Tiny Beautiful Things Season 2 is Highly Unlikely


Hulu’s drama series, ‘Tiny Beautiful Things’ is an adaptation of the book of the same name by Cheryl Strayed. Created by Liz Tigelaar, the series follows the story of 49-year-old Clare Pierce, whose life falls apart after she gives the money meant for her daughter’s college fund to her brother. This decision has severe repercussions, bringing her marriage to the point of breaking up and souring the relationship with her daughter. Clare looks back at her life and decisions when offered to write an advice column for an online magazine.

‘Tiny Beautiful Things’ is a heartfelt portrayal of loss and love. The series tugs at the audiences’ heartstrings while giving them some precious life lessons and making them wonder if Clare’s story will continue in another season. SPOILERS AHEAD

Will Tiny Beautiful Things Season 2 Happen?

‘Tiny Beautiful Things’ Season 1 premiered on Hulu on April 7, 2023. It comprises eight episodes of 25-30 minutes each, which were dropped simultaneously. The series received positive reviews, with the praise directed towards Kathryn Hahn’s performance as Clare Pierce. The raw and honest depiction of grief and how it affects a person’s life made the show a riveting watch. It enjoyed an already-built fanbase consisting of people who followed Cheryl Strayed’s Dear Sugar column or read her book on which the show is based.

The renewal of a series usually depends on the response that it gets from the audience, considering which ‘Tiny Beautiful Things’ should get a renewal. However, it was touted as a limited series and planned for just one season. With this in mind, we can say that the Hulu series will not be returning for a second season.

While limited series are usually meant to last for a single season, there have been some shows that garnered so much popularity that the creators decided to continue the story into multiple seasons ahead. The same could happen for ‘Tiny Beautiful Things.’ Currently, Hulu has made no official announcements about the show’s return. However, if they decide to proceed with it, we don’t expect the second season to air until early 2025.

The first season of ‘Tiny Beautiful Things’ centers on Clare’s personal problems while trying to advise strangers. Despite all the plot points, at its core, Clare’s story is about coming to terms with the sudden loss of her mother. The grief casts a shadow over her life, even decades later, while she tackles her problems at 49. By the end of the season, things improve for Clare. Her relationship with her daughter, Rae, recovers, and she better understands her mother and her own feelings about the loss after writing in the column. The fate of her marriage is hinted at, but overall, Clare appears to have a handle on the situation.

Should her story continue into the second season, the show could expand upon the points that were not tied up as neatly in the Season 1 finale. While Danny has expressed his desire to end their marriage, the fate of their relationship is still in the air, and things could land either way. Another important and largely unexplored point in the story is Clare and Lucas’ relationship with their father, who had been absent most of their lives.

In the final episode, Clare discovers that her brother has sold their mother’s house to their father. This is a huge betrayal because she knows her father was abusive toward their mother. While Lucas seems to have forgiven their father, who claims he has changed, Clare’s mind will not be swayed so easily. In the second season, we could get a deeper look into what happened with Clare’s father and how his absence and reappearance impacted her life. There is a lot that is still left to be explored in Clare’s story. However, even if the show doesn’t go for another season, the finale ties things up well enough to leave things on a hopeful note for Clare.

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