Too Hot to Handle Season 2: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

With the same scorching format as its previous installment, ‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 2 debuted on Netflix in June 2021. This season retained the irresistible premise of tempting singles with a substantial cash prize, contingent on their ability to resist physical connections. With a new batch of contestants, the series delivered fresh doses of romance, drama, and unexpected twists. As fans look back on the fiery antics of the season, they may find themselves curious about the current whereabouts of the contestants. From new relationships to exciting ventures, tracking the post-show journeys of the contestants adds an exciting dimension for the fans. Let’s dive into the present-day lives of these reality stars and discover where their paths have led them.  

Emily Miller and Cam Holmes are Still Together

Emily Miller and Cam Holmes have had a whirlwind romance. Despite a brief split after filming, the couple proved that they are inseparable. They moved in together and celebrated various milestones in their relationship. Notably, they marked their first anniversary with a trip to Inverness, Scotland, and their third anniversary with a surprise visit to Paris. As of December 2023, they happily celebrated their fourth Christmas together. The couple shared the exciting news on New Year’s Day, revealing that they are expecting their first child, due in June 2024. This would be a rainbow baby as Emily underwent a significant health challenge in June 2022, when she had to have her fallopian tube removed following a miscarriage caused by ectopic pregnancy. This adversity brought the couple even closer, strengthening their bond.

Embracing their newfound popularity, Emily and Cam launched a joint YouTube channel, Cam & Em, where they engage with fans and provide insights into their relationship. Additionally, they collaborated with Google UK for a camping crib, showcasing their growing influence. Individually, both Emily and Cam ventured into brand collaborations. Cam expanded his artistic pursuits by releasing a single, “Roses,” featuring Emily, and they anticipate the release of another single, “Aftertaste.” The couple also frequently shares glimpses of their adventures, reflecting their love for travel.

Carly Lawrence and Joey Joy Have Parted Their Ways

Carly Lawrence and Joey Joy experienced a more tumultuous journey. Initially breaking up after the show, they managed to reconcile and relocated to Los Angeles together. However, the relationship faced another challenge, and they decided to part ways for the second time. Carly, in particular, went through a publicized period when she accused Joey of cheating in August 2021. Despite the ups and downs, she found love again and got married to ‘Love Island USA’ star Bennett Sipes in May 2022. Her post-show journey also includes establishing a clothing line, Sutherland and Co., as well as embracing the role of an Instagram influencer.

Meanwhile, Joey Joy seems to have since pursued his creative endeavors with a podcast titled ‘Joey Joy Radio,’ and a role in the show ‘Miss Match.’ Splitting his time between Miami and Los Angeles, he also actively engages with his audience through his YouTube channel as well as TikTok presence. Currently, he is part of the cast for ‘Serving the Hamptons.’

Elle Monae is a Digital Content Creator Today

Elle Monae, a multifaceted talent, has ventured into various realms of the entertainment industry. She’s a singer-songwriter and is associated with the BOU Agency for a career in modeling. As a Fashion Nova Ambassador, she graced the cover of Playboy South Africa magazine, elevating her profile in the fashion world. Elle has even embraced the digital era and transitioned into an online content creator. Moreover, in 2023, she launched her latest single, “Land of Groove,” showcasing her raw skills to continue thriving in the music industry. Notably, Elle is not confined to established platforms, as she has also taken on the role of founder and designer for her brand, Star X Crossed LLC.

Melinda Melrose and Marvin Anthony are Not Together Anymore

The romantic journey of Melinda Melrose and Marvin Anthony from ‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 2 faced its share of challenges. Unfortunately, the pair decided to part ways due to the strain of long-distance. The news of their breakup unfolded during the 2021 reunion show, where Marvin shared the difficulty of meeting in Tulum, Mexico, leading to a heated exchange with Melinda. While initially not on speaking terms, they eventually found common ground and still seem to maintain a friendship. Post-breakup, Melinda briefly dated fellow cast member Peter Vigilante but confirmed their split in March 2022.

