Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Family Bond

In the fourth episode of ‘Tokyo Revengers’ season 2 or ‘Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown‘ titled ‘Family Bond,’ Mitsuya with other members of his gang meet Taiju with a special condition following which he promises to let Hakkai join Black Dragon. Although Taiju interestingly agrees to the conditions, Mitsuya later feels that the truce was too easy and there is something wrong with the whole situation. Meanwhile, Takemichi and Chifuyu discuss the current circumstances and come to the conclusion that the former has not done enough to change the future.

Taiju Allows Hakkai to Join Black Dragon

After refusing to let Hakkai leave the gang, Mitsuya interestingly asks him to let him meet his brother. Hakkai is naturally concerned but he arranges a meeting. Meanwhile, Chifuyu and Takemichi also tag along with the two of them for the important exchange. When Taiju and Mitsuya finally meet, the latter suddenly changes his tunes. He tells the Black Dragon leader that he will allow Hakkai to join the motorcycle gang on the condition that to release Yuzuha.

Mitsuya then claims that he knows that Taiju has been making his sister engage in illegal activities and he wants that to stop. Interestingly, after a short discussion, Taiju agrees to all the conditions. After the meeting, Chifuyu and Takemichi discuss the current circumstances. The latter argues that Hakkai was going to kill his brother to protect his sister. But now that has been sorted by Mitsuya’s conditions, he feels that the future has changed. However, Chifuyu disagrees and argues that his assumptions about Taiju’s murder can turn out to be wrong as well.

Their discussion is unfortunately interrupted by Hakkai, who meets the duo to talk about his life. Hakkai reveals how his brother has always manipulated people for his own motivations. He would regularly beat up Hakkai and despite promising not to touch Yuzuha, he once ended up beating his sister as well. Hakkai argues that his brother can’t be trusted and the truce he made with Mitsuya means nothing to him. Therefore, he has decided that for the sake of his sister, he is going to kill his own brother.

This revelation shocks Takemichi and Chifuyu, who naturally become quite alarmed aware that they do not have much time on their hands. Takemichi realizes that there is just one option to change the future now and that is to crush Black Dragon before Hakkai does something stupid. Chifuyu and Takemichi meet other Toman members at a restaurant and explain to them the current situation. But their allies cite Mitsuya’s truce to tell the duo that they cannot help them.

How Does Takemichi and His Allies Plan to Stop Hakkai From Killing Taiju?

After the proposal to crush Black Dragon in order to stop Hakkai from killing Taiju is rejected by other Toman members, Takemichi and Chifuyu are left to contemplate other possibilities in the restaurant. That’s when Kisaki returns offering to help the duo. Chifuyu knows what is going to happen in the future, so he does not trust him one bit and threatens to cut him with a broken piece of glass. But Hanma put a blade to Takemichi’s neck threatening to attack if Chifuyu breaks Toman’s rules and encourages infighting.

Interestingly, Kisaki then reveals that he has an informant in Black Dragon who can help them in their mission. Later that night, the four of them meet this Black Dragon who is naturally concerned about his safety. After he is offered 10,000 yen and his safety is assured, he is about to reveal some critical information but Koko barges into the room at that exact time with two other members of the biker gang. He ensures that this informant is taken away.

When Koko is alone with Takemichi and his allies, he offers to reveal whatever secret they want to learn for 100,000 yen. Kisaki gives him the money without any question and learns that Taiju is usually never alone except for Christmas. It turns out that he is a devout Christian who religiously prays on the festival day all alone in the church. After Koko leaves, Kisaki tells Takemichi that he did not put so much effort to learn when Taiju will be alone to kill him. He then asks him when it is most likely that Hakkai will kill Taiju.

The answer is obvious for Takemichi and Kisaki feels that they must stop Hakkai from succeeding in his plans no matter what. Although Takemichi is naturally thrilled to learn such critical information, he is also very concerned about Kisaki. He could not figure out the true nature of Kisaki’s intention which appears to really scare him.

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