get Revenge?

Although both ‘Becky’ films have other themes they explore, they are primarily about revenge. Becky’s actions are triggered in both films after she is wronged. In ‘The Wrath of Becky,’ she targets a few members of the Noble Men after they break into the house, where she found a new home, and kill Elena.

We learn that Anthony and DJ are in town to actualize the attack on Senator Hernandez, who is about to deliver a speech at the town hall. Sean had no idea about this. He is simply a racist and sexist but hasn’t been radicalized yet to the point that he would commit violence against the US government.

Meanwhile, as Becky assesses the situation, she discovers that Darryl is a former Army Ranger who did several tours in Iraq. He almost matter-of-factly narrates a story from those days to Sean to let him know what he and his people do to traitors. Until that point in the narrative, we weren’t exactly sure about the type of monster he is, but that story clarifies everything.

The first person to die in this group is Anthony. Darryl sends him out to negotiate with Becky about returning her dog. But Anthony has no intention to do so and tries to kill Becky. He falls into a trap that Becky set up earlier and later is sent to the front door of Daryl’s home. When Darryl opens the door, Anthony’s head explodes. The next person to die is Sean. Darryl kills him after he tries to leave and insults the Noble Men. Becky shoots a crossbow bolt through the mouth of Twig, a noble Men member. She later kills him before she is knocked out with the tranquilizer shot.

Darryl doesn’t immediately kill Becky because she has the list of all members of Noble Men across the country. He knows what a disaster it will be if the authorities learn about the list and keeps Becky alive to extract the information. But the arrival of the head of the Noble Men doesn’t negate the issue, and Becky succeeds in killing Darryl by luring him to the trap she set up earlier. With his dying breath, he praises her.

Who is the Leader of the Noble Men?

In an example of twisted irony, a woman is the head of the Noble Men. It turns out that it’s someone whom both the protagonist and the audience met earlier: the other Darryl in the town. Apparently, she is the mother of Darryl Jr. and named him after herself. After her son captures Becky, Darryl Sr. shows up to interrogate her, using Diego to force her to reveal the whereabouts of the thumb drive.

Becky uses her girls’ scouts’ knowledge to get herself free, hits Darryl Jr. with gas from a canister to force him to leave the room momentarily, and throws a knife at Darryl Sr. She returns to pick up Diego and discovers that Darryl Sr. is still alive. The older woman tries to shoot her, but with a knife embedded into her brain, the shot misses the mark. In revenge for her earlier actions, Becky instructs Diego to maul and eat Darryl Sr.

What is the Secret of the Key?

The key is what the neo-Nazi came seeking in the first film and killed Becky’s father. In the sequel, Becky learns with Darryl Jr’s inadvertent help that the key can be opened and contains coordinates. Toward the end of the episode, a CIA operative asks Becky two questions, with the condition that if she answers affirmatively to the first question, she will get a second question. Becky answers yes when asked whether she will be the youngest recruit in the history of the CIA. As the second questions involve the secret of the key, we can presume that Becky now knows the truth, which will probably be explored in the potential third film. ‘The Wrath of Becky’ ends with Becky hunting down DJ and killing him with a rocket launcher.

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