How Many Kids Does Thomas Randolph Have? Where Are They Now?

Thomas Randolph has made quite the name for himself in the media and the true-crime world for his supposed actions during the past few years. Dubbed to be the “Black Widower” for having four out of his six wives pass away under highly suspicious circumstances while still being married to them, his intriguing nature has pulled us all to suspect him of the worst. And with his sixth wife, Sharon Causse Randolph, getting shot to death in May 2008, all eyes were on him. His case is one that just keeps on giving, especially considering that he was found guilty for the murder before his conviction was overturned. But for now, let’s focus on his children, shall we?

How Many Kids Does Thomas Randolph Have?

Despite having tied the knot six different times across two states (Utah and Nevada), Thomas Randolph is the biological father of only two kids; Justus and Krista Randolph. Thomas had married his first wife, Kathryn Thomas, when she was just 18, and over the few years that they were together, she gave birth to both of his children. However, because she thought he was controlling, manipulative, and psychologically abusive, she broke things off with him and moved on to be with her current husband, Stephen Thomas.

The new couple subsequently moved to Washington to get away from Thomas Randolph, who married his second wife, Becky Gault, the day his divorce from Kathryn was finalized. Even though Thomas married Gayna Allmon after Becky passed away and then tied the knot with Leona Stapleton when that didn’t work out, he had no children with either of these women. Even with his fifth and sixth wives, Francis Randolph and Sharon Causse, Thomas never shared a child with them, preferring to be a step-father to their respective kids.

Where Are Thomas Randolph’s Children Now?

While details about what Krista Brook Randolph is up to these days are a bit murky, it seems as though the 40-year-old currently resides in Federal Way, Washington, and has made a good life for herself. As for her elder brother, Justus Joseph, he apparently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where he not only works as a Professor for the Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University but is also a happily married man with a family of his own. Although, in saying that, it seems like both siblings prefer to live their lives well away from social media platforms and prying eyes.

While Justus doesn’t speak much about his father publicly, Krista recently opened up about him to true-crime investigators and reporters Melissa McCarty and Kelly McLear for their podcast ‘Killer Genes.’ She used the opportunity to support Thomas and express her delight over the Nevada Supreme Court’s decision to overturn his death penalty. “I’m speechless, that’s awesome,” she said upon hearing the news. “Wow, wow. I’m in total shock. This never happens. Oh My God! This made my day, my life.” So, we think it’s safe to say that Krista, at least, believes her father’s claims of innocence.

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