Through My Window: Across the Sea: Is Yoshi Dead?

Directed by Marçal Forés, ‘Through My Window: Across the Sea’ or ‘A través del mar’ is a teen romance film. It is based on the ‘Hidalgos’ book series by Ariana Godoy. The first film, ‘Through My Window’ or ‘A través de mi ventana,’ ends with Ares Hidalgo (Julio Peña) and Raquel (Clara Galle) becoming a couple and Ares’ family accepting the fact that he is free to choose the life he wants for himself. Ares subsequently goes to Stockholm to study medicine. In the sequel, the Witch and the Greek God (Raquel and Ares’ nicknames for each other) try to maintain their long-distance relationship across more than thousands of miles while facing personal struggles and dealing with loneliness.

Portrayed by Guillermo Lasheras, Yoshi is one of the closest friends of Raquel. He has been in love with her for years but never mustered the courage to tell her about it. In the first film, he is the one who pushes Ares into the swimming pool, triggering the other boy’s chlorine allergy. In the sequel, he continues to be an important part of the narrative. Even though he still has feelings for Raquel, he starts to realize that she will never see him the way he wants her to. If the events of ‘Through My Window: Across the Sea’ have made you wonder whether Yoshi is dead, here is what we know. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Yoshi Dead?

Yes, Yoshi is dead in ‘Through My Window: Across the Sea.’ As mentioned above, Yoshi is still very much in love with Raquel at the start of the film, and almost everyone can see except the object of his affection, though it’s possible that she simply doesn’t want to acknowledge it, fearing that it will change the dynamic between them. Meanwhile, Raquel and Ares spend most of their time staring at their phone for each other’s messages, and that predictably affects their performances at school. Feeling increasingly lonely and out of place, Ares returns to Barcelona, which becomes a matter of concern for Yoshi and the other close friend of Raquel, Daniela. Yoshi and Daniela decide to be there for Raquel wherever she needs them.

Yoshi gets a love story in this film, but it ends abruptly with its death. Anna is the younger sister of Gregory who becomes a romantic interest for Raquel. The first time Yoshi and Anna meet, she protects him from local goons during the group’s trip to the San Juan party. Anna is clearly interested in Yoshi and has no qualms about letting him know how she feels. However, Yoshi’s feelings for Raquel are still in place, and he increasingly becomes awkward around Anna, even after they have sex. She invites him to the lighthouse to watch the fireworks, but he declines, choosing to go to the festival with Raquel and Daniela instead.

At this point, Raquel and Ares are having trouble after it is revealed that Ares and his friend Vera have slept together, though he claims that he was too drunk for anything to happen. At the party, Raquel leaves to spend time with Gregory, making Yoshi finally realize that he will never be more than a best friend to her. With Daniela busy with her boyfriend, Ares’ younger brother Apolo, Yoshi spots the signal from the lighthouse and decides to leave. He steals the motorcycle belonging to one of the goons mentioned earlier. They give chase through the mountain road with sharp corners.

Because of an oncoming car from the other side, Yoshi loses control and falls off a cliff. Ares spots him from his family’s property and rushes to him on a jet ski but is unable to save him. At Yoshi’s funeral, a grief-stricken Raquel blames Ares for Yoshi’s death, prompting him to retort that he could have saved him if he didn’t spend the entire year with his face buried in his phone.

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