Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Whip Up Morale

In the fifth episode of ‘Tokyo Revengers’ season 2 or ‘Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown‘ titled ‘Whip Up Morale,’ Takemichi and Chifuyu prepare for their mission to stop Hakkai from killing Taiju. Just as they had planned, Kisaki and others wait outside the Church for Taiju so that they can beat him up. Meanwhile, Takemichi goes inside the Church and finds Hakkai waiting for his brother.

Takemichi and Chifuyu Try to Stop Hakkai

Determined to fix his family feud once and for all, Hakkai leaves for the Church, where he plans to kill Taiju. Meanwhile, Chifuyu recalls how he once beat up some of Toman’s members and broke the gang rules. When Baji found out about it, he beat up Chifuyu brutally following which the two of them had a discussion. When Chifuyu explained to him that he only joined Toman because he looked up to him, Baji asked him to only follow him from that day on. In the present day, Takemichi thinks about the high-stakes mission they are about to embark on.

Takemichi knows that if he wants to change the future, this is probably his best chance and there is no room for failure. Therefore, crushing Black Dragon as soon as possible is extremely critical apart from stopping Hakkai from killing Taiju. After recalling the man who changed his life, Chifuyu offers Baji’s sash to Takemichi just before their crucial battle ahead. Takemichi not only accepts it but even asks Chifuyu to wrap it around him. Kisaki soon arrives with his friend and the four of them head toward the church to accomplish their mission. While Kisaki and Chifuyu wait for Taiju outside the church, Takemichi goes inside and just as they had predicted- Hakkai is already there.

When Hakkai sees Takemichi, he immediately realizes that he is there to stop him. He warns that he won’t change his mind and if Takemichi comes in his path, then he will get killed as well. Takemichi still tries to persuade him by reminding him of Yuzuha. While it does appear to momentarily make Hakkai reconsider his decision, it does not last long. To Takemichi’s surprise, Taiju enters the Church with no visible injury. Just when he is trying to comprehend what is happening, Hakkai leaps in his older brother’s direction to take his life.

Who Killed Taiju in the Original Timeline? Does Kisaki Betray Takemichi?

When Hakkai rushes to stab Taiju, the latter easily manages to defend himself. He then grabs his younger brother by the throat and lifts him off his feet. It turns out that Taiju had expected Hakkai will try to kill him but he felt let down that his brother couldn’t do it. Taiju advises Hakkai to stab him from behind without shouting next time. Meanwhile, Takemichi realizes that if Taiju made it in that means Kisaki has betrayed him. Now that Hakkai’s life is in danger, he shouts and pleads with Taiju to stop strangulating his friend.

Taiju is naturally infuriated and mentions how Takemichi has interfered in his family affairs in the past as well. So without thinking anymore, Taiju starts beating him up. After punching Takemichi several times, Taiju lifts him up and mocks his brother. He then asks Takemichi why he thinks Hakkai wants to kill him. The leader of Toman’s First Division replies that Hakkai decided to do it only because Taiju abuses Yuzuha. Taiju can’t help but laugh at Takemichi’s explanation and tells him that Hakkai is not the guy he thinks he is.

All of a sudden, Yuzuha leaps from behind and stabs Taiju. He immediately turns towards her and punches her as hard as he could. Hakkai thinks that Takemichi must have told her about the murder plan, which is why Yuzuha is there. He is extremely angry but then Yuzuha explains that it was Kisaki who told her about the plan, not Takemichi. Once she says this, Takemichi gets the haunting realization that it was probably Yuzuha who had killed her brother in the original timeline, not Hakkai. Takemichi fears that he couldn’t prevent Taiju’s death, but it turns out that his stab wound is not deep enough to kill him

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