Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Sibling rivalry

In the seventh episode of ‘Tokyo Revengers’ season 2 or ‘Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown‘ Takemichi tries to stop the Shiba siblings from fighting before things eventually get out of hand. Just when it seems that the situation is hopeless, Mitsuya arrives at the church and confronts Taiju. Unfortunately, things do not really go his way and he is smashed in the head with a baseball bat by Inui. Although his injury seems serious, Mitsuya does not seem to be in the mood to run away from the fight and motivates his men for one final showdown.

Mitsuya Confronts Taiju

After getting stabbed by Yuzuha, Taiju vows to kill her. While Hakkai stands shocked and scared by the events that are unfolding in front of his eyes, Takemichi jumps between the brother-sister duo before something unexpected happens. Unfortunately, she has been punched so hard moments earlier that she can barely stand on her feet. Takemichi suddenly realizes that he cannot allow Yuzuha to kill Taiju.

Takemichi feels that in the original timeline, Yuzuha was probably the one who killed her. But in order to save her, Hakkai took the blame, which gave Kisaki the chance to manipulate him as he pleased. Everything made sense now and it was evident that Takemichi had to stop the Shiba siblings from fighting at any cost. Luckily when the situation seemed hopeless, Mitsuya arrived at the church.

Takemichi made sure that Yuzuha was allowed to rest while he fights Taiju one-on-one. Unfortunately, the difference in their physical strength was so significant that Taiju brutally beat up Mitsuya, who put up a brave fight. He had already freed Chifuyu as well before coming to fight, so now there were three Toman men in the church.

But the fight took an unexpected turn when Inui suddenly showed up there and hit Mitsuya in the head with a baseball bat. Then Kokonoi also appears there and all of a sudden Black Dragon looks quite strong. Since Mitsuya has not called anyone before coming there, the three Toman men know they are on their own now. Luckily, Mitsuya does not die from the head trauma following the baseball bat hit.

Does Takemichi Accept His Defeat? How Does He Stop Hakkai From Killing Taiju?

After Kokonoi and Inui turn the tables of the fight in Taiju and his men’s favor, it seems that nothing much could be done. However, Mitsuya suddenly stands up on his feet, still willing to continue fighting. He then briefly addresses his men and indirectly informs them that their chances of winning are slim. But he also mentions that they have no other option instead of continuing to fight since Yuzuha’s life is literally on the line. Mitsuya knows he cannot do it alone, but he then gestures that he expects Hakkai’s support to fight Taiju.

In his state, it is almost impossible for him to fight alone but since he is doing everything for Yuzuha, he feels that it will be more than enough of a reason to convince her younger brother to go against the 10th-generation Black Dragon leader. Meanwhile, Takemichi has finally gotten control of himself after panicking for a few moments. While he and Chifuyu fight Kokonoi and Inui, Mitsuya prepares to defeat Taiju with Hakkai’s help. Unfortunately, Inui and Kokonoi show far superior agility compared to Chifuyu and Takemichi, who are already injured.

On the other hand, Mistuya rushes towards Taiju but suddenly notices that he is all alone. It turns out that Hakkai cannot muster enough courage to fight against his own brother. Mitsuya is powerless alone and gets easily knocked out by Taiju. Hakkai has shared an emotional bond with Mitsuya, so watching him go down is too much to bear for him. Unable to fully comprehend his actions, he rushes to Taiju with a knife in his hand, obviously to kill his brother. Luckily, Takemichi manages to get back on his feet again after getting brutally beaten up just moments earlier.

Takemichi then holds the knife and reminds Hakkai that this is not how he is supposed to fight back. Then Takemichi turns towards Taiju and without showing any fear whatsoever, fights with him with all his strength. He gets beaten up so brutally that even Chifuyu asks him to give up. But Takemichi remembers Hina and uses her memories as fuel for his never die attitude. He then turns towards Taiju again and tells him that he is going to take him down and then overtake Black Dragon.

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