Team TNT: Where Are Team Ninja Warrior Season 2 Runner-ups Now?

Displaying the remarkable power of athleticism, ‘Team Ninja Warrior’ features ‘American Ninja Warrior’ alumni in a series of obstacle courses designed to test their mettle. Encountering arduous challenges, the participants find themselves giving their all to keep their stake in the competition. Of the numerous teams that displayed their acumen in season 2, TNT was also one. With swift moves that showcase an eclectic mix of skills, TNT managed to make a considerable advance in the show. Years since the trio first teamed up, fans have continued to wonder more about their whereabouts.

Travis Rosen is Now a Motivational Speaker

Alternatively known as The Ageless Wonder, the former Tennessee Trader made his abilities as a ninja apparent throughout his appearance on the show. Once an All-American gymnast at the University of Iowa, Travis has displayed his eclectic abilities more than once. Having competed on ‘American Ninja Warrior’ ten times, the television personality displayed his stealth and swiftness once again in ‘Team Ninja Warrior.’ Along with his group, Travis managed to overcome several obstacles throughout the season.

Since leaving fans awestruck by his performance, he has been busy in different ways. Travis announced his departure from the reality series in 2019. He has since taken up the role of a public speaker and author. The television personality expressed his take on human abilities in ‘The Heart of a Ninja: Stretch Your Boundaries 1.’ Besides this, Travis also works as a keynote speaker and shares his invaluable knowledge of athleticism at several events. When he’s not working, the father-of-three likes to dote on his family. Based in Franklin, Tennessee, with his wife and kids, the reality star devotes his time to his small unit.

Adam Arnold Now Wears Several Hats

With a degree in manufacturing, construction, and industrial management technology from Ozarks Technical Community College, Adam Arnold went on to be the first competitor to complete the Orlando finals course. He joined ‘American Ninja Warrior’ in season 6 and went on to display his abilities across difficult obstacles for three seasons. After season 9, the television personality did not receive a call back for season 10 or 11.

Besides his feat on reality television, Adam has also explored other ends of professional growth. He has been working as an industrial maintenance technician now. Using his agility on difficult courses, Adam has now shifted into other realms, too. The devout has been working as a Ninja Warrior trainer and carpenter. With an ever-evolving following on social media, Adam continues to post his prompt reflexes when encountered with a hard course. The television personality basks in domestic bliss, as well. When he’s not working or heightening his abilities in the gym, he likes to spend time with his wife, Brianna, and their son.

Joyce Shahboz is Now a Rock Climber, Drummer, Wife and Mother

Having made her debut in ‘American Ninja Warrior’ in season 4 along with her husband Marc, Joyce laid the foundation of her growth from the get-go. She continued to display her ever-evolving skills in the competition till season 7. Later, her appearance with team TNT also confirmed her unrelenting resolve for athletics. Since parting ways with reality television, Joyce has been exploring other paths. Having climbed Mount Midoriyama twice, Joyce remains steadfast in her resolve to challenge herself mentally and physically. Joyce’s primary focus remains her work in physical therapy.

The television personality has been famous for helping out Drew midway in the competition. She continues to deliver the same level of support for numerous patients day in and out. While her feat in her profession and passion continue to evolve, the athlete is equally happy when it comes to her personal life. Most recently, Joyce and her husband celebrated the 30th anniversary of their first date. Besides sharing years of companionship with her significant other, Joyce also wears the hat of a mother. The rock climber is a mother to two young women and continues to dote on her daughters. Besides sharing moments of domestic bliss on Instagram, Joyce also likes to share anecdotes of her family’s life every now and then. The television personality is also a skilled drummer and likes to work on different aspects of her musical journey too.

Brett Sims is Teaching Ninja Skills Even Today

Albeit the timely breaks he has taken in between, Brett Sims had been an enthusiastic participant in ‘American Ninja Warrior’ since the very start. He later competed in ‘Ninja Vs. Ninja,’ too. Along with his wife, Grace, the duo became the first married couple to qualify for the City Finals in season 11. Over the years, he has continued to devote his time to adventure and exploring other paths.

In his latest initiative, the recently turned father has partnered up with his wife and other Ninja alumni to open the MOTIVE School of Movement in South Carolina, dedicated to teaching people the art of Ninja skills. As a 12-time warrior, Brett continues to spend his time exploring the endless capacities of his abilities in the gym. He also has an online store where fans can purchase a variety of necessities if they are training in the sport.

Marybeth Wang is Now Focusing on Her Life

Despite a brief sojourn with ‘American Ninja Warrior,’ Marybeth displayed the extent of her skills time and again. After competing in Las Vegas and Miami for seasons 6 and 7, Marybeth competed on ‘Team Ninja Warrior.’ Initially a member of Storm Team, Marybeth later joined Team TNT. She was also a part of InvincAbels. Coupled with her teammates’ skills on the course, she was able to get to the final round with TNT.

Since showcasing her passion for ninja sports, Marybeth has returned to reclaim her role as a Gym Owner. Even though the television personality has remained decidedly quiet about her life these days, we continue to hope that she has achieved everything she set out for. In the past, Marybeth had active social media accounts, which have since lacked updates about her personal and professional trajectory. Nevertheless, we continue to hope that she and her husband, Chen, have mapped the road to success.

Emily Durham Now Enjoys Familial Bliss

A professional wakeboarder whose skillset consistently improved, Emily managed to win the hearts of viewers time and again. The television personality competed on the show five times. Her appearance on ‘Team Ninja Warrior’ won equal acclaim and renown by viewers. Besides displaying her love for sports on the show, Emily has also worked as an actress on ‘Chick Flick.’ Since her departure from reality television, she has been working as a personal trainer and fitness coach.

The star later moved to Lake Nona, Colorado, along with her husband, Kevin, and family in the pursuit of warmer weather and nearness to lakes. She is now an involved community member who cherishes her time and relishes the company of those around her. Equally involved in the upbringing of her children, the devoted mother regularly takes to her Instagram to dote on her children – Hope and Noah.

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