Melinda has taken significant strides in her career, becoming the host of the Netflix show ‘Dated and Related.’ She remains active on social media, sharing beauty and hair care content, and has ventured into diverse areas, including participating in a panel with Allure. This professional model’s extensive travels further characterize her post-show life. On the other hand, Marvin has delved into the film industry, being part of the short film ‘Be You,’ slated for presentation at the Cannes Festival 2024 in the Best Short Film category. Now settled in Los Angeles, he seems to be focused on expanding his professional career now.

Tabitha Clifft and Chase DeMoor Have Split Up

Tabitha Clifft and Chase DeMoor have both undergone significant personal transformations since their split. The former has embarked on a journey of self-discovery and mental health. In a candid Instagram post in 2023, she reflected on her past pursuit of societal beauty standards, expressing a newfound commitment to self-acceptance. Tabitha’s introspective travels to Bali and India culminated in a deep spiritual experience, prompting her to start an online community named Tabitha’s Community, focused on self-love. As a Yogi and Radical Transformation Coach, she shares her insights and experiences. We should also mention she currently seems to split her time between Dubai and London.

Chase DeMoor, a pro football player turned boxer, continued his athletic pursuits and even diversified into c0-hosting a podcast named the ‘Unscripted Show,’ with Gabrielle Moses. He also achieved success by winning the Misfits Boxing championship in January 2024. Chase’s participation in ‘All-Star Shore’ 2 and ‘Perfect Match‘ in 2023 added to his growing portfolio. On the Zachary Reality podcast, he further shed light on the realities of reality shows, challenging the perception of perfection.

Larissa Trownson is an Instagram Influencer

Larissa Trownson, a lawyer turned model, has successfully transitioned into the world of fashion and influence. As a Fashion Nova Ambassador as well as Instagram influencer, this New Zealander showcases bold and beautiful avatars on her profile. Her vibrant and confident presence resonates through her posts, earning her a significant following. Notably, Larissa is romantically involved with Jack Mellor, adding a personal touch to her journey beyond the screen.

Nathan Webb is Now a Father

Nathan Webb continues to be recognized not only for his appearances on ‘Too Hot to Handle’ but also ‘This is Fire,’ a cooking show. He has since even featured on ‘Miss Match’ and has taken on roles as a Fitness Coach as well as Model. In 2022, he celebrated the arrival of his first child, a daughter named Kynlei, with his then-girlfriend, Kayleigh Rock. While they are no longer together, Nathan remains committed to ensuring his daughter’s happiness and well-being. Additionally, he marked a significant milestone in April 2023 by purchasing a new house, symbolizing both personal and professional achievements.

Kayla Carter is Now a Fashionista 

Kayla Carter, who participated in Miss Universe Philippines – Northern California, continues to make waves in the modeling world. On her personal Instagram, Kayla shares glimpses of her modeling shoots and global travels. Her diverse portfolio includes collaborations with various brands, highlighting her continued success in the modeling industry.

Christina Carmela and Robert Van Tromp Have Now Separated

Christina Carmela and Robert Van Tromp confirmed their separation in September 2021. Since parting ways, Christina has pursued a multifaceted and flourishing career as a pilot, model, and social media influencer. Her attendance at the 76th annual Cannes Film Festival in May 2023 and her association with Dysrpt Agency underscores her continued presence in the public eye. Engaging in brand partnerships further solidifies Christina’s role as an influential figure.

On the other hand, Robert Van Tromp has embraced a new path as a dating and wellness coach. Sharing motivational quotes on his social media, he radiates positivity and encourages a healthy mindset. His YouTube channel, ‘Lipstick Stained Passport with Robert Van Tromp,’ delves into the complexities of dating and relationships while maintaining a positive outlook. Robert’s extensive travel experiences, having explored 47 countries as of writing, are documented on his channel, with a particular focus on solo adventures on a budget.

Peter Vigilante Hosts a Podcast Today

Peter Vigilante is now known for co-hosting ‘The Not So PG Podcast’ with his brother Gianni Vigilante. He has also made a mark as a TikTok sensation. In 2021, he crossed paths with the renowned John Cena, marking him go viral. This New York-Los Angeles-based influencer’s presence on Instagram further adds a layer to his digital footprint, showcasing a blend of entertainment and personal connections. As for his personal standing, his last serious public involvement was with Melinda Melrose, as reported.

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