Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Christmas Eve

In the fourth episode of ‘Tokyo Revengers’ season 2 or ‘Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown‘ titled ‘Christmas Eve,’ Chifuyu and Takemichi have a brief altercation about working with Kisaki but eventually agree that this is their only option to change the future. Meanwhile, Takemichi learns that Hinata knows Kisaki for several years now as they used to go to the same cram school. After meeting Mr. Tachibana, who is not happy with her daughter’s relationship, Takemichi makes an unexpected decision.

Chifuyu and Takemichi have an Altercation

Although he has agreed to work with Kisaki, Chifuyu struggles with the idea since he already knows that he plans to kill him in the future. Takemichi sympathizes with his friend’s reasoning and lack of trust in Kisaki, but he argues that there they don’t have much of a choice. At this point, stopping Hakkai is critical and Kisaki can help the two of them achieve that goal. Therefore, they agree to cooperate with their archenemy, even though they hate him. The following day, Takemichi sits with Hinata in a park after school and they end up talking about Kisaki.

It turns out that Hina went to the same cram school in elementary school as him. Tetta was quite smart and used to top the practical exams all the time. Although most students ignored him or found him weird, Hinata was kind enough to treat him just like any other student without any preconceived notions. When Hinata learns that Kisaki is now a captain is Toman, she is quite shocked since it’s unlike the studious boy she met many years ago. Interestingly, Takemichi has forgotten that he met Hinata for the first time when she was with Tetta.

Hinata reminds him that many years ago she was about to be bullied by boys when she stopped them from messing with a cat. Luckily, a young Takemichi saw her in distress and immediately run to her side. Although he was beaten up in the process, Takemichi fought valiantly and it was those heroic actions that made her fall in love with him. Takemichi suddenly realizes that she has been in love with him for all these years but he failed to realize it. Before they return to their own homes, Hinata once again reminds Takemichi that they are supposed to meet each other on Christmas eve at Umishita Park.

Why Does Takemichi Dump Hinata?

After meeting Hina, Takemichi heads home happy that he will be able to spend some quality time with her on Christmas eve and then also take part in the crucial operation the following day. But that’s when he recalls a future memory in which Hina had told her that he had broken up with her on Christmas eve. At this point, that decision makes no sense to Takemichi so he decides to just ignore it. But moments later, he is stopped by Hina’s father, Masato Tachibana.

The two of them go to a nearby coffee shop where Masato asks Takemichi if he is dating his daughter. Naturally, Takemichi becomes quite nervous and Mr. Tachibana reassures her that he does not need to worry about anything. He then explains how his wife always praises him and now that he has met Takemichi in person, he feels that she was quite right about him. Mr. Tachibana shares that he is often busy with work because of this he is unable to give much time to his children.

Mr. Tachibana thanks Takemichi for talking to Naoto, who has surprisingly now decided to become a police officer. Since Masato was never really around for his son, it seems that he is genuinely grateful for Takemichi’s helpful intervention. However, Mr. Tachibana then requests him to break up with his Hinata. He reasons that because of the nature of Takemichi’s work, he fears that something bad could end up happening to his daughter, which is understandable.

Takemichi does not take the request lightly and feels that Mr. Tachibana is right to be afraid. Therefore, when he later meets Hinata on Christmas eve at Umishita Park, Takemichi lies that he does not like her anymore and breaks up with her. Hinata gets quiet emotional and ends up beating Takemichi brutally after pushing him to the ground.

What is Kisaki’s Strategy for the Christmas Day Operation?

While Takemichi meets Hina to break up with her, Kisaki and his other allies wait for him to discuss their strategy for the Christmas day operation. When they realize that Takemichi is going to be late, the group decides to wait for him at the restaurant. When the captain of Toman’s First Division eventually arrives, he is completely battered and bruised thanks to Hina’s relentless beating following their breakup. Kisaki then begins to explain that the whole operation will go down at Udagawa Christ Chuch in Shibuya.

Taiju is expected to be there praying all alone in the dead of the night. Usually, the churches are very crowded on Christmas Eve but the day after that everyone is busy with celebrations. That’s when Taiju plans to engage in silent worship completely clueless to the threats to his life. Kisaki plans to wait for Taiju outside the church while he tells Takemichi to go inside and stop Hakkai before he gets to his brother. While Takemichi reasons with his friend, Kisaki and others will beat up Taiju in the meantime.

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