Through My Window Across the Sea Ending: Does Ares End Up with Raquel or Vera?

Based on the ‘Hidalgos’ series of books by Ariana Godoy, ‘Through My Window: Across the Sea’ or ‘A través del mar’ is the second entry in the ‘Through My Window’ series. The first film came out in 2022, introducing us to the two main characters in the franchise: Ares Hidalgo (Julio Peña) and Raquel (Clara Galle). Despite all the challenges they face, Ares and Raquel end up together at the end of the first film. In ‘Through My Window: Across the Sea,’ Ares is in Stockholm, pursuing a degree in medicine, whereas Raquel is in Barcelona studying literature. They are in a long-distance relationship that seems to be going well, but they individually have begun to feel the pressure of the new adulthood. Complicating the matter is the loneliness they both feel and the appearance of the new romantic interests. If you are wondering whether Ares ends up with Raquel or someone else at the end of ‘Through My Window: Across the Sea,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Fate of Ares and Raquel’s Relationship

‘Through My Window: Across the Sea’ is not based on Godoy’s second book, ‘A través de ti.’ The second film also seemingly retcons certain aspects of the narrative. For instance, in ‘Through My Window,’ Raquel publishes her book, also named ‘Through My Window,’ four months after Ares leaves for Stockholm. However, in the sequel, it is revealed that she is still undecided about publishing the book, even though she received glowing praise for the manuscript from her professor. This serves as an important sub-plot in the film.

Meanwhile, the more time he spends in Stockholm, away from his family and Raquel, the more lonely Ares feels. After receiving an F in one of his classes, he decides to return to Barcelona for a while. Following a passionate reunion with Raquel, they decide to attend the San Juan festival together. When they get to the Hidalgo property at Port d’Esclanyà, they find that Ares’ older brother Artemis and his secret girlfriend Claudia are already there. Soon, Raquel’s friends, Yoshi and Daniela, and Ares’ younger brother, Apolo, who is in a relationship with Daniela, show up there.

Yoshi and Daniela are not the good friends they think they are. Yoshi has been in love with Raquel for a long time, and even though Raquel is in a relationship with Ares, Yoshi still clings to those feelings. Daniela encourages Raquel to discuss the idea of an open relationship with Ares, even though the other girl has told her in no uncertain terms that she has no interest in that. The biggest problem with a long-distance relationship is that people make certain presumptions in the physical absence of the partner. Gregory, a young man from Raquel’s class, expresses his interest in her. It turns out that he knows Ares as well. In the past, Gregory’s girlfriend left him for Ares, but he broke up with her a short time later.

As the group spends days languidly — sailing on the Hidalgo family yacht, soaking in the Mediterranean sun, and having sex, a friend of Ares from Stockholm arrives on her own yacht. Vera (Andrea Chaparro) has become a close friend of Ares within the year they have known each other. Although it quickly becomes apparent that Ares told Vera all about Raquel, Yoshi and Daniela question Ares and Vera’s relationship.

Daniela sends Raquel Vera’s photo wearing Ares’ shirt, making the other girl distraught. Raquel confronts both of them during a game of spin-the-bottle. Ares later speaks to her about his struggles with loneliness in Stockholm, and how Vera helped him through it. On a night when Ares drank too much, he ended up in a bed with Vera. Nothing really happened, but Vera put on his shirt in the morning. As Ares speaks about his struggles, Raquel tells him he should have told her about them.

A rift forms in their relationship, and Raquel attends the party with her friends while Ares decides to stay home. When Raquel leaves him to spend time with Gregory, Yoshi realizes that he will never be anything more than a friend to Raquel. After he steals the motorcycle of one of the local goons, they chase him through the narrow mountain paths with sharp corners. Because of an approaching car from the other side, Yoshi loses control and falls from a cliff. Seeing this, Ares rushes to him on a jet ski. Despite his efforts, he is unable to save the other young man.

At Yoshi’s funeral, Raquel holds Ares responsible for her friend’s death. This prompts Ares to comment that he would have been able to save Yoshi if he hadn’t spent most of his time with his face buried in the phone. While speaking at the funeral, an emotional Raquel refers to her relationship with Ares as temporary and a mistake. They effectively break up, and he goes back to Stockholm, while she discovers that Yoshi has submitted her book for publication. It is implied that Raquel and Ares will become romantically involved with Gregory and Vera, respectively. But the clip shown during the credits indicates the possibility of reconciliation.

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